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  • Narendra Muttineni

    Hi Sravanan,

    You can add a maximum of 200 objects, and each package can contain up to 25 objects. Menu-only objects do not count toward these limits.



  • Barrilito van Dijk

    Hi Baljeet,

    Unfortunately, this kind of errors don't say much. I mean that I have seen them before, but can't even remember what the cause or fix for it was. It are errors that seem to relate to an object, but there is not much you can do with that message. Are there any messages or errors in your logging in the console? Can you reproduce it all the time? The approach I would take is to find out what was opened before you close down. For instance, did you have any incidents or contact workspaces open? Or is the error also there if you open the console and close it straight away? Is it on a specific interface? Do you have a test site of that interface and does it occur there as wel?

    So, I can not add any comment here that helps, just the tiny tip for the approach of finding out when it occurs so that you can look more in a certain area.

    Anyway, goodluck, I hope you or Oracle will resolve it soon.


  • Narendra Muttineni

    You have to make relationship between the two CO objects. so that you can write the ROQL Employee.ID,Affected_Country.Name where ID=ID ? Without relationship between the two Objects, you can't perform the above ROQL. For ex: there is a relation between Incident and Contact so that we can able to fetch the incident details and contact details with the single ROQL query.

    So try to make a relationship between two objects. 



  • Carl Elliott

    Is it a new interface?  Oracle can clone an interface from an existing one. You should ask, it would be a lot easier.  

  • Anurag Mittal

    RNCPHP\ConnectAPI::getPrimaryClassNames() will return all object (standard and custom), output will be in the below format. Create logic to separate standard.

    [1] => RightNow\Connect\v1_2\<standard object>
    [2] => RightNow\Connect\v1_2\<custom folder>\<custom object>




    Anurag Mittal

  • Anurag Mittal

    The cleaner way of doing this is through Add-in, you get greater control and flexibility.

    JavaScript API is another way of doing it,  but you won't be able to run connect PHP API directly from JavaScript either you to call Ajax or you have store employer-manager relationship in PHP array on script load.

  • Anurag Mittal

    No, you can't.

    You have to create HTML on run time or you can save HTML template with placeholder tag (like: ##Name##, which will be replaced with actual value through CPM ) in some message base and then access it in CPM. 

    Just curious, why you want to send email notification through CPM, why don't you use business rule. Can you tell us your use case.


  • Anurag Mittal

    Baljeet/Heena, have you tried standard way of removing html tag by using "Strip HTML tags" option. Do a right click on column of report, select Edit Format and then select "Strip HTML Tags" option. 


  • Jessica Bradley

    Hello Venkat,

    Currently, we do not have a method for deleting individual chat records.
    To remove chat data from the system you will need to adjust the purge configuration settings to match your company's needs. More information on Chat Data Purge settings can be found here in Answer 2579: Oracle RightNow Chat Cloud Service Data Purge.
    To remove a customer’s personal data from the system you can delete the contact record. Deleting the contact traverses through to other objects in Service Cloud where that contact is referenced. More information on data privacy can be found here in Answer 9433: Data Privacy Frequently Asked Questions.
    It’s always a good idea to take advantage of the chat feature 'Off the Record' to assist in preventing the collection of personal data in chat records. More information on this feature can be found here in Answer 4019: What does the 'Off the Record' button do?


  • Matias Buonavolonta

    Hi All,

    I have developed a button inside the accelerator to simulate an incoming call and to be able to advance with the graphic layer development without needing to have Twilio configured.

    Attach file ctiTelephonyAddin.html, ctiViewHelper.js and ctiTelephonyAddin.js

    Inventory to modifications to Button Test call incoming:
    - ADD id="test_make_call" class="button button-blue" in ctiTelephonyAddin.html
    - ADD CtiViewHelper.simulateIncomingCallDialPadControls = function (simulate) in ctiViewHelper.js
    - $("#test_make_call").off().on("click", simulate);
    - ADD ctiViewHelper_1.CtiViewHelper.simulateIncomingCallDialPadControls(this.simulateIncomingCall) in ctiTelephonyAddin.js
    - ADD this.simulateIncomingCall in ctiTelephonyAddin.js
    - CREATE
    - ADD var sampleMessage = {"success":false,"contact":{"name":"SimulateIncomingCall","firstName":"Matias","lastName":"Buonavolonta","phone":"437512785","email":"","dp":"https:\/\/\/userimage\/134063002\/89c3ce965680613d067fa048b13a099b.png?d=mm"}}


  • Bastiaan van der Kooij

    hey Christian,

    there is no so much wrong with your code, the issue is that since you're using WinForms for your control, RightNow uses an ElementHost to show your control in the WPF environment. This host has a white background which leaves you making your control as much transparent as you like without getting any results.

    By far the best way is to create your control in XAML since this solves all those problems. Since typically status bar controls are visually so simple I would not think making this transition will be that hard as it can be for more complex controls. Below some sample code, you would end up with a separate IStatusBarItem class, which returns the xaml file StatusBarControl;


        [AddIn("Status bar add-in", Version = "")]
        public class AddIn : IStatusBarItem, IFrameworkElementAddIn
            StatusBarControl UC;
            public System.Windows.Forms.Control GetControl()
                return null;
            public FrameworkElement GetFrameworkElement()
                UC = new StatusBarControl();
                return UC;
            public bool Initialize(IGlobalContext context)
                return true;


    <UserControl x:Class="StatusBar.StatusBarControl"
                 d:DesignHeight="20" d:DesignWidth="300">
            <Label VerticalAlignment="Center" Foreground="#FFB6D6F5" FontFamily="Segoe UI" Padding="5,0" FontSize="11">My StatusBar Addin!</Label>




  • Suresh Thirukoti

    As per Nov'17 (17D), Workflows are introduced but not full functionality ....

    The first set of workflow features are supported targeting workspaces and page navigation. The following workspace elements are supported: Decision, Set Fields (with the exception of relative date field values), Create and Workspace (with the exception of assets), and connector elements (with the exception of Exit Guide and Exit/Finish Script connectors).


  • Colin Campbell

    Just Noticed you have CURD, isn't it CRUD? :)

  • Scott Harwell

    Not before the email creates an incident.  But, you could have a CPM that runs by rule when an email is received or on create events that scans the email thread using the logic that you want to implement and then updates the fields then.  That way, you would still have updated the incident with the correct data before it is seen by an agent.

  • Sasi Gudimetta

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    Please see the links below for the accessibility interface. They have options that would help someone with a visual impairment to work on the environment.

    Hope this helps


    Sasi K Rao.