Supplier Management

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  • Piyush Singh

    Personalization in Supplier Portal is possible. You need to have a dummy supplier along with a user account. Give Procurement Application Administrator role to this user through OIM.

    With this role, the user will be able to personalize Supplier Portal like internal users. Once changes are done, publishing the sandbox will ensure the changes reflect for all the supplier users.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hong Gao

    You can reference this help document:

    It has chapters to cover Supplier Portal overview as well as topics on supplier user provisioning.



  • Hong Gao

    Glad you found it helpful.  Thanks!

    - Hong

  • Hong Gao

    This might be a browser issue, though I was able to view images in both Firefox and Chrome.  I am attaching a pdf version of the post.  Please check and see if you can access the content.



  • Karthikeyan Sukumar

    Hi Merri- 

    Below is the seeded report to extract Supplier sites




  • Nishanth B Jain

    use this table : POZ_SUPP_PROD_SERVICES_ATTR_V

  • Shesh


    When you Edit Match Configuration: Account Duplicate Identification, scroll down on the page you will see tabs for Real-Time and Batch and you will find the "Cluster Key Level" list with options to select. Select "Exhaustive" for Real-Time and save.


  • Niamath Jeddy


    1. Navigate to tools--> Security console (you need IT security manager role)
    2. create a custom role
    3. add privileges to the custom role as depicted in below snap
    4. assign custom role to users.



  • Piyush Singh

    Hi Marko,

    You can customize this popup, just that you need to be doing the customization in Source View.

    Please note:

    1. If there are popups that you are not able to personalize in Design View, you can flip to Source View and try.

    2. If you want the capability to customize the popup in Design View too, please open a service request.



  • Piyush Singh

    Hi Ramesh,

    This can be achieved using page composer, to make the Company Name as read only.



  • Piyush Singh

    You also need to make this user a Procurement Agent with Manage Suppliers function for the Procurement Business Unit in which you need to create the site.

    Setup task: Manage Procurement Agents



  • Arun

    Hello Piyush,

    The business requirement is to forward the 2nd level approval to a specific approval group when Banks are updated in the supplier profile.

    This was achieved by using BPM rules to forward to the group based on CR request.

    This requirement is now modified to include only from the second request. 

    Support advised that FSM rules in the Supplier Profile change approval task should be used to achieve this. 

    If you are aware of any documentation associated with creation of these rules in FSM, please let me know.

    Thanks for your response!


  • Sunny Todkari

    As per my experience -

    It is really hard to guess whether the URL is for prospective or spend authorized as it does not show any word which specifically says as prospective or spend authorized.

    Even when supplier clicks on any of the link, the fields shown on the webpage of supplier registration request are same and doesn't have any field which shows that whether they are entering the details for prospective or spend authorized.

    As far as I know, we cannot edit these URLs as well.

    So, we have to be very careful while sending the URLs to the supplier. Whatever URL we will send, supplier will get registered for that type of business relationship status. Usually, i have seen companies only provide the URL for prospective and rest of the things can be taken care internally

    It would be great if you can submit idea in idea lab so that oracle can look at it.

  • Hong Gao

    Supplier registration is a process to onboard supplier and usually involves approval.  An external or internal user can submit a registration request for a supplier through a URL or business flow, like negotiation.  The registration request will be routed for approval based on configuration.  Upon approval, the supplier will be created in the system.  On the other hand, internal user, such as Supplier Manager,  who is responsible for managing supply base, can go directly to the Suppliers work area and perform the task to Create Supplier.  This will not raise request and supplier is immediately created in the system.



  • Hong Gao

    This should not have any subscription implications.  Please also assign privilege Access Suppliers Work Area Overview to the approver as the Edit profile change request link in the approval notification opens up the page in the work area.