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  • Christian Berg
    I am always logged on as are many other colleagues which had the same issue. Since opening this thread the issue has disappeared. Seems it helped and someone did something.
  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Christian,

    If you are logged in, you should be able to post and comment on any post without any issues. The platform is available for users to read content without logging in, but if you try to post or comment without logging in, you are not allowed to do so.

    If you still run in to issues after logging in, I would request you to send me some screenshots along with the steps to reproduce or the details where you see the issue.

    You can send an email to with the details.

    Thank You

  • Manuel Alcaraz Gª -

    Agree with Shaker. Please consider adding RSS feeds to headlines to be updated to such a big torrent of news on this site! Thanks. Manuel.

  • Timo Hahn

    You can try to add the ACE image over your profile picture. I'm not sure you are allowed to do this, but over in the ODC spaces you are.

    I wonder why I'm a different user here and in the other spaces like ODC. I use the same login, but now have to maintain multiple profiles.



  • Bernice Lam

    Thanks Nick! The forums have been updated.

  • Bernice Lam

    Hi Wayne,

    The posts on the forum home page are sorted by creation date, so that you can always see the newest topics posted by other community members.

    You are correct, in order to sort by latest comment (i.e. last activity), you would have to click Next to get to the second page, or, go to the Posts section of the forum (Posts link located under the banner) and use the additional Sort options on the right.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback!


  • Wayne F

    Can we have the sort option on the first page?

    I have been able to find it on the second page once you have selected the next option



  • Giuliana Piccardi


    I was able to add the coloured items background. However, we would like to have different colours for different items (at least 3 different colours in the same items section). Does anybody know how to do it?

    Many thanks.

  • Shakher Sharma

    Many Thanks! I received one yesterday. :)

  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Shakher,

    Thank you for being a valued member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

    The certificates will be sent out soon probably by next week.

    Thank You

  • Bernice Lam

    You can find the FCCS forum under Answers > Enterprise Performance Management > Financial Consolidation and Close

    Here's the direct link:

  • Shakher Sharma

    Many Thanks Heamal!

    There are lots of ways in which community members can contribute if they have a feature rich wiki. Right now all we have same editor irrespective of type of content a member is posting. 

    For example, community members can create different wiki pages to :

    • List frequently faced issue and links to their solution for various products
    • Best practices
    • Code snippets etc.


  • Shakher Sharma

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    It is a good to have feature, certainly not necessary. Now a days there are lots of sites, portals and forums that a person has in his list to track. News aggregator sites such as Feedly makes it easier to efficiently track contents from multiple sites, and also redirects user to source. Oracle can keep the contents private, but expose titles to the RSS feed, if they wish so. smiley 

  • Shakher Sharma

    Thanks Hemal for your prompt reply!

    I believe Oracle must have had some good reasons to keep contents private. May I suggest to keep details gated, but at least let search engines know that there exists an answer to the query on this portal. I believe Oracle did something similar to contents recently. Without login, if I search for a problem, and if an Oracle support document exists for the problem, I can still see some details of the document without login, but not all. Next step is certainly to login to to view complete solution document. 

    Further, search on this portal don't work without login. Implementing solution similar to , and making search work without login (just result, not access to document), will help bring more awareness among community about and will also make it easier to search.

  • Shakher Sharma

    Many thanks! Its good to know that more Idea Labs and Forums for other Oracle cloud products will be added in future.