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  • NickL
    Unable To Create Attachments Using RightNow Adapter When...
    Topic posted 8:19 AM by NickL, tagged SOAP 
    Unable To Create Attachments Using RightNow Adapter When Using Create Incident
    Although attachments are created, they are not complete

    I'm currently using the RightnNow adapter from BPEL to create new Incidents in Oracle Service Cloud.

    The Incidents are created successfully, along with the attachment, but when the attachment is viewed in AgentWeb, it shows as being only 57 bytes.

    The payload sent to Oracle Service Cloud is as below:

       <part xmlns:xsi="" name="parameters">
          <Create xmlns="[removed]/ProcessCXService/RightNowIncidentCreate/types">
                <Category xmlns="">
                   <Name xmlns="">Contracts</Name>
                <Channel xmlns="">
                   <Name xmlns="">Post</Name>
                <IncidentCustomFields xmlns="">
                         <Name xmlns="">Request</Name>
                <FileAttachments xmlns="">
                   <FileAttachmentList action="add">
                <PrimaryContact xmlns="">
                      <Name xmlns="">Scanning Dummy</Name>
                <Product xmlns="">
                   <Name xmlns="">Employee Changes</Name>
                <Subject xmlns="">Contracts</Subject>

    The call is successful, and returns the ID of the newly created Incident::

       <part xmlns:xsi="" name="parameters">
          <ns0:CreateResponse xmlns:n0="" xmlns:n2="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:n1="" xmlns:ns0="[removed]/ProcessCXService/RightNowIncidentCreate/types">
             <ns0:Incident xmlns:ns0="[removed]/ProcessCXService/RightNowIncidentCreate/types">
                <n2:ID id="2067"/>

    However, when viewing the Incident in Oracle Service Cloud (see uploaded image) attachment file size is shown as 57 bytes.

    When downloading the attachment, and opening the file in Notepad++, only the following lines are present:

    5 0 obj



    JDeveloper Service Cloud 18B (Build 274) - Browser UI Version
  • Baljeet Singh
    REST API Call Limit Per Day1
    Topic posted Yesterday by Baljeet SinghRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs, REST, SOAP 
    REST API Call Limit Per Day
    Limit to call different REST API for different end point


    I am curious to know the limit of REST API call per day to service cloud. How many times we can call REST API endpoint for different objects i.e. Incident, Contact, Organization etc. We have requirement where volume of incident creation is 3 Millions per year. We have integrated OSvC with third party system. Every time incident is create in OSvC we need to call REST API end point to sync data with third party software but volume of call is more then we expected initially.  

    I believe there is per day REST API call limit.

    Does anyone knows API limits per minute , per day & number of transactions ?

    Appreciate your support

    Baljeet Singh


    Oracle Service Cloud 19 B
  • kate James
    VB.Net and Soap web services4
    Topic posted September 12, 2019 by kate JamesRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged SOAP 
    VB.Net and Soap web services
    .NET API to create user accounts


    I am looking to automate the account provisioning for users. I've found useful information in the oracle documentation for Java, C# and so on. However, I am looking to use VB.Net, so I would like to know if someone in the community has attempted to do this. If so, can you please comment on your experience and challenges you encountered



  • Bryan Scarborough
    Custom Process Error/Confusion4
    Topic last edited September 11, 2019 by Bryan ScarboroughBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Connect PHP 
    Custom Process Error/Confusion


    I am trying to setup my first Custom Process to create an entry in a Custom Object when an incident is saved.  I am currently running into an issue with the Setup Function in the TestHarness.  The code is below.  

    I am getting the following error on the $newPage->SentBy = $testObject->AssignedTo->Account->Name; line

    Type mismatch: Must be string

    The Custom Object field is a string and as far as can see the Name field should also be one, so why is this giving me an error?  There is an account Assigned to this Incident.


    Thank you

    Code Snippet:
  • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy
    Event notifications in Rightnow webservices115.0
    Topic posted February 9, 2018 by Pramod Vasudeva MurthyBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Event notifications in Rightnow webservices

    Hi Folks,

    My team was trying to discover event notifications when a record updates. We were following this post.

    We are not sure where to have the SOAP XML hosted. How does the event work?

    • Do we need to hit RN server with given SOAP request so to initialize first?
    • After that do we need to use CPM to drive it?
    • If we use CPM, what is the use of EventNotifications?

    If anyone has implemented this, please suggest.


  • Conor Hughes
    Bulk Export of Incidents via Print Preview using SOAPAnswered1
    Topic posted August 30, 2019 by Conor HughesGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged SOAP 
    Bulk Export of Incidents via Print Preview using SOAP
    Bulk Export of Incidents via Print Preview using SOAP

    I recently received a request from a client for the bulk exporting of a large volume of incidents in a readable format. Looking at the 'Incident Print' message template, I can see that a SOAP API call for 'message_render' is being made when pressing the 'Print' button on incidents - however looking in the WSDL on our site I can see that this call isn't exposed to us for use elsewhere.

