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  • Austin Keller
    Completed Activity and Deactivate Route Email Notifications...Answered5
    Topic posted March 28, 2019 by Austin KellerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Resource Management 
    Completed Activity and Deactivate Route Email Notifications or Launch Conditions
    Email notification to technician to deactivate route or complete activity

    We want to "remind" our technicians to complete an activity and/or deactivate their routes at the end of the day.

    These type of issues normally occur on the last activity, because Techs are rushing to get home after fix. Technician will not complete activity or deactivate the route until the end of the day or the beginning of their shift the next day.  I would like to have a launch condition like "Expected End Time of Daily Shift".

    Is there a message scenario configuration for notifying technician when last activity is not completed 2 hours past End Time of Shift?

    Or Route is not deactivated 2 hours past the completion of last activity?


    19A Service Update 4