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  • Amy Chan


    We are using Oracle Financial module in cloud basis. We would like to add logic validation on standard field in cloud.

    Please see my screen print and show me the workspace rule location.

    Many thanks.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi Amy.

    Do you mean a message for the agent within the agent desktop or a message on the customer portal, or maybe in reporting?

    All of these are possible. If the message has to be a popup message for the agent handeling the case this would have to be done through a workspace rule. If its on the customer portal it will have to be done through javascript and if it's in a report a simple IF statement would do the trick.


    if(incidents.c$customfield LIKE 'ABC%','Starts with ABC','ELSE')

    Javascript example

            document.getElementById("rn_TextInput_11_Incident.Subject").onchange = function() {myFunction()};

    function myFunction() {
        var x = document.getElementsByName("Contact.Emails.PRIMARY.Address")[0].value;
    if (x == "") {
        document.getElementById("Message").innerHTML = "Don't forget to state an email address if you would like an answer from us";

    Workspace rule

  • Brian Webb

    We just finished working with one of our customers to create a BUI plugin that agents will use to scan the employees barcode on their badge/id card using a scanner which then pops up the employee profile in BUI.   


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Old topic but I will just add the info here for others to use.

    I will attach a report that will show the new & original incident.

    The report has 2 filters. One that filters on threads.entry_type which for INC_CREATED_DUE_REPLY_MSG is always a note. The second filters on the account that created the note which is always account id 1 (administrator).

    The report uses a custom script on 2 semi hidden columns (5 pixels width and play with borders to make it "hidden") where a regular expression is being tested on the thread and key. The key value comes from a report variable that will get the correct string through:

    substr(msg_lookup(25040),1,(instr(msg_lookup(25040),'%')) - 1)

    Because the report retrieves the correct string from the message base, this report should work on any OSVC language id and customized message base entries.

    The aditional information is retrieved from the database through a ROQL query and can easily be expanded. A similar solution with some aditional PHP would allow you to assign the new incident to the original queue, agent and other fields of interest.

  • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy

    Thank you, Sebastian.

    I haven't had a chance to look at this lately, will try to experiment on this.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I reported this as a bug. It's a product defect.

    Check & change your report names as a possible workaround.


    Hi Sebastiaan,
    This issue has been identified as a software defect which has been assigned to our product development department. The defect will be scoped and corrected in upcoming update for the Browser UI (BUI).

    The defect is element manager is unable to export a report when its name contain special characters > < - or ?.  The workaround is to rename or copy with a new name before exporting it.

    After scoping the fix, the development team will schedule the work and determine the target release. The target release depends on the severity of the defect and the significance of the necessary code changes.

    We are unable to provide you a date on which you can expect a fix, but we will update this service request again in the future when the solution has been included in an upcoming update for the Browser UI (BUI) and it is available for testing in your test environment.

    If you would like more information on the update schedule please view the following Answer Link:
    Browser User Interface Updates.

    If you have any further questions about this issue or are having problems with the workaround please update this service request.

    Kind Regards,

    James Newhall | Principal Technical Support Engineer, Oracle Service Cloud
  • Mohana Gopal Selvam

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    Thanks for your response. Since we need to keep our configuration in Test instance, I want to update the Test site without refresh.




  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    The idea you linked you is upgrade without refresh.
    If you don't mind the refresh (not really clear in your original request) then you are already able to do this through the configuration assistant.

    This is called re-create and update (see attached screenshot)

  • Mohana Gopal Selvam

    Just noticed this is in pipeline.



  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Also, when using this in an exsisting report, code may need to be changed if you already use variables.
    As these will be available in an array you would probably need to change this line:

    $var = $filtersAndVariables["param_args"]["param_item0"]["val"]; // Assign report variable value to $var

    Use print_r($params,true) to catch the array value id when using multiple variables.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I just did a quick test with a custom field (I don't have any CO active) with a match on search string
    It works as intended

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I haven't really worked with custom objects but I would think its the same.
    You will need to use the text area field in your 2nd column for it to work.

    When using aditional columns you may need to change the column id in the custom script.

  • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy

    Well, I am not quite sure if I had modified right. Let me tell you what I am trying to do here:

    • Have a custom object called Trainer(CO$Trainer) which has a Skillset(text area) field
    • Trying to set the same in second column of filter

    But doesn't seem to be working. Am I missing something here?

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    See attached report

    The trick is to use a variable that will be your search box which will then be used in a regular expression looking for a match through custom script. Rows with no match will be removed through unset.


    global $filtersAndVariables;
    $filtersAndVariables = $params;


    global $filtersAndVariables;
    $var = $filtersAndVariables["param_args"]["param_item0"]["val"]; // Assign report variable value to $var
    $rows[0][0]->val = $filtersAndVariables["param_args"]["param_item0"]["val"]; // This line is not required, just for testing

    if(preg_match('/('.$var.')/', $rows[0][1]->val) == 0){ // Perform a regular expression match on the 2nd column
    unset($rows[0]); // If no match, delete the row

    In the report editor you only need to change the custom field and then it should work.

  • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy

    Custom script? How?

    Text Area field is never exposed as a filter in the report nor in ROQL.