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  • Vijay Krishna
    Chat REST ServiceAnswered25.0
    Topic posted October 16, 2019 by Vijay KrishnaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged REST 
    Chat REST Service
    Issue with establish session - Chat REST API


    I'm trying to invoke Chat REST services for a custom integration. But I am getting an error while calling establish session REST API. Please find the details below. .



     "sessionInformation": {
     "emailAddress" : "", 
     "firstName" : "Vijay",
     "lastName": "Krishna", 
     "question" : "Test Chat",
     "auxiliaryData" : {
    "BROWSER" : "Mobile Safari 11.0", 
    "OPERATING_SYSTEM" : "iPhone OS", 
    "USER_AGENT" : "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 11_4_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/11.0 Mobile/15E148 Safari/604.1"

    "type": "",
    "title": "An attempt to write a resource failed",
    "status": 400,
    "detail": "A problem setting a property was encountered: not an object; EstablishSession.SessionInformation",
    "instance": "",
    "o:errorCode": "OSC-CREST-00006"


     Please suggest if any parameter is missing.


    Vijay Krishna

  • Julie F
    Write data from Custom Object field to Contact custom field1
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Julie FGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs, REST 
    Write data from Custom Object field to Contact custom field
    Does anyone have an example of the above?

    I have a custom object group. Lets call it GroupObject. It has a number of objects within it. Lets call those.CObject1, CObject2 etc.and they each have fields.

    In a CPM I want to write GroupObject.CObject1.time (time is one of the fields, it is not the current time) to:

    contact_data->CustomFields->c->last_saved    a contact record custom field called last_saved.

    Any example, for any part of this, would be greatly appreciated.

  • Carl Bramblett
    Giving an Account Permissions to Access the REST APIAnswered8
    Topic posted September 27, 2019 by Carl BramblettSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged REST 
    Giving an Account Permissions to Access the REST API
    What is the setting in the console that allows a user to access the REST API?


    What is the setting to allow a user to access the REST API? We currently have one admin account that is able to do it, but wish to create a second one that will be used exclusively for automated scripts. As far as I can tell both accounts are identical (both admin accounts), but only one of them is able to use the API. The other account receives an error that they are not authorized.


    I'm sure it's a simple setting, but helping me locate it in the Oracle labyrinth would be greatly appreciated! :)




    Code Snippet:
  • Sristy Arya
    Unable to download File Attachment using CURL5.0
    Topic posted September 29, 2019 by Sristy AryaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Connect PHP, REST 
    Unable to download File Attachment using CURL

    Hi Everyone,


    I am stuck in downloading a file attachment from portal using CURL. I am able to get the response but unable to download the attachment. Anyone knows about this or has done this before can help.


    PFA the code .



    Code Snippet:
  • Baljeet Singh
    REST API Call Limit Per Day1
    Topic posted September 18, 2019 by Baljeet SinghRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs, REST, SOAP 
    REST API Call Limit Per Day
    Limit to call different REST API for different end point


    I am curious to know the limit of REST API call per day to service cloud. How many times we can call REST API endpoint for different objects i.e. Incident, Contact, Organization etc. We have requirement where volume of incident creation is 3 Millions per year. We have integrated OSvC with third party system. Every time incident is create in OSvC we need to call REST API end point to sync data with third party software but volume of call is more then we expected initially.  

    I believe there is per day REST API call limit.

    Does anyone knows API limits per minute , per day & number of transactions ?

    Appreciate your support

    Baljeet Singh


    Oracle Service Cloud 19 B
  • Sean O'Connor
    Assistance with Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME...1
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Sean O'Connor, tagged REST 
    Assistance with Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME Attachment
    Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME Attachment

    Hello Oracle User Community -


    Regarding the Taleo Business Edition REST API documented here:


    In particular, we're having issues using the RESUME Attachment end point.


