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  • Tad Maeda

    I apologize responding late.

    The customer has two corporate email address. One is root domain and another one is include sub-domain. The customer still have the issue.

    I will send e-mail to appsconnect-hlp_ww@......

    I appreciate your advice.



  • Pauline Ezra

    Thank you for the link.  I would like to know how members would navigate to this forum as I cannot see it listed anywhere from the Home Page.

  • Heather Hagedorn

    Below you will find the link to our General Performance Management forum. This forum is the place for discussions about performance and is not product specific.   Please use tagging where appropriate.

  • Bernice Lam

    It is usually the corporate address, and it should be the same email used to create the Oracle Single Sign-On account.

    If your customer contact still has a problem logging in, please email us at and let us know the customer's name.  We can lookup the email address used to create the account.


  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Uma,

    Sorry for the delayed response. As of now, we only announce events conducted by Oracle, but we can surely consider some event hosted by our users too. Can you please share some more information on the type of event you would like to host and when?

    I will review the details with our team and get back to you with the options (if available)


  • Hemal Kapasi


    Thanks for your suggestion. This is something we have already discussed and I will add this to the list of features to be reviewed for the future pipeline. As of now, our platform is unable to provide this option for sending digest emails.

    We will keep you posted whenever there is an update.


  • Hemal Kapasi


    Sorry for the delayed response. Can you please provide more information about the product that you are referring to?

    The question has been posted in the general feedback community. We need to move it to the right forum to get your answer.

    Please provide the information so that I can forward this to the right forum.


  • Dietrik

    When I understand correctly you're stuck creating new contact custom fields in the OSC console ? If the options are greyed out this usually means your profile is not configured to allow access to that part. Ask the site administrator to change your profile.


  • Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Carlyne,

    Thank you for being a valued member of the community. Your contributions are highly appreciated and valuable.

    Last week, the reputation points model was updated with changes in the way the points were awarded for various actions in the community. This has resulted in a change in the overall points that were awarded to the users earlier. Our intention was to persist with the existing points and update the points based on the new model moving forward, but due to a system limitation, all points were recalculated based on the new model. We apologize for the inconvenience and are confident that the new point system will be more rewarding for quality content then the previous model.

    Let us know if you have any other concerns or questions.


  • Carlyne Lynch

    I seem to have LOST 3000+ Points! What's with that?

  • Anthony Go

    Phillip - have a look here.




  • Bill Fox
    Hi Tobias,
    This is a great suggestion, and one that the EPRCS Product Management Team considered when bringing the EPRCS Forum live on Customer Connect. While this ramps up, we are encouraging you to submit enhancement ideas through the traditional channels. Remember, you can use the "Provide Feedback" feature to capture screens and add descriptive text right from the EPRCS UI .  (see Provide Feedback.) Then just submit an SR and include the Provide Feedback Reference ID.  Your request will be registered.
    We will continue to monitor this closely.  Idea Labs is something we may take live in the future.  
    Bill Fox
    Consulting Product Manager, Oracle
  • Micha Gruler

    Hi both,


    I also agree. The customer connect pages used to be quite user friendly and well organised a bit more than a year ago.

    Then it was decided to merge the Taleo and Fusion communities together and split everything out by Functional Area. This was a big mistake in my opinion.

    For example, there are now about 20 different forums in the Human Capital Management section. All that's really needed are three forums. One for Fusion HCM, one for Taleo Learn, and one for Taleo Recruit.

    The Idea labs are also organised in a very confusing manner. Anyone suggesting an enhancement would have a product in mind, rather than a business process. The Global Human Resources idea lab has both Taleo and Fusion ideas, which is really confusing. And then there are two separate Talent Management idea labs which again aren't clear on which product we're referring to.

    Oracle, please simplify this forum.





  • Leslie Overland

    Thanks for your comment, Mike.

    The Performance Management forum includes 'Fusion Performance Management' and 'Taleo Performance Management' tags, which are intended help you filter content based on product. We'll definitely take this feedback and discuss ways in which we can make this content more searchable by you and other members with multiple solutions.

    thanks again for your participation!

  • Rosetta Jasperson

    Hi Andrew, 

    I agree. While useful, the organization is not clear and I find that I click into multiple areas. This may be why some posts/ideas are sometimes in the wrong place...