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  • Ryan McCullough
    Downloading the RightNow Connect libraries from your siteAnswered6
    Topic posted January 23, 2008 by Ryan McCulloughSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
    Downloading the RightNow Connect libraries from your site

    The RightNow Connect Data Integration libraries are version specific. You cannot use version 8.1 of the API against an 8.2 site.

    The best way to acquire the RightNow Connct Data Integration libraries that are the correct version for your site is to download them from your site. In the following examples, replace "server" with the server name of your site:


    • http://server/rnt/rnw/connect/
    • http://server/rnt/rnw/connect/
    • http://server/rnt/rnw/connect/
    • http://server/rnt/rnw/connect/RightNowConnect-C++linux.tar.gz


    An alternative method is to login with an account which has RightNow Connect permissions in the profile and download the connect libraries from the Links\RightNow Connect menu.

  • Dietrik
    Custom tab not loading at opening incident3
    Topic posted November 23, 2007 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Custom tab not loading at opening incident
    When you open an incident the pages in the custom tabs are always immediately loaded. This is often annoying. The desktop integration in the custom tabs are often relying on data that might not be available at opening the incident (a new incident). The integration page (like looking up customer data in a backend system) is loaded at startup with no available customer data, after clicking the tab, the page doesn't show any data and doesn't refresh either, you always have to build a refresh button in the custom page. It also always loads all tab pages, if you need them or not.
    Is there a way to only load the custom page in a tab when its choosen ? This would make the intergration much better, Saving load times when an incident is opened, and not loading pages which are not used.
    As far as I remember this was default behaviour in version 7.
    Regards, Dirk
  • bpaetzke
    How to get all incident threads by org using XML API45.0
    Topic posted November 5, 2007 by bpaetzke  
    How to get all incident threads by org using XML API
    My objective is to get all the incident threads for an organization using the XML API.

    I tried this xml on an existing client with several incidents. It didn't work; it only returned the org level data :
    <function name="org_get">
    <parameter name="args" type="pair">
    <pair name="id" type="integer">742</pair>
    <pair name="sub_tbl" type="pair">
    <pair name="tbl_id" type="integer">1</pair>

    I know my xml is somewhat ok because if I change the sub_tbl id to 164, all the org data and notes are returned.

    Please help.
  • Paks
    How do I check to see If a User is logged in to RNT...4
    Topic posted November 5, 2007 by Paks  
    How do I check to see If a User is logged in to RNT application.
    We need to figure out, if the user is logged in to RNT application.
    We are trying to connect to RNT connect and if the user is logged into to RNT application; user's application closes.
    Could you please paste a code snippet wherein we can check if the user has logged into RNT application.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Anders
    Connect 8.2 API Multiple Objects13
    Topic posted October 10, 2007 by Anders Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Connect 8.2 API Multiple Objects

    I want to select all contacts and accounts, loop trhough them and do different operations on them for integration project with our other systems.

    I read in this forum that in connect 8.2 you will be able to do this. However I don't find anywhere how? (or am I just blind?)

    Any help appreciated

  • Paks
    How do I lookup a report using RNT Connect?Answered1
    Topic posted September 10, 2007 by Paks  
    How do I lookup a report using RNT Connect?
    I have a report (view in v7.5) that needs to be called using RNT connect.
    In V7.5 I can do a view lookup using the api. Is there a similar method in RNT connect.
    Could you please paste an example of Report / View lookup using RNT connect. We are currently using V8.2.
    Please advise.
  • Dietrik
    When using the desktop integration page in a custom...2
    Topic posted August 27, 2007 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    When using the desktop integration page in a custom tab I...
    When using the desktop integration page in a custom tab I can show the selected product with
    var i = window.external.Incident;
    alert(i.Product) ;
    This returns only the first level of the product tree.
    According to the documentation I also should be able to retrieve the product data with:

    This however doesn't return anything (undefined).
    Does anyone knows ho to get the complete product tree ?
    Regards, Dirk
  • Dietrik
    Activating contacts tab from custom tab page2
    Topic posted August 16, 2007 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Activating contacts tab from custom tab page
    When using the desktop integration page in a custom tab, after looking up external data the next step could be filling in the complete contact and incident information. In the desktop integration page I can fill the first or lastname for a contact found in the external data. After this step I switch back to the default incident and contact tabs for completing the information.
    There are two thing which i'm not able to do:
    I want to automatically switch to the contact tab after looking up and finding the data in the external source. (setting focus to the contact tab from within my custom tab)
    I want the first and last name filled in from the integration page to synchronize with the field on the contacts tab.(setting the field values from the custom tab page)
    These thing could for example be done with javascript in a web page by setting focus to the field and setting the value properties.
    Does anybody know if this can be done in the Righnow console ? Do the tabs and fields on the tabs have properties that can be called from javascript ?
    Regards, Dirk
  • mitharris
    Error Creating Incident via .NET12
    Topic posted August 13, 2007 by mitharris  
    Error Creating Incident via .NET
    I am getting a bit of a cryptic error. 
 Key validation query returned 1 rows, should have returned 2 rows Transaction=[incident_create] at TransOp, Object TransParam)
    The query string that I am using for the following code sample.
    TableHeaderRow HeaderRow = new TableHeaderRow();
            TableRow DataRow = new TableRow();
            if (Request.QueryString.Count != 4)
                TableHeaderCell HeaderCell = new TableHeaderCell();
                TableCell DataCell = new TableCell();
                HeaderCell.Text = "ErrMessage";
                DataCell.Text = "Incorrect Query String Data";
                int ContactID;
                int OrgID;
                int RNTContactID;
                int Product;
                ContactID = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["ContactID"].ToString());
                OrgID = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["OrgID"].ToString());
                RNTContactID = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["RNTContactID"].ToString());
                Product = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["Product"].ToString());
                string site_string = "";
                string user_string = "admin";
                string password_string = "proactive";
                    RNOWObjectFactory OF;
                    OF = new RNOWObjectFactory(site_string);
                    OF.login(user_string, password_string);
                    RNOWIncident IncidentObj = new RNOWIncident();
                    RNOWInc2Contact ContactInfo = new RNOWInc2Contact();
                    ContactInfo.Cid = RNTContactID;
                    ContactInfo.Prmry = true;
                    IncidentObj.OrgID = OrgID;
                    List<RNOWInc2Contact> MyList = new List<RNOWInc2Contact>();
                    List<int—> MyProd = new List<int–>();
                    IncidentObj.Contact = MyList;
                    IncidentObj.Prod = MyProd;
                    int Incident_ID;
                    Incident_ID = OF.create(IncidentObj);
                    TableHeaderCell THIncID = new TableHeaderCell();
                    THIncID.Text = "Incident_ID";
                    TableCell DataCell = new TableCell();
                    DataCell.Text = Incident_ID.ToString();
                catch (Exception ex1)

  • rdexpsoft
    Run a Report using RightNow ConnectAnswered1
    Topic posted August 3, 2007 by rdexpsoft  
    Run a Report using RightNow Connect
    I am currently migrating our custom application from the XML API to RightNow Connect for JAVA. In the XML API we used the search function to return the results of a specific view by passing the viewId into the ac_id parameter of the search function in the XML API.

    Is there a way to get the results of a Report using the RightNow Connect API similar to the search function in the XML API?

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