    As outlined in the above documentation:


    Update a candidate resume

    POST /candidate/{id}/resume

    The update will replace the old attachment with the new attachment and description. Using “multipart/form-data” POST request.

    Optional request parameter: description If the request parameter description is not sent, the attachment entity description field will use the file name as the description.


    http method POST

    Header must include: {:file=>#,:multipart=true}

    For additional information about multipart/form-data, refer to mutilpart/form-data specification (

    Example header for posting a Word attachment or resume:

    {:file =>“/local/path/zip/resume.doc”, ‘rb’), :content_type => “application/msword”, :multipart => true}, {:cookies => {:authToken => “webapi26117672355175654454”}})


    We are having difficulty with the specification above for the headers. 


    Does anyone have a working client program that can be shared to assist us in determining the proper header configuration?  Doesn't matter what language or platform, we can decipher it from any example code.


    Here is an example of how we are currently constructing the client in Java.  This request is currently returning a 200 response (success) but the resume is not showing up on the candidate profile;  additionally, there is no additional json payload from the endpoint to help detail the call.  Thank you for any insights, sample code or ideas.


       public static void postResume(String authToken) throws IOException {

        // Connect to the web server endpoint

        URL serverUrl = new URL("<candidateid>/resume");

        HttpURLConnection urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection) serverUrl.openConnection();


        String boundaryString = "*****" + Long.toString(System.currentTimeMillis()) + "*****";

        String fileUrl = "C:/_resume/resumeTest.docx";

        File resume = new File(fileUrl);


        // Indicate that we want to write to the HTTP request body



        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("Content-Type", utf8("multipart/form-data; boundary=" + boundaryString));  

        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("File", utf8(fileUrl + ", content_type=application/msword, multipart=true"));

        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("Cookie", utf8(authToken));





        OutputStream outputStreamToRequestBody = urlConnection.getOutputStream();

        BufferedWriter httpRequestBodyWriter = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(outputStreamToRequestBody));


        httpRequestBodyWriter.write(utf8("\n\n--" + boundaryString + "\n"));


        // Write the actual file contents

        FileInputStream inputStreamToLogFile = new FileInputStream(resume);


        int bytesRead;

        byte[] dataBuffer = new byte[1024];

        while((bytesRead = != -1) {

            outputStreamToRequestBody.write(dataBuffer, 0, bytesRead);





        // Mark the end of the multipart http request

        httpRequestBodyWriter.write(utf8("\n--" + boundaryString + "--\n"));



        // Close the streams




        // Read response from web server, which will trigger the multipart HTTP request to be sent.


        BufferedReader httpResponseReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlConnection.getInputStream()));

        String lineRead;

        while((lineRead = httpResponseReader.readLine()) != null) {




  • Azfar Hussain
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle...2
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Azfar HussainRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged REST, SOAP 
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle Service Cloud
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle Service Cloud

    Do we have any API / Web service available for creating an incident on oracle Service Cloud.??




  • Chethana KM
    How to access attributes of an article using REST API3
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Chethana KMGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged REST 
    How to access attributes of an article using REST API
    How to access attributes of an article using REST API


    We have some attributes defined inside answer in Agent Desktop. Some of the attributes are <Title>, <Regulations>, <Change_Type> etc.. So, when we create an article in Authoring, we can set the values for these attributes and save the article.

    For some business requirement, we need to fetch all the articles having a specific value, say "N/A" inside <Regulations> attribute using REST API
    We tried the following Content REST API call with <title> attribute in the query parameter. It worked. likeAny ('*Request*')

    But, when we try to query for a custom attribute like <Regulations> as below, we are getting an error: likeAny ('*N/A*')

    Error is as follows:
    "An application error has occurred. Root Cause: One or more fieldNames used in the criteria are unknown and hence the query cannot be evaluated!"
    I have attached the error snapshot from Postman (Postman_Error_CustomAttribute.PNG)

    Could you please let us know how to query for attributes inside an article using REST API?

    I have attached the sample response of below Content API call for an answer-1002441
    Please note that the attributes like Regualtions,title etc are inside "xml" field in the Content API response.
    "xml": "<PROCEDURES><TITLE><![CDATA[Requesting a copy of an overdraft/insufficient available funds notice ]]></TITLE><LAST_REVIEW_DATE><![CDATA[2019-04-30 05:00:00 Etc/GMT]]></LAST_REVIEW_DATE><REGULATIONS SECURITY=\"RN_ACCESS_LEVEL_13\"><VALUE><![CDATA[N/A]]></VALUE><DISPLAY><![CDATA[N/A]]></DISPLAY><GUID><![CDATA[6402216618fb1201656f1f09790065eb]]></GUID></REGULATIONS></PROCEDURES>"

    Response file attached: Content_API_Response1.txt


  • Travis Crane
    Making REST calls via VBA for BI Publisher Reports4
    Topic posted February 28, 2019 by Travis CraneBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged REST 
    Making REST calls via VBA for BI Publisher Reports
    I am trying to make REST calls via VBA for Reports but I do not know how to pass all of the parameters.

    I have been able to use VBA for updating Project Team Member Roles (GET, POST, & DELETE).  This works very well in Excel.

    I would like to call Reports via VBA as well using the REST API.  I am able to do this in SOAPUI without any problems, but I don't know all of the code to call the Reports in VBA.  

    The payload below is what I am using in SOAPUI:

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:pub="">
    Below is what I have tried in VBA:
       sEnvelope = "<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="""" xmlns:pub="""">"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<soap:Header/>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<soap:Body>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<pub:runReport>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<pub:reportRequest>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<pub:reportAbsolutePath>/Custom/ERP-PSA/Acosta_INT_PPM_Burden_Rates_Report.xdo</pub:reportAbsolutePath>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "<pub:sizeOfDataChunkDownload>-1</pub:sizeOfDataChunkDownload>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "</pub:reportRequest>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "</pub:runReport>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "</soap:Body>"
        sEnvelope = sEnvelope & "</soap:Envelope>"
        Set objRequest = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP")
        str_UsrUrl = ""
        str_UsrUrl = str_Domain & "/xmlpserver/services/rest/v1/reports/Custom%2FERP-PSA%2FAcosta_INT_PPM_Burden_Rates_Report"
    '    str_UsrUrl = str_Domain & "/xmlpserver/services/ExternalReportWSSService"
        blnAsync = False
        With objRequest
            .Open "POST", str_UsrUrl, blnAsync
            .SetRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/json"
    '        .SetRequestHeader "Content -Disposition", "form-data; name=" ""ReportRequest"
            .SetRequestHeader "Authorization", "Basic " & credentials
            strResponse = .responseText
            MsgBox "Response: " & strResponse
    I've searched everywhere trying to piece this code together and I am not having much success.
    The Response that I am getting is:

    <title>404 Not Found</title>
    <h1>Not Found</h1>
    <p>The requested URL /xmlpserver/services/rest/v1/reports/Custom/ERP-PSA/Acosta_INT_PPM_Burden_Rates_Report was not found.</p>

    Any help with this would be great.
    Code Snippet:
  • Rajan Davis
    OSvC 19A REST API Bulk Extract Performance on Incident...1
    Topic posted February 19, 2019 by Rajan DavisGold Crown: 30,000+ Points, tagged REST 
    OSvC 19A REST API Bulk Extract Performance on Incident Threads

    I just noticed in the change logs for the REST API that there is a new bulk extract end point for the REST API.

    What I have noticed is that the older versions of the REST API, getting 100,000 records using ROQL and the Report database is pretty trivial unless the bytesize of the request is rather large. This happens if you are trying to query a large number of incident thread text.

    What I was wondering is if the bulk extract API has this limitation as well or if this API somehow manages the data in a way that you can make requests with a large bytesize.



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