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  • Kaviarasu K
    Notify Technician 30 minutes before end of SLA end time1
    Topic posted February 12, 2019 by Kaviarasu K, tagged Collaboration 
    Notify Technician 30 minutes before end of SLA end time
    Notification need to be sent 30 mins before end of sla end time

    Hi Experts,

    We need to notify technician 30 mins before end of sla end time via collaboration window. 

    We have tried with "SLA Window Warning" launch condition, but it seems to be triggering at the time of SLA end. We do not see an option to trigger it 30 minutes before end of sla time.  

    Document says that we can set threshold parameter but not sure where to set it.

    " Configure this trigger using the threshold parameter ( hours/minutes) near the SLA window warning trigger selector on the Notification Triggers screen. It defines the number of minutes before the end of the SLA window that is used in the condition. "

    Could you please let me know your comments if someone implemented this scenario. Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Kaviarasu K

  • ajinkya patil
    Monitoring Tool Compatible with OFSC1
    Topic posted February 11, 2019 by ajinkya patilRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capacity / Quota, Collaboration, Dashboard / Reporting, Dispatch Functionally, Inventory / Parts, Learning / Statistics, Mapping, Mobility / Mobile Apps, Resource Management, Routing / Optimization 
    Monitoring Tool Compatible with OFSC
    How can we integrate Monitoring Tool which are Compatible with OFSC

    Hi OFSC Guru's

        Can any of the Guru's of OFSC tell, if there is any compatible tool's available to monitor OFSC like number activities for the complete day ( with the status transition) through which we can build customized reports, for better understanding. We need for Routing, how many routing plans have been run throughout the day in the form of % . WorkOrder per regions, As per i know we do not get the access to the OFSC DB so we can query the DB and get the results. If we can monitor the network, if OFSC is running slow. 

    Please provide some solution regarding this, as we need to monitor many of the fields.


    Thank you