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  • Alexandre Maistret

    Deepu Kolkkadan Did you find a solution to your problem ?

  • Thibaud Blondin


    Facing the exact same issue.

    1) pretty easy to do using the Analytics extension for external data (not a workspace extension). This part of the framework is pretty well documented . I've used this on multiple objects with linked reports it is very powerfull, you just have to access the record id (from report context you can get the workspace context and retrieve the record id, or you can play with the filters to retrieve this id) and fetch the data. then simply put the report in the workspace. 

    2) trying to achieve this right now, issue is that command are not available for Analytics extension reports, registerRecordCommand only works for standard reports. Maybe you can use the a search report wich allow you to set a listener on the selected value but in this case the report will not be directly displayed in the workspace but as a search report linked to a field.

    As this post was opened a few weeks ago I hope you found a way to do so !

  • Thibaud Blondin


    Did you try with a dolar sign instead of a dot ?

    Like 'ABCXYZ$Organization'

  • Manju Bujendra

    Hi Team,

    I am having the same requirement, below is my business usecase,

    1. Task is opened directly from task report. 

    2. When the user clicks on custom 'Open Incident' button, incident related to that task should be loaded. 

    3. Currently am using 'Incident Search' report in Load Incident element, where it shows a report for users to search for the incident. 

    But users should be able to open the related incident without searching in report. 
    I dint get any helpfull information from documentation. Appreaciate your help.

    I have attached the workflow design.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    By disabling them one by one with a test in between you are able to find out which add-in is responsible for the unwanted behavior. That add-in would then need to be checked for conflicts.

  • Akshara Balamurugan
    • posted via email reply October 7, 2019
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    Hi Sebastiaan,
    Yes we do use Browser extensibility add-ins in BUI. But we do need them, is there a way to avoid the errors without disabling the Addin. Thank you in advance.
  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Are you using an add-in for BUI (Extensibility Framework)
    If so, try if disabling them resolves the issue.

  • Neil

    Hi Robert,

    You seem to be on the right track but I think there are some parts that will require custom code to work. From the sounds of it you may be able to get the relationship with answers working with just a relationship from Answers to the Store object - with the region and market joined to the store object. If you want to link to just region and market to the answer you'll need relationships for those too. 

    To get the answers filtered in portal by region you will have to create a report which filters the answers by region, display it on a portal page, and pass the customer's region to the report.

    As for selecting the custom objects on the workspace I don't think you can get a multi select menu without using a custom addin (or BUI extension). The standard method to administer a one to many relationship with custom objects is a workspace report - using the 'add' button for each custom object you wish to add to the answer.

    Whilst this isn't exactly a 'how to' answer I hope it helps to shed some light on what's required.



  • Akshara Balamurugan

    Hi Nate,

    Thank you for the response, We do have separate Browser extensions for BUI. 

    My concern is about the workspace rule execution, While loading BUI workspace, will .Net Addin related workspace rules be disabled? Same way while loading .Net workspace will BUI related workspace rules be disabled? And is there any impact in the performance?

    For instance, The below screenshot is BUI related workspace rule, when this is opened in .Net, this rule expects a return value from Addin, but in .Net it will not be available. How will this be handled?

    Thanks in Advance,
  • Nate Hossner, Oracle

    Hi Akshara, thanks for your question!

    Yes, you can use the same workspace for BUI and .NET, although it is possible to create workspaces specific to BUI and .NET if you choose to. If a record is opened in BUI and no workspace is specifically designated for BUI, the related .NET workspace will be used instead. The workspaces can be associated using the profile editor.

    No, the addins created for .NET will not function in the browser environment. Instead, you can create Javascript Extensions for Agent Browser UI. Here are some links with information to help get you started:

    Agent Browser Extensibility Framework

    Agent Browser Extensibility Quick Start Guide







  • Gursimran Singh Saini

    1) Not sure. Could've just used a jQuery Ajax call to pull data and populate in a HTML table. Easy to embed in any workspace.

    2) Use registerRecordCommand function

  • Alanna Larson

    Hi Shiv,

    The extension I'm developing will be used by multiple companies each with their own sites and set of profiles.

    Based on your comment, it sounds like we would have to produce a separate config.json for each client and update it every time they added/removed a profile.

    Am I missing something, or is this correct?


  • Shiv Tenneti

    Hi Alanna,


    There are no server properties configs to set like there are for AddIn's. If you want to set some configs for you extensions, then you can adda config.json with all the properties needed for you extension and upload it alsong with your extension files. Just be careful not to add any sensitive properties such as passwords to this json file.



  • Lakshay Bhalla

    Hi Alanna,

    Can you please elaborate about what type of Server Configuration Properties you require to customize per-profile basis?


  • Tushar Gupta

    Hi Manjit,

    Did you try the above?