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    Replace "Question" field with "Subject"...Answered55.0
    Topic posted January 6, 2009 by MikeA Gold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Chat 
    Replace "Question" field with "Subject" in Live Help tab

    A configuration setting: {common configuration-->settings-->rightnow chat-->QUESTION_ENABLED} displays a Question field within the Live Help Tab on the end user pages:




    The problem is, since this field is the same label/field as the Question field on the Ask a Question page. What happens is since there is no "subject" field available to include on the Live Help tab then by default the first 15 (depends on how you set it up) words included in any Question field will populate the Subject field on the incident when the Chat transcript is recorded in an incident. There are two problems with this.


    One: this causes inaccurate reporting when viewing by "Subject" because that information is really just from "Question". Two: having the Question field included at all is a bit misleading to the customer because they take the time to write out their question only to have the chat agent say "hi, my name is ___ how may I help you?"(in standard text by default). We tested this out on a few customers and there were a number of them who wrote out their question twice. I think it would be more efficient for the customer to have the option to provide a Subject so the agent has a bit of a heads up on the context of the upcoming conversation.


    Our current solution is to simply not include that Question field on the Live Help page. However, we would like to gather the Subject information to give our chat agents a heads up. It is possible to create a custom field called "Subject" but this will not populate the Subject field in the incident. Can anyone suggest a workaround? 

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