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  • Matthieu Auber

    You're welcome Amit. You should create an idea on Project Management and what is very important is to not impact billing offset.


  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    Thanks for the reply. I will check and get back to you.

  • Ajay Tadakamadala

    You can review below documents:

    How to Setup and Troubleshoot Dunning Configurations (Doc ID 1324393.1)
    Fusion Advanced Collections (IEX): Define Collections Information Center (Doc ID 1253064.1)
    Having Problems Sending Or Delivery Dunning Letters in Fusion Apps ? (Doc ID 1994169.1)
    Programs "Strategy Management" and "Collections scoring" are failing (Doc ID 2359291.1)

  • Amy Chan

    Thanks Julien.

  • Juan Miguel Isip

    I initially used FBDI but the issue I had with it was it cannot update Manually-Created Customers. We had over 500 Manually-created customers and it would be very difficult to update them all one-by-one.

    As mentioned, the "mergeCustomerAccount" Web Service provided by Oracle Support had too many XML fields and was really confusing to use. When I was trying to insert a NEW responsibility, It was giving me an error message:

    A record with the value AccountId-AccountSiteId-RelationshipId-RoleType already exists. Enter a unique value.

    It seemed to think I was trying the Insert a duplicate value, instead of a new one. Luckily, I was able to resolve this by using the below payload:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
    Hope this helps out someone!
  • Sandeep Kumar

    We have opened one dummy Bank account and mapped IC Clearing account which is knock-off through IC Module

    Received Money - In the USA but invoice in Canada

    MISC Receipt in USA Entity (USA Ledger) - Actual Bank Account Dr and IC Clearing Cr

    STANDARD RECEIPT in CANADA Ledger IC Clearing Dr and AR Cr

    and clear this IC clearing through IC Module

    We can use IC Payable and IC receivable at receipt but there will be reconciliation issue so better keep one source for IC payable and Receivable which will help when u reconcile IC AP and AR and also help when you run FX 






  • Swapnil Surange

    Hi Sandeep,

    We have a similar requirement for Cross Ledger receipts. Please let me know if you could find a way to come around this restriction.



  • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

    There might be option to personalize it... so let me check and get back to you...

  • Beth Bleijie

    Thank you, Matthew,

    I've got what I need for now, but may take you up on the offer if/when I run into issues with DFF's again.



  • Beth Bleijie

    Thank you, Sudhakara.

    I discovered the limit of characters, but managed to make my message fit.

    I'll note the DFF's in case we need more in the future.



  • Julien Dubouis

    Hi Amy,
    I don't think there is a setup for that. You can adjust the decimals on tax calculation (Manage Taxes) or per currencies (Manage Currencies), but I don't know of a specific limit that can be set for prices on AR. Maybe you could try something with a customization of the screen in the layout but that would not affect the data in the tables. If the problem is only in the printing, you could do a trim in the BI publisher layout (idea from mOS note Preview Invoice Shows Wrong Unit Price (Doc ID 2102850.1))

  • Amy Chan

    The unit price field at AR line level?

  • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

    where you want to restrict?

  • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

    Beth, We have 240 characters for Special Instructions so if you need more than that then can go ahead to enable the DFF's 

    SPECIAL_INSTRUCTIONS VARCHAR2 240     Special instructions that can print on invoice.
  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    Hello Mederic,

    I am facing issues when the attachment is a Scanned Invoice. The file content URL is basically going back to the login page. Do you know of a workaround for this?