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    Which address format is used to define a supplier address?5.0
    Topic posted January 31, 2019 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup, Supplier Profile Management 
    Which address format is used to define a supplier address?
    Identifying the correct address format for supplier addresses

    Supplier Addresses should be specified using the Postal Address Style Format.

    Country specific address formats can be defined using the Manage Address Formats task. Address elements for a given supplier address are driven by the country and are derived from the address format defined for that country.

    Follow the steps below to locate the country specific address format used for defining your supplier addresses:

    1. Navigate to Setup and Maintenance Workarea.
    2. Locate the Manage Address Formats task.
    3. Address formats can be specific to a given country. Select the country of a given supplier address.
    4. Select the Style as Postal Address and click on the Search button.
    5. Click on the link that appears under the Name column.
    6. This will bring you to a page that displays the format used by supplier addresses defined for the country specified in the search and should map to the Address elements displayed on the Create or Edit Address page of a supplier.



    Tip: If no address format has been defined for a country, a default address format is available. You can use the following search criteria to locate that format.


    Note: Attached document contains the same details above for your reference.