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  • Poornima Bhilegaonkar

    moving to Suppliers forum.

  • Alan Rowland

    As Naimath has suggested, I've typically used the Business Classifications to capture various certifications including proof of insurance and the W-9.

  • James Elliott

    We currently have the Chooser Login enabled for all. Does does anyone have a screen shot what the bypassed SSO Supplier Portal (Doc ID 2267292.1) login looks like ?

  • Piyush Singh

    Alternately, use DFFs to capture the information and then create a BI report and execute periodically (say weekly or monthly) to get the list of suppliers with expiring/expired insurance.



  • Kondaiah Mandadi


    Please find my replies in line -

    Q1. Should all three Supplier Banks, Branches and Bank Account Numbers be converted in Cash Management before assigning it to the Supplier in the Supplier Bank Account section through conversion or is it only the Bank and the Branch?

    Bank and branch data is owned by Cash management team.  Before creating or importing the supplier bank accounts, you need to create/import the banks and branches in Cash management.

    Q2. For US Banks there is no concept of Branch, they use routing number for all the transaction purpose, but from oracle perspective Branch is a mandatory field, How do we handle this kind of situation?

    In Oracle, routing number is a branch level attribute.  It is mandatory to create the branches in Oracle.

    Q3. If we are considering using City for the Branch and Branch Number for the routing number then with in the City we have multiple routing numbers and if i am correct oracle does not allow to duplicate the branch for the same bank, how do we handle this kind of situation?

    City is not considered as the branch.  You can have multiple branches in the same city.  You can define the branch with the routing number and select the same while creating the bank account.

    Q4. Even the account name does not exist in the legacy system, they do all the transactions based on the routing number. If we consider using the Supplier Name will it have any issues?

    Account name is not a mandatory field.  Are you concerned about the branch name or account name?  If your concern is regarding the branch name, you can create the branch with routing number as branch name as well.



  • Niamath Jeddy

    You could evaluate using 'Business Classification' section of supplier profile to capture these details with an expiration data.

    Please refer 'Task List: Define Business Classification Configuration' for setting up custom values for the business classification, sub classification and certifying agency fields.

    An out of the box, expiration notification feature is available. However I think the notification is sent to suppliers alerting them.

    Please refer support note "How To Configure Supplier Business Classification Notifications (Doc ID 1987383.1)" for details





  • Shesh


    1. To get the notifications, supplier need not to be configured for Supplier Portal access. But If its expected from a Supplier to manange his Information/data, the portal access is required.
    2.The notification will be sent to both the active supplier contacts marked as 'Administrative Contact' with active user account, and also to the supplier contact captured under 'Provided By' for the certificate with active user account.

    Who Receives Supplier Business Classification Expiration Notification? (Doc ID 2447286.1)


  • Marko Knezevic

    Thanks Piyush,

    I would like to add the steps to enable Source View for those who don't know:

    1. Please check and confirm if you have "Procurement Application Administrator" role assigned. 
    2. Setup profile option value “FND_PAGE_COMPOSER_SOURCE_VIEW” - Select profile value as "Yes" at site level. 
    3. Navigation: Navigator > Setup and Maintenance > Manage Administrator Profile Values 
    4. Login with the user for which above profile options are setup and navigate to page needs to be customized. 
    5. Select Customize Pages 
    6. Select View and choose Source


  • Niamath Jeddy


    Most of the procurement module relate work areas pages have a side navigation menu icon for 'Reports and Analytics'. Why dont we have one for supplier work area as well?

    Or it is it available and I need to have a certain privilege to view it? 

    Please refer below snap.



  • Rohit Rathore

    This is very helpful Hong, thanks

  • Rohit Rathore

    Thank you, Hong

  • Rohit Rathore

    Thank you, Piyush for sharing this information.

  • Rohit Rathore

    Thank you, Alan

  • Rohit Rathore

    Thank you Aishwarya

  • Hong Gao

    You can reference this documentation link with regard to setup tasks for supplier portal configuration: