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  • Anze Pajek
    403 forbiden7
    Topic posted June 5, 2017 by Anze Pajek 
    403 forbiden


    we are trying to make some changes to chat launch page, and we keep geting 403 forbidden. How can we check who has the license to make these changes?


  • Robert Seletsky
    A correct way to generate
    Topic posted July 5, 2017 by Robert Seletsky 
    A correct way to generate

    I used Maven to generate in the POM file, but how to verify that is generated correctly? (See Code Block Below)



    Service Cloud - Connect Web Services May 2016
    Code Snippet:
  • Magiva
    ability to detect details in the email header1
    Topic posted August 31, 2016 by Magiva Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    ability to detect details in the email header

    we have auto-forwarded email from a number of email exchanges to the oracle email address

    is it possible to read the email header to detect the original TO address (being the first email pop address) so i can then route the email based on the email address that the customer originally sent to.


    I dont mind if i have to write php or .net or business rule etc - im just after the HOW and WHERE

    feb/may 16
  • Justin
    Ability to set UpdatedTime in Custom Process Test Harness1
    Topic posted June 4, 2014 by Justin Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Ability to set UpdatedTime in Custom Process Test Harness

    I need to see if there is a new attachment in the custom process model that I am writing.  

    My plan was to get the list of file attachments from both the current and previous object and compare the FileNames and their respective UpdateTime fields.  Unfortunately UpdatedTime is a read-only field, so I cannot set dummy UpdateTimes in the TestHarness and then execute different test cases.  

    Does anybody have any ideas on how I could get around that?

  • Dorothy Perez
    Access Contact Record through Embedded Internal Application...2
    Topic posted July 17, 2018 by Dorothy PerezGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Access Contact Record through Embedded Internal Application within CRM

    I am looking for a good reference article on how to set this up. We've got an in-house tool called Ben Admin. Ben Admin contains information about our Service Cloud contact records that is not already in CRM. Basically it's just additional information about our contacts. Currently our representatives open CRM and they open Ben Admin. They have to search for a contact in both systems to be able to answer questions.  I've figured out how to embed the Ben Admin tool on a tab within the Contact's CRM record so the representative only needs to open one application.

    What I'm stuck on though is when clicking on the Tab that contains the URL for the Ben Admin tool from within a specific contact record, we'd like the information about the same contact record in Ben Admin to appear. All it currently does is prompt the representative to log into Ben Admin from within the CRM tab. They can do this, but still end up searching for the contact record. 

    Can someone point me in the right direction on how to set this up so when you open a specific contact record in CRM and then click on the Ben Admin tab, you are taken directly to the same contacts information in Ben Admin - no need to log in or search for the contact?

    Service Cloud 17D
  • Romark George Armor Palaganas
    Access File storage of License Compliance Dashboard25.0
    Topic posted June 7, 2019 by Romark George Armor PalaganasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Access File storage of License Compliance Dashboard
    Can we see or access what is inside file storage that the dashboard is reporting?


    We've been generating this report and suddenly the value in File Storage tab doubled its value and we wanted to know which caused it. Is there a way to get the break down of its records?

    Thank you

  • Shreyas Pandhari
    Accessing and Setting Custom Field values in Custom Process3
    Topic posted March 2, 2014 by Shreyas PandhariSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    Accessing and Setting Custom Field values in Custom Process


    I am trying to access and set the custom field value in apply() as well as TestHarness() methods but process designer throws an error. I even tried with the way given in Oracle document but still no luck. 

    1. I tried with simple $object->CustomFields->c->field_name = 'xyz';

    2. I am getting no clear  understanding from the Snippet (below) in document

    Do we need to write metadata code for each custom field if I have n number of CFs? What is ocs_pid here?

    1. try{
    2. $inc = new RNCPHP\Incident;
    3. $md = $inc::getMetadata();
    4. $cf_type_name = $md->CustomFields->type_name;
    5. $md2 = $cf_type_name::getMetadata();
    6. $inc->CustomFields->c = new $md2->c->type_name;
    8. // must know the name 'ocs_pid' and
    9. // the data type that goes into it
    10. $inc->CustomFields->c->ocs_pid = "the field";
    12. // setting required fields for incident
    13. $cont = RNCPHP\Contact::fetch(123495);
    14. $inc->PrimaryContact = $cont;
    15. $inc->save();
    16. }
    18. catch (Exception $err ){
    19. echo $err->getMessage();
    20. }

    Any help to sort out this issue would be appreciated.




  • Amy Chan
    Add logic validation on standard field in cloud.Answered3
    Topic posted March 14, 2019 by Amy ChanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    Add logic validation on standard field in cloud.
    Add logic validation on standard field in cloud.

    Is it possible to add logic validation on standard field in cloud? For example: when user submits Purchase Order for approval, one of the DFF value requires start with "ABC", otherwise a message return.

    Please share.

  • Jseymour
    Add url to text or button in script15.0
    Topic posted March 16, 2017 by Jseymour Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Add url to text or button in script

    Hi, I want to be able to add a link to a web page for advisors in a script but comes up separately, is it possible to add it to part of the script eg check this site for more information and so when advisor clicked on the wording "this site" it would take them to a web page

    Service cloud Feb 2016 SP6 build 257
  • Craig Hogan
    Add-in loading2
    Topic posted March 13, 2018 by Craig HoganGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Add-in loading

    in a workspace add-in, Is there a way to detect if the workspace is loaded and ready for use, ie all add-ins are loaded, and their perspective data loaded events executed)


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