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  • Patricia Harvath
    Connect PHP and File Attachment... Please Help ... MY LAST...44
    Topic posted May 3, 2013 by Patricia HarvathBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    Connect PHP and File Attachment... Please Help ... MY LAST DAY


    This is my last day and I want to fix this before I go...

    Error when attaching file.

    'File path is not in temporary directory' 
    Where is the tmp file?



    may 2012
    Code Snippet:
  • bill.shipman
    ServerConfigProperty not working properly40
    Topic posted February 6, 2011 by bill.shipman Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    ServerConfigProperty not working properly

    I'm trying to write a Nov 2010 add-in that pulls data from a Server Side Config property. I followed the instructions at the link below and it's not working.

    I'm trying to access the parameter in the RecordContext.DataLoaded() event and it's coming back empty. A block of my code is below. I've also attached a screenshot of my Add-in Manager screen.

    Can someone please take a look to see what I'm doing incorrectly?

    Code Snippet:
  • Iain McKay
    SOAP and ROQL: SELECT by Contact Email Address - How ?37
    Topic posted September 14, 2010 by Iain McKaySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    SOAP and ROQL: SELECT by Contact Email Address - How ?



    While the following ROQL Query syntax in my C# app works:

    String queryString = "SELECT O.Contacts FROM Contact C WHERE Contact.Name.First = 'Iain' AND Contact.Name.Last='Mckay' ;";

    BUT, the following does not:

    String queryString = " SELECT Contact FROM Contact WHERE Contact.Emails[0].Address = '' ;";

    Any thoughts ? Am I not understanding the Contact Object model correctly ? As when I do a Writeline of the contacts, as returned in Query 1 above, then contact.Emails[0].Address works fine.



    Code Snippet:
  • Pathaksa Tongpitak
    Exposing File Attachment URLAnswered315.0
    Topic posted September 16, 2011 by Pathaksa TongpitakSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    Exposing File Attachment URL

    I'm trying to fetch the File Attachment URL of a Contact but it returns an empty value.

    However I do get a value when I fetch the ID.

    Am I missing something?

    Code Snippet:
  • Ramana
    RN database30
    Topic posted June 7, 2013 by Ramana Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    RN database

    In the process of migration to RN ! Have two questions

    1. Does RN support Oracle DB ?..

    2. Say if I want to retreive some specific data(order number) from DB how would I make RN fetch it ?..

    Any help would be appriciated



  • Mitchell Welch
    Incident File Attachment Access in ConnectPHP28
    Topic posted January 30, 2013 by Mitchell Welch 
    Incident File Attachment Access in ConnectPHP

    Hi All,

    I have been having some trouble accessing file attachments on incident object using the connectPHP API version 1.2 in the November '12 version of RN. Basically what I need to do is access a CSV file that is attached to an incident object and do some processing based upon the contents of the file. I have been trying to use the sample code for accessing incident object attachments from the Connect documentation shown below:


    $incident = RNCPHP\Incident::fetch();
    for($i = 0; $i <= (count($incident->FileAttachments) - 1); $i++)
    $url = $incident->FileAttachments[$i]->getAdminURL();
    $file_contents = file_get_contents($url);

    In my situation, I only have one file attached to the incident, so the for loop is irrelevant. This code works fine up until the file_get_contents($url) call. When executed, the script hangs for a long time and then FALSE is retruned from the call into the $file_contents variable, instead of the contents of the CSV file.

    I have checked the value returned in the getAdminURL() (i.e. what should be the url to the file) call by running it in a web browser and the file is returned as a download in the web browser as expected. I have tried a few different appraoches including using fopen() directly and using the cUrl library functions to explicitly make GET requests to the url, with the user-agent parameters set in the header (I have run into situations in the past where GET and POST requests are ignored without the user agent parameter set in the hearder)

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this and does anyone have any ideas?

    Kind regards,


    November 2012
  • Anuj Behl
    Async CPM can't access latest field (Contact)...245.0
    Topic posted May 4, 2017 by Anuj BehlBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Async CPM can't access latest field (Contact) value


    I have an Incident update async CPM which executes through a business rule. The CPM is required to get the latest value of certain Incident fields and send them over to an external system via CURL. One of the field updates that I need to send is associated Contact details.

    When an incident field such as Status, Thread etc. is updated and Incident is saved, I can access the latest updated value of these fields and send them to the external system. However, when I update the contact and save the Incident, the Incident record in CPM just cannot get the latest true value of associated contact.

    Suppose, a contact A was associated to Incident and I changed it to B. The Incident record in CPM will still give me the value of A. Now, if I change the contact again to C, I will see either A or B. I keep getting random contact ID associated to the Incident, sometimes it's the contact I added a few saves before.

    Now, I have tried $incident->PrimaryContact with

    • the object instance available to CPM in apply method
    • Fetch() the incident record and then access the contact
    • Use ROQL to fetch the incident and then access the contact

    No matter how I try to get the Contact value, I always get wrong result.

    Note: There is no issue when I do NOT run the CPM asynchronously. Since I want to make a call to an external system, I need to run it async.

    Did anyone encounter this before? Is it a known issue or a product bug that I am not aware of?

    If anyone has any solution to this, please share.



    Service Cloud Feb 2016, Connect v1.2
  • Younes Nachar
    How to expose ContactType ctype_Id in contacts?24
    Topic posted September 21, 2011 by Younes NacharRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    How to expose ContactType ctype_Id in contacts?

    I need to expose ctype_id contact type for the customer portal pages. Any idea? 

  • Ryan Young
    How to actually deploy/upload Add-InAnswered24
    Topic posted September 3, 2010 by Ryan YoungGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    How to actually deploy/upload Add-In

    I'm using RN Feb '10, and have developed an Add-In.  It works great in Developer Mode; however, when I use the Add-In Manager to add the Add-In, it is not usable in other Account Profiles.  It is not even showing up as Active OR Inactive.  I am supposed to demo this in a little over 2 hours, but can not get it to work correctly.

    I have followed all of the steps I could find for deployment in the Getting Started, User Guide, and the Advanced Tutorials PDFs.  Please help!  I did notice something about "uploading the Add-In to the server", but could not find specific steps for that (unless it is referring to using the Add-In Manager >> New Add-In, which I have already done).

    The Add-In is showing up in the Add-In Manager, but not in the lists of Active / Inactive Add-Ins, so I am very confused.  Thank you in advance for your help!  :)


    Ryan Young

  • JJ
    CPM - Validation failed on create of a Incident23
    Topic posted December 7, 2017 by JJ Bronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
    CPM - Validation failed on create of a Incident

    Please see image for the error and the code block for the code - any reason for this?

    Code Snippet:

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