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  • John Ceccarelli

    So make sure that you've set either an explicit height on the list (or its containing div) or that you've set the scroll-policy-options.scroller property to [[document.documentElement]] to have the list take up the full height of the document but not load more until user actually scrolls to bottom of the document.

  • Hugo Zandt

    Hallo Duncan,

    How could we ensure that a filepicker has the same width as input fields on a page? We’ve tried controling width with:

    • Gridrow columns.
    • Using a form layout.
    • Using CSS classes on the filepicker (width 33%) outside a form layout.
    • Using CSS classes on the filepciker (width 33%) inside the form layout.

    None of the methods provide a solution. Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.



  • Muralidharan Kanagaraj

    Hi Shay,

    We are using hard coded values for the options instead of consume it from rest services.How to handle this for the static list of options?

    Otherwise, Is there any other options to manually check the checkbox using ID?

    I have tried document.getElementById("check").checked=true; But its not working.




  • David Konecny

    Staged/live applications are not impacted/changed by VB update to

    Does the problem happen on all platforms?


  • David Konecny

    Action chain generated for hyperlink click event should have "current" variable which has access to row data. It sounds like you are accessing data which were selected by FirstRowSelected and that is why it is not working for you. The FirstRowSelected is not need for hyperlink to work.


  • Venkata P


    This worked for me. Able to update another BO successfully. But how can I update only columns that are changed ? Like how can we track the only updated data and call REST API ?

  • Guy Lior

    Any comments?

  • Guy Lior


    - you manually defined the endpoint, and you specified that that the "offset" and "limit" parameters were required? - YES

    - you were able to get past the initial "Endpoint" error, but you are now having an issue where all the pages are fetched? - YES, also tried to create new app and it is the same

    - have you been able to try David's suggestion of using a fixed height, and setting "loadMoreOnScroll"? - loadMoreOnScroll is set, I am using list and not table

    - you now see that 'preventDefault' error now (which i agree with David, seems unrelated) after the upgrade? - YES, also in my new demo app

  • Senthil Siva Sivaselvam

    Thanks Shay. I could see the details in the links provided. It helps

  • Omar El-Elaimy

    Thank you so much Rohit ! 

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    Your checkboxset value property should be hooked to a variable of type Array of Strings.

      <oj-checkboxset options="[[$page.variables.CheckValues]]" id="mycheck"
        labelled-by="oj-label--344972705-1" class="oj-flex-item oj-sm-12 oj-md-4" 
        value="{{ $page.variables.selected }}">

    Then you can set the value of that variable to the array of strings with the values that should be show.

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    You can't bring the wizard back, you can delete the current list from the page and use the wizard to create another.

    If you just need to add a field to the list - go to the type definition used by the SDP your list is based on and click the "Add from Endpoint" option to add any missing fields from your REST endpoint.

    You can then add fields in the list and map them to that extra field you added.

  • Rohit Dhamija

    Hi Omar,

    Please download the final code from



  • ninian1927

    I will keep playing, after I login and retrieve the token and then click the tab where I am getting the data via DSP it doesnt seem to work in "Live" view, but it does work if I "Run" it. It's almost as if it cant access the application scope variables when running in the live view.

    Is there any way to get back to initial listView design screen when you add "Data" to the Data Service provider? (Where you pick the template and drag and drop fields?). 

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    Switch to "Live" view and execute the steps that will get the fetch to work, and once you have the data, switch back to "Design" view.