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  • Lissy Thomas

    Please send screenshot of the Profile AP_LINE_LEVEL_APPROVAL  as below 

  • Lissy Thomas

    Please intiate the approval i.e go to Invoice workbench and in the menu -> approval : Initiate or

    submit the approval job - Initiate Invoice Approval via scheduled processes UI

  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    Please refer the below note id for your reference.

    Fusion Payables Invoice Workflow Approvals (Doc ID 2228918.1)


  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    Amount or percentage tolerances can't be used if you're attempting to reconcile more than one bank statement line at the same time to more than one system transaction.

  • mohammed qurram

    Hi Ram,


    You can achieve that by switching the rule in advanced mode and set the condition at with At least one

    { under Invoice line 

    Invoice Line.Match Type is "ITEM_TO_SERVICE_PO" }

  • Baskar Chakravarthi


    The accounts to which Payables records invoice distributions and any related variance distributions depend on your accrual method (receipt or period end), and the item type (expense or inventory).

    1) Go to Setup and Maintenance
    2) Select application "Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management" and select "Setup"
    3) Select "Cost Accounting" on the left
    4) Go to task "Manage Mapping Sets" for application "Cost Management"
    5) Query Mapping set 'Invoice Price Variance Account - Organization' 


  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    Create a Separate Paygroup for refund and while creating receipt refund select the pay group which you have defined new and submit. Automatically system will create invoice in AP.

  • Baskar Chakravarthi


    Can you please share the screen print of the issue to understand better.


  • Glen Ryen

    Hi Manu,

    We customize the ISO XML almost every time to meet each bank's specific requirements, though usually not much.  That said, do you have any examples of the inbound bank statement lines for these transfers?  Often the identifier you need is in the 'Additional Entry Information' text string, or you bank could put it there for you.  If so, you could then use a CM Parsing Rule to put that Oracle ID into the Reconciliation Reference field and the statement line could then AutoReconcile based on the transaction number.  Does that make sense?


  • Manuel Mertens

    We are using ad hoc payments and bank account transfers.  The system creates the payment files automatically and you can upload in your banking portal (might even be automated). 

    Only issue is how to select the correct payment reference in the SEPA payment file so the bank statement line for the payment can be autoreconciled without manual intervention.

    Did anyone create / customize the standard Oracle xsl template

    'ISO20020 Single Euro Payments Areas' to include the Reference / Transaction Number of the external cash transaction that is created when the ad hoc payment/bank account transfer is approved ?

    thx for your help



  • John Gunja


    Can you please share on how did you get the requester name automatically populated on the invoice header of a scanned invoice ?



  • Bhaskar Koduri

    Hi Becky,

    We have actually created another custom participant as "Single Participant with Parallel Node" Under Payment Approval Workflow. Since system allowed the same and existing Seeded Node ( Serial Participant ) has been marked as "Ignored Participant" and under this node"Single Participant with Parallel Node" - We have created Rules to sending for Multiple Approvers by using " Approval Group" and validated the rule and commit done - When I create Payment , I am getting the "Error in Payment Approval". I feel whatever I have created new node is not working.  My question is - Can we allowed to create like this and sending for multiple approvers , out of which if any one approved , whole payment gets approved instead of routing to Serial mode (OR) Does this R13 ( 19D) allows to create new custom node and send the approval multiple people and out of which one approved , whole payment gets approved ?  - Please let us know how to go about it , if customer does not like go for custom roles workaround solution ?



  • Lissy Thomas

    Sample Autoapproval rule :

    Invoice Line.PO Header ID isn’t null -- or use header level 
    List Builder    Supervisory
    Response Type    
    Number of levels    1
    Starting Participant    
    HierarchyBuilder.getPrincipal(Task.Workflow Submitter,-1,“”,“”)        
    Top Participant    
    HierarchyBuilder.getPrincipal(Task.Workflow Submitter,-1,“”,“”)        
    Auto Action Enabled    True
    Auto Action    “APPROVE”
    Rule Name    “AutoApprovalRulePOMatched”
    Dimension Id    getDimensionIdForLineStage(Invoice Line)
    similarly use for the Invoice type Credit memo and other sources using the attributes available.
    Hope this helps.
  • Anjali Bisht

    Thank you very much Lissy, this very much helps.

  • Bhanu Revuri

    In addition to above (Invoice Distribution.Account Segment), there are few more attributes like below, you may explore them

    Invoice Distribution.Cost Center Segment
    Invoice Distribution.Distribution Code Combination ID