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  • Anusha Alla

    Hi Sabarish, 

    The subject of Negotiation Award Approval Bell notification can be customized. But supplier name cannot be added as it is not a part of payload. Please refer to attached document on Title customization for notifications from the Bell icon. 




  • Ramesh JC

    Hi Sara,

              We have customer use cases where they want to create a contract before award and we have cases where they want to create after award, now this feature will support both. In 20A we are going to support new approval attributes to control this.

    We are building this feature in incremental builds based on the customer feedback, you can go ahead and log an idea in idea labs for class - agreement or other contract types.




  • Ramesh JC

    Party-less base contract holds the contract terms for the negotiation. Yes we need some enhancements on the contracts side to flag this as a different contract or they need to enhance their contract template to support contract terms. You should post these ideas in their idea labs.

    Coming to referencing back to negotiation record, its already built & coming in 20A. You will see source document references in the contract with link to the negotiation.


  • John Lay

    Development is working on the fix via bug 30536435

  • Sara Craven

    Hi Ramesh

    I had to award/create the contract before the award was submitted for approval which does not seem logical, am I missing a step as i would expect to create the final contract after the award has been approved?

    Also agree with John, why do we end up with two contracts? The base contract just stays in draft form as a duplicate, again am i missing some steps? 

    It is also a shame that this functionality is restricted to the contract class - enterprise contracts only and not those that use the class - agreement. 

    I've been looking forward to this functionality for a long time and it could be very good if it covered all contract types. 



  • Mayank Pande

    Thank you Poornima & Divya,

    Response Repository does not store Supplier Bid History?

    Actually we have requirement from One of our customer that they need to see Bid history for supplier & Item. They use this to calculate some values outside system & use for awarding final Bid.

    Is there any possibility in Oracle for same?

    Or shall I create seprate thread for this?




  • Karthick Saravanan

    Hi Poornima,It is under Sourcing Idea lab only.  I noticed that I have just saved the idea. I have published the idea now.

  • Divya Dacharaju

    When you create a negotiation, you can add questions defined in Oracle Fusion Supplier Qualification as requirements. For these questions, you will be able to see the supplier's history of responses from the 'Response History' column.

    Response History is available in:

    • Score Responses: Enter Scores page
    • Response Scores: Requirement Scores page
    • Award/Analyze Responses page 

    Note: Supplier Responses to questions will be recorded when the Repository is updated after the negotiation is closed (Actions>Manage>Update Supplier Repository)

  • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

    You need Supplier Qualification Management (SQM) implemented to be able to use response repository.  The response repository is not available directly to the user. When you are evaluating responses and entering scores, there is a column called 'Response History'. You can click on that column to see all responses submitted by that supplier for the same question before. We will try to get a screenshot.

  • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

    Hi Karthick, can you check the link? I am getting an 'Access Denied' error. Please post it in Sourcing idea lab:

  • John Lay

    Moving on to the actual Create Contract process I have some additional questions. When completing the Negotiation Award there are references to the Contract created for each awarded supplier which is good. Also noted that the Base Contract is a separate record from the Awarded Contract so here is my question:

    What happens to the Base Contract record?
    What purpose does it serve if not used for Award and what should be done with it? Would imply the process creates a contract record with no continuing purpose that clutters the Contract repository.

    From within the Contract created by Sourcing, is there any reference back to the Negotiation record that created it? Seems logical that the document history or Overview page would contain a reference and link to the source Negotiation.

  • Sara Craven

    Great news, thank you. I was just going to comment that it is required on contract types without lines. 

  • Ramesh JC

    We will treat this as a bug and fix this. Ideally it should allow 'contract types' with no line types defined as well.

  • John Lay

    Discovered that the LOV will only present a value when the setup task 'Manage Contract Type' definition includes Line Type=Item. This is not acceptable for clients that do not use Items.

  • Shay Schaufele

    Hi Krishnaraj ~

    On the Manage Negotiations screen, the supplier can change the Invited from Yes to No.   Click the search and all active negotiations will display.