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  • Mohamed Hossam

    I mean how can I get the check box output from the report to be able see the output results in the report?

  • Lakshay Bhalla

    Hi Hossam,

    Can you please tell us about the what list box values you want to add to the report and in which part of the report, like Filters?


    - Lakshay

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I assume you have found them :-)
    (since you started a new topic related to this one)

    Would you be able to mark this topic as solved, shrinks the list :-)

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    When the system sends an automated message through business rules, it uses the default mailbox (the one with the green tick mark in the mailbox configuration). This does not have to be the same mailbox as where the original incident resides (the one that generated the automated response through rules).

    To be more precise, it will go to the reply to address of the default mailbox. If you are on a test site and you do not change the reply to address in your test site, the reply may end up in your production site as the reply to addresses remain the same. It's only the actual OSVC mailbox address that changes on a test site but friendly from and reply to addresses remain the same. This would however be noticeable as the incident ref nr. would give you a much higher number on a prod site, unless you are testing in the middle of the night and you are the first one to create an incident.

    If you do not receive an a question receipt, than your message may have been filtered away in your prod site so also check report id 227 in your prod site. Since you mentioned that no replies whatsoever arrive within OSVC you need to check your setup (you can use the trouble shooter) as this can be caused by many things even outside OSVC depending on if you use friendly from and messages are being redirected from an external mail server.

  • Mohamed Hossam

    I searched actually with report ID 227 and got no results..

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Do these replies (the reply to the automated message created by the business rule) show up in report id 227?

  • Mohamed Hossam

    To be cleared the issue is not related to viewing incidents, as we can view created incidents by staff agents.

    The problem is after sending email for the business rule to agent, The agent responds to that mail and maybe that mail be forwarded to few agents, And I`m searching for what can view the conversation / Replies that was sent and received by all agents.

    I mean all replies sent from all agents (Not the incident content) ...


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Do a search in the report explorer on id 227 to see if the reply got rejected by the system.
    If so, it will give you a reason. Please also see my Techmail trouble shooter attached.

    Techmail.pdf (201KB)
  • Mohamed Hossam

    I did make sure that mailbox is configured to allow incoming messages and that happens to all incidents after business rule be initiated and Incident information was sent to my personal mail as a test, I reply to the message but cannot find the reply in the application, I`ve tried most of the standard elements in reports but still cannot get the conversation between my personal "test" email and the incoming business rule mail.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Does this happen to all incidents or only certain incidents?

    If all incidents, check if the mailbox has been configured to allow incoming messages.
    If only specific incidents, you need to check if the reply has been rejected by the system (report id 227)

  • Mohamed Hossam

    I thank you for your great effort, But UNFORTUNATELY the issue still exists after trying to add all thread elements in reports, I still cannot get the incoming replies.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Attached an inbox example. The column on the right requires an icon in an exception (speech bubble) when hoovering over will show you the latest entry

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    The reply is in the message thread and can be identified without having to open the incident by looking at the status but you are also able to display the latest thread entry (like an Outlook preview). I will create a basic report for you to inspect and upload it shortly.

  • Mohamed Hossam

    First of all, 

    Thanks for your quick reply, But if it`s a report and can view the reply content that would be great.

    I just need any thing that view incoming replies, So would you help me with the elements of report that can show me the reply content? :) 

    Waiting your reply ,,

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi there.

    There is no "inbox" in OSVC (RN). All incidents are within "the system" and receive different meta tags/labels on which one filters in reports. Your report will than become your "Inbox", it's just a report that acts as an inbox due to the filters the report has applied to it.

    For example a mailbox filter that will only display incidents with this mailbox meta tag/label. Other filters such as status decide if this will be an inbox (status unresolved) or send items (status solved). And other filters may be responsible for current agent, group, queue, product etc. So everything is within the same system.

    I hope my explanation makes any sense? :-)