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  • Sachin Rathod

    Thanks Hardik for the assistance.

    It really worked.


    Sachin Rathod



  • Danette Beal

    HI Anurag,

    if you don't have any luck with Mohamed responding, I would encourage you to create a new post. Hes comment was made January 2016 and although I cannot believe that was more than a year ago he may not come back.

    Good Luck and if you need any help from me, let me know.

    Danette, Community Manager

  • Zsolt Tolgyesi

    Hi Rohan,

    It's just my opinion. In the past we had an issue when GPS coordinate collecting was okay, and even that no any point shown on Map just because some Smart Location setting missed. So I think the Smart Location is mostly about view, because collecting is not a big deal... trough HTML5

    But it's wont hurt anyone if you look for your Success Manager.


  • Rohan Palan

    Hi Zsolt, thanks for your response. I want to be able to see the technician's current location on the map in OFSC, I don't have smart location, but I was assuming that using the location API, I can pass the co-ordinates of the technician from my external application and OFSC can show the location on the map.

    However if I understand your response accurately, you are saying that there is no way for me to see the technician's current location on the map unless I have smart location module, even if I pass the tech location from my external app.



    Rohan Palan

  • Zsolt Tolgyesi

    IMO just to be short no, coordinate collecting is just one part, the other is show those on views, which both are a part of the Smart Location. I don't know any Oracle solution to use Smart Location without Mobility.
    But if you prefer to use your external solution to track technicians, then no one deny that, or even collect coordinates and make a special report based on OFSC Daily Extract and your GPS data.

  • Zsolt Tolgyesi

    We are using this option with Action Management and we put that item into the menu structure and it's always opened in a new tab.

    I'm not sure if this is an usable solution for you.

  • Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva

     I extended the regex and it worked. Thank you Hardik.

    Can we include calendar instead of regex format near that custom date property

  • Lakshmi Suvarchala Sarva

    Sorry Anurag, I am not able to open link "article" (Getting an error page).


  • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

    Hi Sandeep,

    Have you tried using a 'Geolocation' property type on the book activity screen? This property type should allow you to create an element that will capture the technician's current location when the button is pressed. You could use this on this on the book activity screen as a mandatory property to capture current location.



  • Zsolt Tolgyesi

    IMO technician GPS coordinates not paired with activities in OFS. The technician compliance can be validated on Map View but only one-by-one, Time Line also have some validating option, but I prefer the first one.

    My idea is to use the daily extract functionality, and make the necessary binding in your reporting tool. For example look for the wanted activity in activities extract, get the technician external ID, longitude, latitude and time stamp from there, then look for this ID, longitude, latitude and (near) time stamps in GPS data extract.

  • Cristian Pedraza

    The field "user_type" isn't available in current version (16.8) for DWH files.

    i tryed modify export file configuration xml, adding in xml the key "user_type_id", then import configuration file but not work frown



  • Zsolt Tolgyesi

    I believe UT is stored in "display_profile" field.

  • Cristian Pedraza

    some one did  find "User Type" field in extract daily configuration included data set "user_list" ?

  • Jeffry Husman

    Hi Hardik,


    Thanks for providing this answer. 

    Could you please provide steps by steps/walk through if I need to import 1,000 workzones into core manage? I have a look at the REST API documentation that you have mentioned earlier about how to get work zones for a resource by submitting a GET request on the REST resource. But it doesn't explain to me on how to import the Workzone itself?

    Is there any tools available? Our client wants to configure up to 1,000 Work Zones within the Workzone dictionary based on Australia Bureau of Statistics Postcode and locality. I have the raw data but was wondering if there is any smart way to import it to OFSC Core Manage.




  • saurabh suman

    Hi All

    I am trying to connect OFSC to SFDC and getting below error:

    : ERROR: send_message: Unable to connect to :443. Name or service not known.

    Has anyone got this error.