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  • Prudhvi Varma

    Hi Christopher,

    we have done changes in configurations in the Co-browse administration console changing Launch Point from Launch point 1 to Launch Point 2.

    On preview we able to see a button on the page which on clicks opens the co browse tab at the bottom of the page as shown in the below attachment.

    Now our requirement is as same as this.we need to place a button/link in a page in DCS based VBCS application which on clicks should open the co browse at the bottom of the page.

    How can we achieve this ??

    Any help/Suggestions regarding this ??


    Thank You,


  • Aravindh Natarajan

    Thanks Jamie for the Update. We were trying to follow these steps and we drag field select one or select many and tried bind the variable after that we checked that the value is not coming in the list.
    We have also DCL field the value is coming from the other object.
    DCL field is created in Service Request Object.

  • Jamie Lord

    To show chat add a click action to your floating div and in the action chain add a call component method that invokes the open method on the component with id odcs-chat.


  • Christopher Tarabochia

    Currently, we don't have this option for authentication into Digital Customer Service (DCS) or Visual Builder (VB). But, once Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) is setup to be the primary identity provider vs Fusion as IdP (in the 20A timeline). Then you will be able to leverage IDCS social login configuration found here:

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    Your image did not come through. Can you use the "upload an image" in the new comments so we can see it?

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    For the chat component we don't have the "bug" offer in the corner. But, it should be easy enough to create your own component or some JS that has the bug offer you want and utilizes the actions just like when you click on the "Live Chat Support" link (shown in the picture)

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    Co-browse has its own administration console. This console is the best place to manage the behaviour of the co-browse offer "bug". There are many different options that are configurable.

  • Jamie Lord

    The below steps assume a 19C or earlier template has been used, that the sandbox has been published or is visible to the developer user and that the custom field is being added to create service request page. Steps B to D will be different for other cases but the same basic principles will apply.

    A. Refresh service metadata

    1. Go to the crmRestApi service in Visual Builder
    2. Click on Endpoints tab
    3. Click on the replace metadata from server button (circular arrow)
    4. Wait for the updated metadata to be read from the server
    5. Wait for the "Confirm definitions replace" dialog to appear
    6. Click Replace

    B. Update service request type

    1. Open the service-request-create-start page
    2. Open variables (x) and click on the Type tab
    3. Click Edit from Endpoint for the createServiceRequest type
    4. Select the custom field from the list and click Finish

    C. Add field to page

    1. Add an input field to the page
    2. Bind it to {{$page.variables.serviceRequest.MyCustomField_c}}

    D. Update REST call to pass the new field on create

    1. Open Actions->SubmitServiceRequestAction
    2. Click on the callCreateServiceRequestEndPoint REST call
    3. Click Assign for Parameters
    4. Click on body
    5. Before the closing brace of the JSON add a new entry for the custom field making sure to add a trailing comma to the preceding line, e.g. "MyCustomField_c": [[ $page.variables.serviceRequest.MyCustomField_c ]]

    If using the 19D template the type and action chain are now defined on the service-request-create flow and the variable references should reference $flow rather than $page.

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    Moving this to the Digital Customer Service Forum.

  • Prudhvi Varma

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for your reply,I am able to do it now.

    Thank You,

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    Simply put the code from the shell file for co-browse into the specific "page" that you would like to have it show up. Or, you could also write a little JS around the co-browse code to invoke it on a given page or action.

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    Moving this to the Digital Customer Service Forum

  • Hector Moreno



    Hi Christopher Tarabochia

    What do you comment, where can I find documentation confirming this?

    When you purchase DCS as the add-on to Engagement Cloud you will get the full version of VBCS to build on. Coming in 19A we have a large release of DCS with the new VBCS platform for Visual Apps (sometimes we call VBCS2). Lots of good stuff coming that I think will help what you are trying to do here


  • Sombit Chakraborty



    We are facing this same problem now. The chat functionality was working fine about couple of hours back.

    And we have the same BU Id application variable in the DCS application in VBCS with the appropriate value.

    Were you able to fix the issue.


    @Paul - This was working couple of hours back. 


    Thank You,


  • Paul Encarnacion

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