    Does anyone know of any exposed functionality that would allow for the bulk exporting of incidents in a user-friendly format? I know I could pull back the incident fields & iterate over the threads and export via a few of the API's, but that is rather involved for the volumes we need to export in the given time frame.

  • Sean O'Connor
    Assistance with Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME...1
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Sean O'Connor, tagged REST 
    Assistance with Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME Attachment
    Taleo Business Edition REST API - RESUME Attachment

    Hello Oracle User Community -


    Regarding the Taleo Business Edition REST API documented here:


    In particular, we're having issues using the RESUME Attachment end point.


    As outlined in the above documentation:


    Update a candidate resume

    POST /candidate/{id}/resume

    The update will replace the old attachment with the new attachment and description. Using “multipart/form-data” POST request.

    Optional request parameter: description If the request parameter description is not sent, the attachment entity description field will use the file name as the description.


    http method POST

    Header must include: {:file=>#,:multipart=true}

    For additional information about multipart/form-data, refer to mutilpart/form-data specification (

    Example header for posting a Word attachment or resume:

    {:file =>“/local/path/zip/resume.doc”, ‘rb’), :content_type => “application/msword”, :multipart => true}, {:cookies => {:authToken => “webapi26117672355175654454”}})


    We are having difficulty with the specification above for the headers. 


    Does anyone have a working client program that can be shared to assist us in determining the proper header configuration?  Doesn't matter what language or platform, we can decipher it from any example code.


    Here is an example of how we are currently constructing the client in Java.  This request is currently returning a 200 response (success) but the resume is not showing up on the candidate profile;  additionally, there is no additional json payload from the endpoint to help detail the call.  Thank you for any insights, sample code or ideas.


       public static void postResume(String authToken) throws IOException {

        // Connect to the web server endpoint

        URL serverUrl = new URL("<candidateid>/resume");

        HttpURLConnection urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection) serverUrl.openConnection();


        String boundaryString = "*****" + Long.toString(System.currentTimeMillis()) + "*****";

        String fileUrl = "C:/_resume/resumeTest.docx";

        File resume = new File(fileUrl);


        // Indicate that we want to write to the HTTP request body



        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("Content-Type", utf8("multipart/form-data; boundary=" + boundaryString));  

        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("File", utf8(fileUrl + ", content_type=application/msword, multipart=true"));

        urlConnection.addRequestProperty("Cookie", utf8(authToken));





        OutputStream outputStreamToRequestBody = urlConnection.getOutputStream();

        BufferedWriter httpRequestBodyWriter = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(outputStreamToRequestBody));


        httpRequestBodyWriter.write(utf8("\n\n--" + boundaryString + "\n"));


        // Write the actual file contents

        FileInputStream inputStreamToLogFile = new FileInputStream(resume);


        int bytesRead;

        byte[] dataBuffer = new byte[1024];

        while((bytesRead = != -1) {

            outputStreamToRequestBody.write(dataBuffer, 0, bytesRead);





        // Mark the end of the multipart http request

        httpRequestBodyWriter.write(utf8("\n--" + boundaryString + "--\n"));



        // Close the streams




        // Read response from web server, which will trigger the multipart HTTP request to be sent.


        BufferedReader httpResponseReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlConnection.getInputStream()));

        String lineRead;

        while((lineRead = httpResponseReader.readLine()) != null) {




  • Azfar Hussain
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle...2
    Topic posted September 4, 2019 by Azfar HussainRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged REST, SOAP 
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle Service Cloud
    Need to Create New Incident via integration on oracle Service Cloud

    Do we have any API / Web service available for creating an incident on oracle Service Cloud.??




  • Dev Aditya
    SOAP XML request to create SLA instance and assign it to...Answered4
    Topic posted August 29, 2019 by Dev AdityaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged SOAP 
    SOAP XML request to create SLA instance and assign it to new contact
    SOAP XML request to create SLA instance and assign it to new contact

    Hi Experts,

    I couldn't find any documentation to create contact with multiple SLA instances assigned to it, using SOAP XML request. If anyone has worked on it, please help me with syntax.


    Many Thanks,


  • Bryan Scarborough
    Process Designer Error2
    Topic posted August 27, 2019 by Bryan ScarboroughBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs 
    Process Designer Error


    My company want to implement a solution that will be able to page our On Call techs from RightNow.  We are doing this by sending an email from RightNow to the paging company and that is working.  They also want to implement logging around this in RightNow.

    My thought was to implement a Custom Object with the Date/Time and the person triggering the page to the On-Call tech.  I was able to create the Custom Object, but I do not see a way to interact with it from the Business Rules. 

    From a previous post it was recommended that I use the Process Designer, which I have been trying to get setup.  Unfortunately, I have not found any full and functional examples in the documentation.

    I have include my current code, but when I try to test it I am getting this error "Object Event Handler create_contact\create_contact does not define class create_contact!".  However, when I setup the class I get the same error.  Can someone let me know what needs to be done to fix this, or give me a working example that I can work with.

    If there is another way to accomplish what I am looking to do, I am open to other ideas.

    Thank you

    Code Snippet:

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