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  • Jessica Bradley

    Hi Whitney,

    We offer holiday hours for our traditional chat solution, which normally functions without issue. Since you've set everything up according to the answer, then I suggest opening an SR with Support.


  • whitney w.

    Hi Jessica,

    I've done all this already and have my chat hours set. It looks like maybe the conditional chat link does not use the holiday message. Maybe it's just for the embedded inlay?

  • Swathi Cherukuri

    Hi Luis,

    I'm looking for the same functionality.

    Is it still not possible to change the banner color in the transcript control with the latest versions ?


  • Ashwin Venkatesh

    Advanced Co-browsing (ACB) enables screen sharing for extended areas of the end user's desktop, e.g., PDF, etc, that may be launched outside of the co-browse'able page(s). This co-navigation is intended to be confined to the end user's desktop, and is independent of the monitor display settings. Only the end user will be able to control their monitor display preferences, and the distribution of pages/windows on their display.

  • Willie Eide

    Hi whitney,

    Inlays are a totally separate entity from the OSvC. Hence, we have our own message base strings for which you can manipulate. You are able to manipulate all the strings within the Inlay in accordance to your company policy, etc... 

    Hopefully you are familiar with the configuration file and how you can manipulate attributes and strings within this file. 
    All strings can be found on your site.. if your interface is XYZ, then you can go to and view the documentation. From there, you can look at the particular inlay and click on the "strings" tab to see all the names of the strings and their value and thus you are aware of what you can change them to.

    I hope this is helpful. 
    Willie EIde
    Product Manager, Inlays

  • Jessica Bradley

    Hi Whitney,

    Here are the steps to configure holiday hours for chat:

    I will need to look into where CHAT_IS_CURRENTLY_CLOSED_HOLIDAY_MSG comes into play.


  • whitney w.

    And yes in configuration settings, I have CS_HOLIDAY_MSG_ENABLED set to, "Yes"

  • shuvan sarkar


    I have a similar business requirement. I need to set the default chat queue as any of our available custom chat queue. For this i have created one chat rule in the last. My rule has only then condition for assigning the chat to queue. As I want if any available chat rule condition are failed then chat should be go to the particular custom queue which is mentioned in my last chat rule. But I have observed that after creation this all the chat is going to my default custom chat queue. So, I have disabled my newly created default chat queue rule. I have attached the chat rule screenshot.

    Can you please suggest any solution for this?



  • Diana Hunt

    Hi Matias, 

    There is not an option to open Contact WS automatically when a chat is accepted. The Interaction WS and an Incident opens when a chat is accepted. By default the Contact first name, last name and email address are on the Standard Interaction WS. The Contact WS can also opened manually from either the Interaction WS or the Incident. In addition, other Contact fields can be added to a customer Interaction WS. 

    Hope that helps. 


  • Matias Buonavolonta
    • posted via email reply September 23, 2019
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    Hi Jessica, I see that information but not show how to open automatically when accept a new chat.
  • Jessica Bradley

    Hi Matias,

    Interaction Workspaces are now used within the Browser UI. Here is some more information on what is currently supported:



  • Matias Buonavolonta

    You must use Oracle Digital Assistant and configure integration with Oracle Service Cloud

  • Robert Surujbhan

    Swathi, are your agents using the Agent Browser UI or the .NET Agent Desktop console when handling Chat sessions?  The "Render as HTML" checkbox is an option for the classic Chat Workspace of the .NET console once the Response Options > Allow Encoding Choice option is set for the Chat Workspace (it's a flag in the Design tab of the Ribbon toolbar).

  • Swathi Cherukuri

    Hi Mattias,

    We are having similar requirement and I can't see "Render as HTML" checkbox in 18D version.

    Could you please help me in finding this option.


    Swathi Cherukuri

  • whitney w.

    Hi Priya, did you figure out a way to open the Chat Survey in the same window? Thanks for your help.