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  • Paul Encarnacion


    Similar to the Chat Inlay, the DCS Chat Component does not support custom fields to be added to the Chat Initiation Form at this time.

    The configuration supported by the DCS Chat Component is listed in the API documentation within the VBCS Designer:

    1. Log into the VBCS Designer as a developer;

    2. Open your app;

    3. Click on the Components tab on the left hand border;

    4. Click on the "Installed" subtab to see the installed components;

    5. Click on the Chat component, and the API tab on that page. It will show the Properties, Events, and Methods supported by the Chat component.

    Other than what are published here, the Chat component is not extensible further at this time.

  • Mario Suzuki

    Hi Willie,

    Please any update from native chat widgets in OEC/VBCS specialists?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards

  • Jamie Lord

    I'm not entirely sure I understand the question. To change the flow rendered in the shell you should invoke a Fire Custom Event action from the action chain that handles your selection event with the following event name and payload.

    Event Name: navigateToFlowEvent
    Payload, where params is an object representing name-value pairs of parameters to pass to the flow being invoked if any are required: 

     "target": "knowledge-base",
     "params": {
      "name": "value"

    When adding the payload to the event be careful as Visual Builder 19.1.3 escapes the JSON as a string if pasting the JSON in the design-time property panel, it is better to paste the payload in source view for the action. An example of invoking the navigateToFlowEvent can be found in the shell page as part of the MenuItemClickAction.

  • Sombit Chakraborty

    Hi Christopher,

    In default Application, the search box is not working under a popular article that I found. And I found out the error its the design page navigation error which I have solved and no more error page I can see now. But still, my search engine Box is not working. Could you please provide me any latest documentation(19B or 19C)


  • Mario Suzuki

    Yes Willie you are really correct, but we trying to avoid Java scripts to implement that and try to use the native options.

    Please I appreciate if you could redirect this issue to native chat widgets in OEC/VBCS specialists.

    many thanks for your help.

    best regards

  • Willie Eide

    You bet. 
    As I am just the Inlay Product Manager, I have limited knowledge about the native chat widgets in OEC/VBCS I can forward this message to those individuals.

    Note that while customization of Inlays is not possible at this time, there are a number of fields that can be passed to the inlay and to the chat server. This is done by reviewing what attributes are available and manipulating them within the page/javascript.. I am assuming you are talking about fields *on* the inlay, but I do want to make you aware of the "behind the scenes" capability

  • Corey Brew

    Hi Sombit,

    Have you made sure that the new assignment rules you have created are published? When you create/change your assignment rules you need to publish in order for them to be used, you do this on the Manage Service Assignment Rules page where you defined your rules.



  • Mario Suzuki

    Hi Willie,

     I really appreciate your help.

    Since Chat Inlay is not currently an option, this requirement could be achieved with Chat built in with VBCS, we could build the customer portal and use the VBCS chat, but we would need to add custom attributes to VBCS chat.

    Is this feasible? If so how to pass this custom attribute to be captured in Oracle Engagement Cloud because this custom attribute with define the correspondent queue that I will assign the SR.

    Many thanks and kind regards


  • Willie Eide

    At this time you cannot customize Inlays to add fields to the pre-chat form.

    When this becomes available, we will make that announcement.

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    Does it work when you create a default application out-of-the-box with only setting the authentication settings found in Chapter 3 of the documentation? That is a good default to validate that something did not change within your application. Let us know what you find out.

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    That is great. Yes, the Chat Inlay does provide this capability and is can be syndicated to any web front end where you can place a little JavaScript on the page.

  • Mario Suzuki

    Issue resolved after migrating to Chat Inlay.

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    For 19A-19D the capability for chat file attachments is not available.

  • Sombit Chakraborty

    Hi all,

    Please find the below scenarios which we are facing issues in routing chat to the Queue.

    There are three queues say A,B,C and  three users say X,Y,Z.

    1. I have created a Rule Set and a Rule says if the Email id equals to ,the chat should be assigned to the user in Queue A and if the email id equals to it should be assigned to user in queue C,however the chat is always routed to the user in Queue C irrespective of the Rules & users in it.
    2. I completely removed the assignment rules on queue C and tested,still the chat got assigned to the Users in Queue C.
    3. I removed the user from queue C and tested.In this scenario chat was not assigned to any users who are in Queue A & Queue B.After adding the user to Queue C chat got assigned to the user in the Queue C.

    Any help/solution in resolving this.

    Thank you,


  • Paul Encarnacion


    The agent can login to Engagement Cloud;

    Navigate to Service > Service Requests

    Then click the Actions drop down and select “Start Co-Browse”, or something like that. I’m not in front of my desktop right now so not sure if that’s the precise string.

    the agent then needs to type in the session id provided by the customer.