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  • Sunny Todkari

    No such standard report is available but can be built using OTBI.

    As you have correctly mentioned, cannot extract the data into excel sheets from the front end.

    Infolet is available but it just takes you to the standard form from where you can't extract the data.


    So, OTBI is the only option at this point of time.

  • Shakher Sharma

    Please raise an SR with Oracle in case if no one is able to get data out of the reports. It is either issue with roles assignment (my best guess) or some technical issue (chances are rare) . Please raise SR at

  • Mario Cura Barba

    Thanks to all.


  • Mario Cura Barba

    Hello Shakher,

    it is happening to all the users.



  • Shakher Sharma

    Seems to be a permission issue to me.

    Are you not able to get data from any report/analysis, or some?

    Is this issue affecting only a few users or everyone?

  • Vignesh Chandran
    Hi, The expected requirements can be achievable using "product management" subject area under source system real time . You can find columns like inventory organization's, items and other attributes which you expected. Regards, Vignesh Chandran
  • Shakher Sharma

    Have you looked into the catalog? It is available at https://<your_host_name>/analytics. On the left hand side there is a pane with folders . When you click on any folder, it will show you reports available on the right hand side.

    Also, I believe subject areas available should be sufficient to fulfill your requirements. Unfortunately, we just have Fusion ERP enabled and hence can't help you exactly.

  • Bilal Ahmed

    I want the summarized unit cost value and total quantity of items with parameter of Cost As Of Date

  • Bilal Ahmed

    there is no data in DOO_LINES_ALL

  • Pasupathi Reddy

    Hi Bilal,

    By using below tables we get  required fields .

    1)From Doo_lines_all  (UNIT_LIST_PRICE) as UNIT_COST

    2)From table NV_ONHAND_QUANTITIES_DETAIL (Primary_Transaction_Quantity ) (Item_Number ) for SUM OF ON_HAND_QTY with ITEM_CODE  fields.

    3) From MSC_AP_EGP_SYSTEM_ITEMS_V (Description)

    Please let me know if you need any thing  


    Pasupathi Reddy


  • Bilal Ahmed

    It consists of UNIT COST for ITEM with respect to COST DATE 

  • Shakher Sharma

    You have to first setup connection in Application Server. If you are using a cloud environment, you may have to contact Oracle Support for the same. 
    Oracle Support may find following article useful:

    Once the JNDI connection is setup by Oracle Support in Application Server, follow steps below:

    1) Login to cloud application.
    2) Go to URL https://<application url>/analytics/ . Replace <application url> with URL of your cloud environment.
    3) Click on Administration on upper right-side.
    4) Click on Manage BI Publisher.
    5) Under Data Sources, click on JNDI Connection.
    6) Click on Add Data Source
    7) Enter value for fields as given below:
       a) Data Source Name: Enter any name of your choice. This will be shown as connection name at various places.
       b) JNDI Name: You should get this name from Oracle Support once they have setup connection in Application Server.
       c) Use Proxy Authentication: Check with Oracle if this once should be select?
       d) Click on Test Connection button to check if the connection is working.
    8) Setup security for this connection by moving roles from Available Roles to Allowed Roles section as per your requirement.

  • Emre Kuscu


    PO Number Accounting Date Between Oracle Item # Line Description Order Qty
    ABX - -   - -

    Here is the table of the report I am looking for. Currently we are exporting the data manually, and entering into this spreadsheet. I'd like to have a BI report/analysis that can provide this info anytime.


  • Ilyas Brahmia


    In your query, you need to join your tables with one of these two views:




    You can use this post, to better understand what's happening behind Bi security.



  • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP

    Good for new learning as well.