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  • Christian Berg

    You're welcome. I've pretty much installed my couch in here ;-)

  • Michael Cashin


    Thank you for your time and information, Christian.

    We really do appreciate it.


    Best regards,

    Mike C.


  • Christian Berg

    Yes, then you will be running a fully integrated one.

    So for the OBIEE side the change would be in the instanceconfig.xml:



    For BIP it's a bit more complex:

  • Michael Cashin

    Hi, Christian.

    Here is the version info I could find:

    Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Cloud Application 19B(

    I believe we are running inside a full OBIEE.

    It sounds like we need to save early and often.



  • Christian Berg

    It is probable that you were logged out due to a time-out. With regards to changing this the devil is in the detail of course.

    What exact version are you running? And is this a standalone BIP or an integrated one inside a full OBIEE?

  • masato ohashi

    Im also facing same issue..

  • Arun Andavar Nagarajan


    Were you able to print finally from Oracle Cloud to Dot matrix printer. Please respond. We are at an insurance client location and they do want to go for dot matrix printer. We have the print server installed. But we are getting those wierd characters. 

    Waiting for your response

  • Pradeep Sharma

    This will require investigation as we are not able to recreate this on our side. We had a similar issue with another customer and engineering team had to run a script to fix the sequence number issue. Please raise a service request so that engineering team can investigate and help fix the issue. If an SR already exist, please let us know.

  • Mthompson

    I would be quite happy to use an RTF.  My client really, really wants to use XLS. 

  • Noelle Bartlam

    Is it necessary to use an excel template for this?  Could you use an rtf instead?

  • Mthompson

    Thank you, Noelle. That gives me another path to explore to try to figure this out.  The document mentions that XSLT can add style attributes to data elements, which sounds like what I might need.  But alas, it does not provide an example, so I will have to add that to my ever-growing list of things to figure out. 

    I really would like to know if the @attribute method is truly the only way to accomplish my goal.  I don't know very much about XSL, but it just seems odd that a comparison against a data element value would not be a valid method of determining a true/false condition.

    Thanks again!

  • Noelle Bartlam

    You might be able to accomplish this using an XSLT file.

  • Mthompson

    Suresh, this example was indeed useful, but (unfortunately) only in helping me to decide that what I really want to do cannot be done.  This example uses an attribute of a field in the XML data (specifically, the @manager attribute on the Employee_ID field).  What I really want is to be able to test the value of the field itself, and not one of its attributes.

    Example:  The template you mentioned uses this condition, which works just fine.

    <xsl:if test="string-length(./EMPLOYEE_ID/@MANAGER) != 0">
    <xsl:value-of select="./EMPLOYEE_ID/@MANAGER"/>

    But what I really want to do is make this sort of comparison, where I am using the value of the field itself, not one of its attributes:

    <xsl:if test="string-length(EMAIL) != 7">
    <xsl:value-of select="EMAIL" />

    If that syntax worked, I would expect to SKIP rows that do not have a 7-character email. Instead, I see all rows.  I have messed around with this for about an hour, and have not struck upon the correct set of magic words. 

    Is what I want to do possible?  If so, can you provide the correct syntax?




  • Rosario Vigilante

    Before all thank you very much Juan

    so I can install on different  linux server  this one for BIP

    1) JDK

    2) Infra (WebLogic)

    3) BIP

    When I have to configure RCU I 'll give IP/hostname of my repository created for FORMS12c (in other Linux)

    Create BI Schemas using RCU utility

    and then

    Create a BI Domain


    configure FORMS_BI_SERVER in formsweb.cfg


    and I can use it (above alla layout designer?


    Is it so Juan?


    thanks in advance



  • Juan Diego Ruiz

    Hi Rosario,

    Yes you can install BIP on a different machine than Forms.

    From Forms version you can specify the host:port on the FORMS_BI_SERVER (set in the Forms Environment Configuration). If your version is prior to that you use the Service Location to specify the full url.

    Here you have all the details about how to integrate Forms with BIP:

    • Oracle Support Document 2235962.1 (How to Call a BI Publisher Report from Forms 12c Using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT) can be found at:

    Hope it helps,

    Juan Diego