Supplier Qualification Management

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  • Marko Knezevic

    Hi Angie,

    It would be really good if we could at least select the values for the LOV for users to see when clicking the Qualification Name.

    This way, it really makes a mess. In my example I have created and activated the Qualification Area which was immediately inactivated because I had misspelled the name. I have immediately created another QA with the correct name and they are both seen by users which confuses them.

    This Qualification Name LOV is seen also in Negotiations => Suppliers => Search and Add and in SQM Create initiative => Suppliers => Search and Add.

    Is there any workaround to make this happen?

    I have attached the image for you to see.


  • Angie Ni

    Hi Marko,

    On the Research Suppliers page, what you have seen from the Qualification Name field is by design. Because if an area is now inactive, it was active before and there could be qualifications created earlier for that area. And the qualifications could still be active and users should still be able to search for those names. Besides the Qualification Name is an LOV and you can do wild card search for any qualification names there. 


  • Angie Ni

    Hi Zohaib,

    Currently we only show the last time that the notification was sent. If you want, you can log your use case to the idea lab and we will investigate and enhance the feature in the future.




  • Zohaib Khan

    Good post, thanks for sharing.

    We have one issue in this functionality, system does not keep track of reminders, it just shows the last reminder date, our business practice is to send 3 reminders before escalating. Also, auditor require us to show evidence of the reminders sent, hence it would be good to have the history of reminders.

  • Paranee Pugal
    Hi Marko,
    1) Before starting an initiative process prepare questions/Qualification for internal
    team as well.
    2) When launch initiative happens questions get triggered to suppliers and internal team
    3) Once Supplier sends back all the information, receive it but don't "Accept" and send all information to internal
    team through social collaboration.
    4)After all Internal team validated they have to respond back to the questions.
    5) If the initiator is satisfied with all the internal response then only go and "Accept" supplier response.
    6) Once accepted it can go to a single evaluation team.
    Thanks and Regards,
  • Faustina Setyadi

    Currently the Qualifications and Assessments LOVs are simple LOVs that do not support more detail filtering. Please post this requirement on the SQM Idea Lab for further consideration. Thanks.

  • Marko Knezevic

    Dear Angie,

    Unfortunately it doesn't help me much...

    I still think that this is really not a good approach to have to manually add internal responder for each supplier we add to an initiative.
    This should really have to be possible to define somewhere else and use it as a default value here in SQM.

    This idea is the thing that could solve my problem too -

  • Marko Knezevic

    Thank you for your answer, I realized that using branching can't be the solution for my problem but it would be a good solution if it could be used smiley

    I wanted a solution where automatic question can prevent the questionnaire to be sent.

    It seems that this can not be done in any way for the first qualification, only for requalifications we can use the knockout score to determine the outcome without sending the questionnaire to internal responder.

  • Faustina Setyadi

    That's correct, you cannot mix internal and supplier questions as branching questions.

    In the qualification flow the questionnaires (supplier and internal) are sent as part of the initiative launch, while scoring (and consideration for knockout) only happens during evaluation time, after all of the responses are received and accepted. So you cannot use knockout score to prevent sending questionnaire to internal responder.

    If this is a requalification due to new responses no initiative will be created (no questionnaires sent) if all of the required responses are already available. Questionnaires will be sent only if there are missing required responses. For requalification on expiration the questionnaires will always be sent.


  • Marko Knezevic

    I had an idea to use question branching (if answer to Q1 is acceptable then show Q2) but can't use question with response type internal as branch of a question with response type automatic. sad

  • Marko Knezevic

    Thank you, that solved the problem.

  • Faustina Setyadi

    This functionality is already supported in 18B. 

    Do you have the 'Requalify Supplier Qualifications' batch process running in your system (Navigator > Tools > Scheduled Processes)? This is the batch process that runs periodically to automatically requalify the qualifications. When a qualification is expiring or a new response is available the existing qualification will be requalified the next time the process runs.

    Hope this resolves the issue.

  • Rohit Rathore

    Thank you, Angie

  • Angie Ni

    Hi Nishanth,

    In my example, the new attributes added in the additional information section on the qualifications or assessments will be part of the qualifications evaluators will see when they evaluate the qualifications; same would apply for assessments.

    If internal responders can view qualifications or assessments then they can see the additional information section; otherwise they can't.

    Basically those are additional attributes you can add to the objects and anyone who can see the qualifications, assessments or initiatives can see those additional attributes added.




  • Nishanth B Jain

    Thank you  Angie for this document.

    Can we see this additional information from Supplier Evaluation screen?

    Also from Internal Responder Screen?