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  • NVD

    HI Venkatesh, I am noticing an issue with this, for some reason this is not firing for the order that i have imported through web service. Accounting rule/invoicing rule are defaulted only for first line and rest of them its not defaulting.

  • Ramadoss Vinayagam


    We mayn;t be able to put a hold on the sales order automatically. You can think of following work around

    1) Customize Orchestration process so that first step will go on pause based on the EFF set in the Sales Order header

    2) If user is okie, they can manually release the pause . If user need to change anything they can revise the order and submit it again.


  • Sandeep Kurur

    As of 19B, you cannot configure order numbering at the Business Unit level.


  • Shyam Singh Patel

    Hi Kranthi,

    You need to raise an SR

    Note these points:

    • Order Management uses the predefined sequence when it creates a sales order, a return order, or an order for an internal material transfer.
    • If you're updating from 19A to 19B, then you can use an upgrade script that Oracle provides. You apply the script during the update process. It resets the initial value of the ORA_FOM_DOC_SEQUENCE_AUTO predefined document sequence.
    • If you don’t want to use the predefined sequence, then you can enable the Retain Sales Order Number for Orchestration Order Number option. This option instructs Order Management to continue to use order numbers that some other system creates, and not to use the predefined sequence
  • Balaji Narasimhan

    Hi Mohamed,

    There a few setups that can help you define the Credit check related process.

    Under Setup and Maintenance -> Manage Order Management Parameters

    1. Activate Credit Check on Order Submit - this can be setup by business unit-  allows you to turn on credit check during order submission

    2. Credit Check Failure at Order Submit - this again can be setup by business unit - allows you to control how to handle the order when credit check fails during submit

    . Credit check can also be turned on or off for a specific customer within the customer profile.

    Credit check can also be added as a step within  the orchestration process. 

    Hope this helps,


  • Diego Gonzalez Gavilan

    Hi Venjatesh!

    Many thanks for your prompt reply! 

    I was working over your answers. I created a custom Orchestation process and bypassed sched & reservation step by Order Type. M Thanks!

    Regarding your last questions: a) Yes, our customer use Fusion Shipping. b) I mean Invoice, not Proforma. There are some exportations where our customer receive a request to produce a " specific unique item" , so he will not produce it till be fully paid in advance for that specific requeriment. Once he s been paid, he start to produce it and deliver to customer. What I mean is normal process is: Order creation, picking, ship confirm and invoice. Well, here we need to have > Order creation, invoice (to be paid), start to produce it, picking and shipping to customer.  M Thanks! 

  • Sunil Dabekar

    Great Collection indeed. Thank you very much Team!

  • Hamzeh Al Karmi

    Hello Venkatesh,

    Thank you :)

  • Venkatesh Malapati

    Looks like similar question that is being asked in the other post.

  • Venkatesh Malapati

    It looks like you have the extension implemented at the event, "On End of Submission Request" instead of "on save" or On Start of Submission Request. Attributes are not allowed to be modified at the "On End of Submission Request" event as all the attributes are read only at this event. Please have the extension implemented either as "on-save" or "On Start of Submission Request".


    Also it is not clear why the item number is being copied into the ship set name. Are you trying to group all of the items with the same item number into a ship set?

    Also there is no attribute by the name HeaderPartialShipAllowedFlag either on the header or line and instead it is named as PartialShipAllowedFlag.

  • Sunil Dabekar

    Hi Shyam,

    Thanks for letting us know on that.

    However, what logic would be incorporate in OM extn? 



  • Venkatesh Malapati

    If the ask here is to not have the scheduling & reservation step in the orchestration process, the application allows you to create custom orchestration processes with out those and you can then assign the process based on rules using order attributes such as order type. The scheduling & reservation steps are not mandatory. You can have a pre-scheduled sales order where the schedule ship date is pre-determined without using Global Order Promising and in which case the scheduling step can be optional. Likewise, if the reservation are handled in Inventory during pick release and no hard reservation is required to be initiated through Order Management, the reservation step can be excluded in the Orchestration process. But the schedule ship date along with the warehouse need to be determined either through extensions or sending in explicitly while importing the order for the line to be interfaced successfully to shipping,

    Please clarify if your customer is using Fusion Shipping or a 3rd party shipping application. Also what do you mean by creating invoice even without the item being produced & shipped? Is this proforma invoice?

  • Ramadoss Vinayagam


    You can get the list of all attributes from Implement Order Management manual. You can get the data at the following link


    In your case you can use "ShipSetName". 




  • Hamzeh Al Karmi

    Thank you all for your help. 

    Just one more question, please. How do I get the field names in order to add them to the scripting? (i.e, how do I get the field name in order to use the setAttribute("FIELD_NAME", "VALUE")

    So what screen should I access in order to get the FIELD_NAME?

  • Ramadoss Vinayagam


    In Set up and Maintenance you can navigate to Extension using task "Manage Order Management Extensions"

    You can also explore the option of using post transformation rules for your requirement.  PFA a sample rule which we have used to set the shipment set name as order number