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  • Edson Junior

    It looks like your code is making a call to extProvider; however, you named it as extensionProvider in the first line. I think your code is running in exception. 
    Here is something tested and working. Please, make sure your workspace rule is triggering this named event after workspace load such as a button.


    ORACLE_SERVICE_CLOUD.extension_loader.load("CUSTOM_APP_ID" , "1").then(function(extensionProvider)
    function customImplementation(workspaceRecordEventParameter)
                    console.log("named event triggered");
                    nameFlag = 1;
                    console.log("name Flag:" + nameFlag);

    I hope it helps.



    Hi Edson,

    I also had similar question as above. Similar to leftcontent pane, how can we open the IContentPane using the icon.

    Please help




  • Colby Ross

    Good idea, Sebastiaan! I would also like to point out if you have the 'Info' button in the ribbon of the workspace, you could add fields to that and then when you hover over it, you could see whatever fields you added in that control. This only works when you are in an incident, but it would allow you the opportunity to see more incident fields without having to switch tabs or scroll through tables to see other data tied to the incident. 


  • Laura Spinelli

    Hi Robert, 

    I tried setting the field without the .ID too and it didnt work as well..

  • Robert Surujbhan

    Hi Laura, the issue is the field name.  When calling updateField() on the workspace record, try it without the .ID at the end. 

    Assuming the id_assigned variable has a valid integer value, this should work:

    workspaceRecord.updateField('Incident.IMOVEL$RESPONSAVEL', id_assigned);
  • Yousif Badawi

    Hi Thiyag,

    No, it's not related to engagement cloud, it's related to built-in apps which came bundled with the application suite.

  • Thiyag

    If the question is about engagement cloud, Please post in the right forum (B2B).



  • Craig Hogan

    I'm having a heck of a time creating a workspace plugin, and the last Item in the bullet list specifies workspace add-in. But the example code is an extension bar add-in. Can anyone provide a hello world example of a workspace add-in. that has a simple GUI, (say a button and a label) which can be placed on workspace (like the incident workspace)

  • Edson Junior

    A new version is available and you can clone it from
    In this new version, some limitations were fixed, and now you are able to capture more log.


  • Alexandre Maistret

    Deepu Kolkkadan Did you find a solution to your problem ?

  • Thibaud Blondin


    Facing the exact same issue.

    1) pretty easy to do using the Analytics extension for external data (not a workspace extension). This part of the framework is pretty well documented . I've used this on multiple objects with linked reports it is very powerfull, you just have to access the record id (from report context you can get the workspace context and retrieve the record id, or you can play with the filters to retrieve this id) and fetch the data. then simply put the report in the workspace. 

    2) trying to achieve this right now, issue is that command are not available for Analytics extension reports, registerRecordCommand only works for standard reports. Maybe you can use the a search report wich allow you to set a listener on the selected value but in this case the report will not be directly displayed in the workspace but as a search report linked to a field.

    As this post was opened a few weeks ago I hope you found a way to do so !

  • Thibaud Blondin


    Did you try with a dolar sign instead of a dot ?

    Like 'ABCXYZ$Organization'

  • Manju Bujendra

    Hi Team,

    I am having the same requirement, below is my business usecase,

    1. Task is opened directly from task report. 

    2. When the user clicks on custom 'Open Incident' button, incident related to that task should be loaded. 

    3. Currently am using 'Incident Search' report in Load Incident element, where it shows a report for users to search for the incident. 

    But users should be able to open the related incident without searching in report. 
    I dint get any helpfull information from documentation. Appreaciate your help.

    I have attached the workflow design.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    By disabling them one by one with a test in between you are able to find out which add-in is responsible for the unwanted behavior. That add-in would then need to be checked for conflicts.

  • Akshara Balamurugan
    • posted via email reply October 7, 2019
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    Hi Sebastiaan,
    Yes we do use Browser extensibility add-ins in BUI. But we do need them, is there a way to avoid the errors without disabling the Addin. Thank you in advance.