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  • Tony Roff
    Supplier Portal - Invoices Awaiting Approval25.0
    Topic posted October 17, 2019 by Tony Roff, tagged FAQ, How-To, OTBI, Tip 
    Supplier Portal - Invoices Awaiting Approval
    I need a report that can track outstanding "Invoice Requests" rather than established "Invoices"

    Hi all

    My team and I are looking to fully utilise the Supplier Portal however, we're currently unable to maintain oversight of the invoices as (to our knowledge) there are no "out of the box" reports that are available to track these Invoice Requests or Approved by requester (and ready to be edited by Accounts Payable).

    For further detail, when the supplier submits an invoice via the portal, it's not classified as an invoice until it is approved by the Requester.

    (Requester is determined upon the email input at point of issuing the invoice).

    When the Supplier submits an Invoice it's actually classified as an Invoice Request instead until the Requester approves and then it turns into an invoice but then Accounts Payable is not made aware of it being approved by the requester.

    If anyone has a report as a solution to this or maybe some extra knowledge on how we can workaround this, it'd be great if you could share!







    R13 - 19C
  • Aishwarya Pawar
    Navigate to supplier profile from OTBI reports, including...25.0
    Topic posted July 31, 2019 by Aishwarya PawarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Business Intelligence, How-To, OTBI, Supplier Profile Management 
    Navigate to supplier profile from OTBI reports, including sample report
    Creating ad hoc OTBI reports with links to navigate to supplier profiles.

    The 19C feature: Navigate to Supplier Profile from Reports allows you to include links in your ad hoc OTBI and BIP reports. These links can be used to navigate to and view supplier profiles.

    Below is an example of one such ad hoc OTBI report that lists suppliers missing Business Classifications. This report can be used to review the list of such suppliers and update their profiles to include the missing information.

    More details about this feature can be found in the Procurement What’s New for Update 19C.  You can also refer to the white paper available here: My Oracle Support (note 2556026.1) for step by step instructions to construct and use these links.