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  • Bhagwan Singh Mer

    Hi Mig,

    If you want other search engines to index your RightNow site, you have to update the robots.txt file.

    Look at this FAQ



  • Darsen Prasad

    Hi Mig,

    I believe there isn't any straight forward integration available for the above requirement. The simple method will be using knowledgesyndication widget, but that won't meet the requirements exactly. The workaround will building a custom webservice.

    • Create an answer search report.
    • Use Connect Web Service and write a method - where the input parameter will be search term.
    • Use the RunAnalyticsReport method and fetch the data from report and display it in your website.

    This won't be a pain.. but still some work needs to be done smiley

    Hope this helps.


  • Darsen Prasad

    Hi Anurag,

    Thanks for the suggestion. It works when the the number of "0" is fixed. In my case it can vary, may be no "0" also.. The requirement is we need to ignore all the zeros coming in the LEFT side of the number.

    Note: the value can be alpha-numeric also. I tried using the function "to_number", but this won't work when the code is alpha-numeric. Say: 00F231



  • Kurt Helfrich

    A report will give you the contents of the text fields, and with some manipulation, you can get the product and category text.

    Remember that any included pictures are not part of the text; only a link to the picture will come.  If you use images, you will have to get those another way, although the links may still work, depending on the other environment.

    There are APIs that can give you access to the attachments if you have any.   Check out the documentation under the Developers >  Documentation & Sample Code link in the header, or go to

    We produce a DVD-based subset of our KB using a custom export and cron job designed by (then) RightNow pro services.  A vendor has a framework that takes the exported data, which includes the pictures and attachments, and makes it searchable offline.

    Other than a cron job, which customers can't create on the CX servers, the reports and APIs provide all the tools needed.

  • Timothy Wedande


  • Bhagwan Singh Mer

    You can create a simple answers report in RN and export it as CSV

  • Bhagwan Singh Mer

    Suppose if a customer has Oracle rightnow implemented which later he plans to retire in order to implement some other service application(non Oracle).He is getting a dump of the Rightnow schema which will be used as source of data for data migration for Customer E-mails and attachments

    That customer can request for a data dump which is in a MySQL export format.Check this FAQ

  • mkscottgbr


    I'm trying to do this on my Galaxy S4, I've downloaded the app and entered the server URL, but when I enter my username and password I get an error message telling me that tokens that are requested are not availble from the server. 

    Any ideas how to get past this?



  • harrison

    Thanks anurag, close.

    I've ensured that this account is being used strictly for the script, but whenever it processes, the 'existing session' error message still appears and crashes the console. 

    I thought it might have to do with the number of cycles being run on the custom process, but I've restricted that to be  if (cycles ! == 0)  return; , and still no luck.


    Why would multiple sessions be being created?

  • harrison

    Thanks, anurag.

    Is it possible to prevent logging to console?




  • harrison

    Thanks for the response, Seeking Solution.

    Yes, I used a login and password of an account made explicitly for initConnectAPI(), but when used in testing, I get a session conflict error. ( I can't reproduce the error exactly without risking the console crashing for logged in users)



  • Seeking Solution

    In manual it says its deprecated functionality for getAdminURL on Nov 2012 connectPHP. Did you tried by passing staff login and password details in initConnectAPI function which is required to access Admin URL. 

  • Richard Morgan


    That was absolutely the right answer.

    Defeated by a comment, how embarrassing.  My reading comprehension is at an all-time low as I totally missed how important that comment is.  I even read Ben Johns' excellent tutorial where that is clearly spelled out.

    Thanks so much.

  • Anuj Behl

    You can request for a Pilot from Oracle. Go here and check right sidebar for Pilot link.

  • Bishnu Paudel

    Thanks a lot Mark!

    Prefixing class name with \ did the trick. The apply function need to include different classes dynamically based on the values of fields of the triggering row ($obj) .