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  • Nitin

    I checked, and am implementing once, but I also found the cause:


    In Project BuildEvents I copy the DLL into the developer AddIns directory, as recommended.


    I have built a standalone executable version of the same project, which copies an EXE version of the same code into the same directory. (The exe version actually ignores RN Initialize code, but it is still in the compiled executable).


    RightNow was loading both the DLL and the EXE file. I did not realize it would load the EXE. I removed that file and the problem went away. 


    Thanks for your help.





  • Chris Omland

    Hi Jared, can you please ensure your add-in class implements a single add-in interface. Implementing multiple add-in interfaces from a single class will cause the initialize method to be invoked more then 1 time.


  • Nitin
    I am now working with the November GA release and the problem is not appearing so I assume it is resolved.
  • Chris Omland

    Hi Jared,


    Please try unchecking the add-in in the profile manager or add-in manager for your given profile. Then login to an account that is associated with that profile on the machine where the add-in is not appearing. Log back into RightNow as an administrator and re-enable the add-in for your profile. Login as the account that is associated with that profile, the add-in should appear. This was a known issue and was fixed in our November release.


    Please let me know if this resolves the issue.


  • Ryan McCullough
    It is being considered for an upcoming service pack. I will update this thread when I know.
  • Grant



    I have received DS incident 081014-000528.  Which service pack for Aug08 is it going to be released for?  Also is this patch released yet?


    Grant Peck
    Tier 1 Technical Support - EMEA

    RightNow Technologies

  • Ryan McCullough
    This issue has been proposed for service pack inclusion in the next SP for August '08.
  • Dietrik

    Ok, i've submitted the incident  (#081014-00052800). Thanks for the help.


  • Ryan McCullough
    DS, this issue is not reproducable in the upcoming November '08 code base. We would like to propose this issue be included in the next service pack for August '08. To do this, we need for you to write an incident up with RightNow Customer Support and then post the reference number here. Thank you.
  • Chris Omland

    Hi DS, I was able to reproduce your problem on an 8.8 site. I am passing on to our engineering organization for further investigation.



  • Dietrik

    The error only occurs after clicking the add-in button/image and closing the workspace, when there's no extra tabs on the background.

    When there's no add-in there's no button to click and no error. 


    The error is directly related to having clicked the addin button, closing the workspace and having no open tabs on the background.

    I noticed that if i've saved the incident after clicking the addin button and then close the incident (instead of using the save and close button) there's no error. The screen refresh after saving the incident probably removes the cause of the error.



  • Ryan McCullough
    What happens if you remove the add-in from your site? Does the error go away?
  • Dietrik



    it's with the workspace addin sample:


    // File: IncidentContactsUpdate.cs


    // Comments: Workspace add-in for incident record.


    Even if I remove all other samples, and the record actions (only leaving the workspace addin sample with an empty button_click event) the error shows up when closing the incident (even without saving, i noticed), but only  if i've pressed the addin image, and there are no other tabs open in the console.





  • Ryan McCullough



    It is not clear which sample the issue is with. Is it the workspace add-in sample? If you remove the add-in does the error go away? 

  • Jack Whitehouse

    I'm using the IGlobalContext to pull in the agent's login and interface to be able to use Connect's relogin() function. Currently though I have to hard code the Site information. Is there some reason why the interface is included in the GlobalContext and the site isn't? This really limits us from creating solutions that work on multiple sites without having to recompile. Is the site information available to me somewhere else?


    Thanks again,