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  • claire marquez

    Hi, my customer seems to have an account created in Customer Connect by another colleague but now this customer cannot log in. How to fix the issue?

    His email address is

    would appreciate your kind rsponse. Thanks.



  • Ashish Harbhajanka

    Thanks for the response, Julian makes perfect sense .. my mistake (I should have checked the Forum Header info before posting the question)

  • Julian Challenger

    The Customization Solution forum is a controlled forum so that only certain people can post to it as per the instructions at the top of the forum:

    Whether you are just getting started with customizing or personalizing HCM Cloud or you are a more advanced user, you will find information to advance your skills in this read-only forum.  We welcome new customization solutions, if you want your solutions to be included in this forum, please post them on the relevant HCM Forum using the standard format you can see used on the posting below.

  • Aaron Johnson


  • Bernice Lam

    Certificates are sent around first week of every month. If you have just reached Red Ribbon level in May, you should receive your certificate sometime in June.

    Hope that helps!

  • Monica Li

    Hi Arun,

    Thanks for your replay, Oh, it seems indeed can't add other section. Thanks again.


  • Arun Kumar Krishnan
    • posted via email reply May 5, 2017
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    Hi Monica,
    As of 15A there is only 4 sections:
    Top Section, General Terms, Bonuses, Details
    In 15B only, we have one more section added called "Other Terms"
    We will not be able to add any other section apart from it.
  • Mimi Won Yuen

    Please send your request to

  • Arun Kumar Krishnan

    Yes, I would like to know as well on the same. How do we manage with the existing profile, when we have a change in email address?

  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for your suggestion. It would be a good idea to explore and add this feature. At this time it is not available by default. I will put this in our queue for product management to review.


  • Achala Munasinghe

    Did you find the answer for this? Because I am having exactly the same question

  • Jess

    Hi Pasupathi -

    Not sure if this will help you, they have videos and tutorials on BICS.  Seems like this is a product that has very little support at the moment, so I have had to self-teach and figure a lot out on my own.

    And if you want to pay for online learning, Oracle University has online courses too,,channelId:3544



  • Pasupathi Reddy

    Hi All,


    Any useful documents for  BICS  . For creating financials dashboards .





  • Scott Klein - Oracle


    Read the document and I have several concerns about the material you are presenting

    1. The material is severely outdated. Here are just a few examples:
      • "Fusion" is no longer used.
      • Your refer to Release 9 as the current release with Release 10 as the upcoming release. Current release of HCM Cloud is 11.
      • Screenshots are from old releases not the current release.
      • List of HDL processes is out-of-date.
    2. Your profile states that you work for Accenture yet you are clearly using materials from Apps2Fusion presentation. I see no attribution provided for use of their materials. Doesn't matter if you were the original creator of those materials or not as they have the company watermark embedded within the image. Even without the watermark appropriate attribution should always be given when materials are used.
    3. You have embedded SQL in your document which cannot be accessed because you're using a PDF.
    4. Font and color-wise there is just way too much going on. It is very difficult to read.
    5. Lacks page numbering, table of contents as well as headers and footers.

    Lastly, I'm not sure what the focus of this document is supposed to be. It is all over the place. You spend a lot of time on FBL to HDL migration and usage which is not really meaningful any longer.

    My $0.02 for what it's worth... if you are looking to help the larger HCM Cloud community, and want to publish materials, then publish helpful guides that focus on one topic at a time. For example, if you want to explain HDL to users then focus on that within a single document. Same goes for formulas, reporting, etc. You could have some very good information in parts of this document but no one is going to slog though it to find it, especially if they believe the material is out-of-date at the very beginning.

    Also, with a SaaS application, materials are often only as relevant as the current release.

    Not trying to be harsh but to be truthful and I do wish you all the best as you begin your authoring adventures.



  • Jess

    Hi Hemal -

    Thanks for referring me to the BI forum, however, I don't see anything there related to or specific to your BICS product.

    I will keep looking at other sites.

    Thank you again!smiley