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  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Attached an inbox example. The column on the right requires an icon in an exception (speech bubble) when hoovering over will show you the latest entry

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    The reply is in the message thread and can be identified without having to open the incident by looking at the status but you are also able to display the latest thread entry (like an Outlook preview). I will create a basic report for you to inspect and upload it shortly.

  • Mohamed Hossam

    First of all, 

    Thanks for your quick reply, But if it`s a report and can view the reply content that would be great.

    I just need any thing that view incoming replies, So would you help me with the elements of report that can show me the reply content? :) 

    Waiting your reply ,,

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi there.

    There is no "inbox" in OSVC (RN). All incidents are within "the system" and receive different meta tags/labels on which one filters in reports. Your report will than become your "Inbox", it's just a report that acts as an inbox due to the filters the report has applied to it.

    For example a mailbox filter that will only display incidents with this mailbox meta tag/label. Other filters such as status decide if this will be an inbox (status unresolved) or send items (status solved). And other filters may be responsible for current agent, group, queue, product etc. So everything is within the same system.

    I hope my explanation makes any sense? :-)

  • FNU Preksha

    Hi Al,


     hope you were able to resolve this. The StatusCd uses the code rathre than the description of the status. So if you replace each of the status value with the respective code. Then this would work.



    In Progress-Manager status has the code  IN_PROGRESS_MANAGER




  • Thiyagarajan Sundaram


  • Maruvada Manoj

    Hi Thiyagarajan,

    Thanks for prompt response. This helps.

  • Thiyagarajan Sundaram
  • Geert Buyckx

    Hi Tracey,

    I am looking for the same functionality.  I would like to update standard DFF's (not Global DFF's) on an installment of a receivable transaction.  Did you ever find out if this webservice can be used?

    In the repository I found REST API for Global DFF's "Receivables Invoice Installment Global Descriptive Flexfields REST Endpoints" but I don't think I can use this for standard DFF's.



  • Lakshay Bhalla

    Hi Geetha,

    Whenever we use Any API such as Connect PHP or REST, Commit statement is not necessary. It is already implied by the API.



  • Justin

    for broadcast mailings under delivery options you can "Limit delivery rate to no more than x messages per hour"

  • Justin

    in the CUSTOM_CFG_Accel_Ext_Integrations config that you created, is the {  "AdminProfileID":2,  part the ID number of the profile you are using?

  • Sandra Cantor

    Hi Luuk,

    Thank you for this information. We are implementing the integration between DA and Oracle Service Cloud chat. The thing is we noticed that we are loosing some functionality from Oracle service cloud chat_landing.php (like Chat Off the Record, send files to the human agent or pop up the chat survey) with this integration.

    If we are in the chatbot page called from a website and then the chat bot passes the chat to a human agent, the conversation remains in the same page the customer was chatting with the bot, so we are not going to have the other buttons the OSvc chat has.

    Is that true? Is there any other way we can approach this integration between the DA and OSvc Chat?

    Thank you,


  • Romark George Armor Palaganas

    This has been resolved. Sharing you Oracle's response.


     Ive had an engineer review this for you and what they found was an extra row was added into the table that CSI was pulling from so it was calculated twice that day. Overall, the storage didn't change that day so please ignore that number. I also wanted to make you aware that CSI is deprecated and no longer being maintained. Our internal ops team is working to expose alot of this data on our end user pages. You will want to start reviewing the link below as we continue to expose this data outside of CSI.
  • Alexandru Grigore

    Yes, indeed, would not be wise, and i presume that are sent in batches.

    But also i would like to know the number of emails per batch.

    Maybe someone can advise on this.


    Best regards,