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  • Raghavendra Manchigiah
    Load into Fusion applications1
    Topic posted July 15, 2019 by Raghavendra ManchigiahRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cloud, DIPC, ODI 
    Load into Fusion applications
    Using ODI to load data in Fusion

    With reference to a previous post - would like to clarify if ODI / DIPC can be used to create files in FBDI / HDL etc...compliant format , placed in a UCM location and trigger an ESS job

    Above post refers to such a use case - However all the research that we have done points to the fact that target web service execution is not supported in DIPC

    What is the solution then? use ODI - on Prem? Is ODI - CS still offered as a service or is the same product now called DIPC ? Please help clear the ambiguity.



  • Gleb Otochkin
    DIPC for Big Data cannot see the running manager2
    Topic posted May 16, 2019 by Gleb Otochkin, tagged Big Data / Data Lake, Data Replication, DIPC 
    DIPC for Big Data cannot see the running manager
    Trying to run replication to Kafka connect and getting an error

    When I try to run replication task from Oracle db to Kafka topic I am getting error in DIPC

    "GoldenGate manager is not running for agent, ogghost1.c.myhostname.internal:7005. Start the GoldenGate manager for the agent"

    The agent shows the manger is on and when I go to the host where agent runs I see the manager is online:

    GGSCI (ogghost1) 2> info all

    Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt

    MANAGER     RUNNING                                           
    JAGENT      STOPPED                                           
    PMSRVR      RUNNING                                           

    GGSCI (ogghost1) 3> 


    Have anybody had the same issue? 



  • Raghavendra Manchigiah
    Integration Usecase3
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Raghavendra Manchigiah, tagged Data Transformation, DIPC, ODI, On-Premise 
    Integration Usecase
    On Prem DB to SaaS Integration

    Dear Experts,

    We are evaluating PaaS offerings to implement the following Integration use case :

    Integrate transactional data from an On-Prem MS SQL Server DB to Fusion Cloud ERP. We expect the load to be heavy ( 150K transactions daily) and are considering ODICS to implement it . Additional requirements include field level validations before submitting payload to Fusion webservice.

    Is this doable in ODICS or is OIC recommended( There may be a need for certain amount of orchestration)

    Kindly advise





  • Dragos Vilcu
    using ODI Studio with DIPC ?9
    Topic posted April 12, 2019 by Dragos VilcuGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged DIPC 
    using ODI Studio with DIPC ?

    while in DIPC - C (Classic) it was possible , by connecting through SS tunneling to some instance with ODI Studio ,  to use ODI Studio and connect to DIPC - C repository , according to the documentation there is no such option anymore for  DIPC  : " You won't have access to the database and storage associated with your instance."

    in such conditions, what are the options of developing an ELT for DIPC ? I couldn't find any documentation on this fundamental problem . the only thing I found in the documentation was "If you need ODI Studio, run it from a user-managed instance or on-premises, and then import/export the design work. You won't have access to WebLogic Server to fix an ODI data source. Instead, you must file a report to the operations team." ,  but that phrase is hardly sufficient to understand how can it be really done in practice... any other documentation available on this topic ? 



  • siddharth Dang
    DIPC Connection to remote informix1
    Topic posted April 4, 2019 by siddharth DangGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged DIPC, EDQ, ODI, On-Premise 
    DIPC Connection to remote informix
    In the oracle open world presentation, oracle states that DIPC can connect to Informix. But as per the documentations, informix is not yet supported. Is there any other way that i am missing.

    In the oracle open world presentation, oracle states that DIPC can connect to Informix. But as per the documentations, informix is not yet supported. Is there any other way that i am missing.

    Also EDQ still does not support informix as a source. how can we perform EDQ use cases on informix source.

    DIPC 18.4.3