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  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Raj,

    Thank you for being a valued member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect. 

    Please send all the details including your old and new email address, the reason for change etc to and someone will get back to you with more information.


  • Bernice Lam

    Certificates are sent around first week of every month. If you have just reached Red Ribbon level in May, you should receive your certificate sometime in June.

    Hope that helps!

  • Micha Gruler

    Hi both,


    I also agree. The customer connect pages used to be quite user friendly and well organised a bit more than a year ago.

    Then it was decided to merge the Taleo and Fusion communities together and split everything out by Functional Area. This was a big mistake in my opinion.

    For example, there are now about 20 different forums in the Human Capital Management section. All that's really needed are three forums. One for Fusion HCM, one for Taleo Learn, and one for Taleo Recruit.

    The Idea labs are also organised in a very confusing manner. Anyone suggesting an enhancement would have a product in mind, rather than a business process. The Global Human Resources idea lab has both Taleo and Fusion ideas, which is really confusing. And then there are two separate Talent Management idea labs which again aren't clear on which product we're referring to.

    Oracle, please simplify this forum.





  • Anthony Go

    Phillip - have a look here.




  • Rosetta Jasperson

    Hi Andrew, 

    I agree. While useful, the organization is not clear and I find that I click into multiple areas. This may be why some posts/ideas are sometimes in the wrong place...

  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Kinglsey,

    Please login and check again. You should now have access to contribute in all forums.

    Thank You

  • Mimi Won Yuen

    ***** Exceptional

    ****   Very helpful

    ***    Neutral or somewhat helpful

    **      Does not add value

    *        Invalid or does not make sense

    We believe the star rating system should follow the standard rating that many hotels, restaurants, product reviews, and other social media sites follow.  On a scale from 1 to 5, the value 5 should be reserved for exceptional contributions – for example, those which fully solve a problem, add great value, answer a question completely, or address a very interesting or important topic. The value 4 should be used for content that is very helpful and/or answers the question, 3 used for neutral comments or suggestions that may or may not be applicable, 2 used for content that does not add value, and 1 used for comments that are negative, invalid or do not make any sense.

    It’s also important to note that not every comment must be rated – for example a simple “thank you,” or a response that says, “your suggestion solved my problem” would not require a rating.

    We would love to encourage our members to rate posts and comments because the more times something is evaluated appropriately, the more likely the rating will reflect a true value.

  • Marybeth Snodgrass

    You can't edit title of your post because this is the only way the status of an idea is being tracked right now. So if users can edit the title, they can in theory could just add "Under Oracle Review" to any post. (this is referenced here 

    The ideal solution would be to have a separate "status" attribute and to leave any reference to the idea status out of the title name. 

  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Felix,

    Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We found that there was a minor issue with a specific setting for a couple of forums. This has been fixed now. You should be able to mark the best answers now.


  • Christopher Maggiulli
    I think we should remove the ability to vote on ones own comments.
  • Janardhana Kondaveeti


    Please send a note to the mentioned e mail address '' and it will help to updating from old organization e mail address to new organization e mail address.




  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Philip,

    Thank you for being a valued member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

    We are working on some changes to the system before we can enable the edit option. In the mean time, you can send an email to with the changes you need and our admin team can update the same for you.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.


  • Manuel Alcaraz Gª -

    Agree with Shaker. Please consider adding RSS feeds to headlines to be updated to such a big torrent of news on this site! Thanks. Manuel.

  • Shakher Sharma

    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    It is a good to have feature, certainly not necessary. Now a days there are lots of sites, portals and forums that a person has in his list to track. News aggregator sites such as Feedly makes it easier to efficiently track contents from multiple sites, and also redirects user to source. Oracle can keep the contents private, but expose titles to the RSS feed, if they wish so. smiley 

  • Mimi Won Yuen

    Hello Mark,

    Your account has been updated and you now have access to the SaaS (applications) content on the community.