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  • Adam
    Oracle Field Service Cloud Sample Plugin Working Code2100%
    Topic posted January 18, 2019 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
    Oracle Field Service Cloud Sample Plugin Working Code
    Oracle Field Service Cloud Sample Plugin Working Code

    Please find attached working code provided by Oracle for sample plugin. I downloaded it from Oracle documentation and after few fixes and tweaks i made it work and tested it. I am sharing it here in case someone can get benefit from it.


  • Vi Giout
    Supporting Activity tasks4
    Topic posted January 18, 2019 by Vi GioutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Dispatch Functionally, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
    Supporting Activity tasks
    Visibility and edit option of sub-tasks in activity (dispatcher and technician)

    We are integrating with Siebel from where we are getting tickets (OFSC Activities = Siebel SR). These tickets in Siebel also contain tasks (Siebel Activities) which describe what has already been done and what other tasks should the technician perform. These are not always mandatory, the technician might leave some unfinished. The technician should also be give feedback with an update of the status for each one of these tasks and perhaps enter some comments.

    We have considered to use linked activities for this but we it wouldnt be very practical. The task list can be very long up to some hundreds so apart from the work needed to perform would also be very bad in term of visibility for the dispatcher. The technician would have to start and complete (or at least mark as done) every single sub-activity which would represent a sub-task of a main activity. This also could only be done before starting the main activity or after completing it, since we cannot mark done an activity while a different one is still in progress. And this raises a lot of problems apart from the SLA tracking.

    What we are currently trying to achieve is to use the SR OFSC entity for this purpose. So we would like -first of all- the technician to view and edit the tasks list inside the activity. Ideally we would like for the dispatcher to be able to view (and perhaps edit under conditions) these subtasks also inside the activity. 

    We have managed to show an SR list for the technician inside the activity from mobility using grid_request but everything is read-only. So no option for input of status and comments.

    For the dispatcher there is ony the Resource Inventory List available, not for the Activity. We have tried to create a custom action from action management to include the grid_request to the management interface but this seems that is only supported for mobility and indeed I cannot see this action button from inside the activity.

    Does anyone have an other ideas on how to achieve this requirement? I guess that there has to be other implementation where sub-tasks had to be configured.