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  • Hong Gao

    - Go to security console and under Users tab, search and locate the supplier contact user account, for example:

    - Under Action dropdown, select to Delete to delete the user account

    - Go back to the supplier profile for supplier XYZ, you will notice that user account does not exist for the supplier contact.

    - Go to profile for supplier ABC and create the contact with user account:

    This time the user account is created successfully for the correct Supplier.

    Note that you may need to wait a while for system to sync up changes.



  • Balakrishna Chaturvedula

    Hi Hong,

    Is that note secure? I am unable to view it. Can you just paste the text or attach the document, if any.

    Thanks, Bala.

  • Yadhunath Srinivasamurthy



    Is it possible to change the URL on a cloud based instance , the URL is auto populated as I see it now ?




  • Ramesh Bomma

    Hi Sunny,

    Please find answers,

    1. Supplier when accessing Supplier Portal they will have restricted access than the Financial users have, if you can list on any functional flow then i can advise if supplier user has access or not.

    Supplier User using Supplier Portal can do following

    - Create Invoice

    - Review Orders and Change Orders

    - Create ASN

    - But they dont have functionality to make the changes to Supplier details

    2. basically Supplier users are created when the Supplier contact is created

    When creating contact if customer chooses create User account this will be created in OIM

    3. Supplier portal which is accessed by Supplier Users Externally will have a different URL this can be found in the Configure Procurement Business Functions Setup page



  • Steven Smith

    Thank you Hong

  • Hong Gao

    1. You can configure the RTF template for PO pdf and put in BU specific branding information.

    2. and 3. Supplier portal shows the logo/branding for the enterprise, but it is not possible for that to be BU specific since suppliers can have business relationships with multiple procurement BUs.  This could be a nice enhancement for notification, but it's not available today.  The email notification usually contains information about BU.

    4. Transactions such as purchase document, invoices, etc. usually carry attributes display on business unit, legal entity and suppliers can leverage these information to set the context.



  • Kaushal Kumar

    That could be an option but then a development/UAT/Testing pod could be used to. At least there wouldn't be any concern of creating dummy POs in the production pod.

    The challenge in both these options is that the Buyer may not have the same view of the issue on-hand at supplier side.


  • Piyush Singh

    How about creating a training supplier (dummy supplier with business relationship as Prospective - to ensure the supplier is not available for financial transactions) with buying organization's user acting as a supplier contact? Any concerns?



  • Mark Ollerenshaw


  • Hong Gao

    Could you please log a bug for further investigation? Thanks. 

  • Mark Ollerenshaw


    Its R12 (latest).. We access Supplier portal through the standard URL xxxx.prc-sp.

    Its a customer environment so I cant provide URL and access.



  • Hong Gao

    Thanks for the screenshots.  Could you please advise which application release you are on and if possible the supplier portal URL and access?


  • Mark Ollerenshaw

    Roles on Supplier Contact

    Roles.PNG (49KB)
  • Mark Ollerenshaw

    Portal Tasks

  • Mark Ollerenshaw