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  • Vikash Sethi

    Thanks Ravi for the update. I tried that and added few jobs to the job set. When I try to run the request set, I can provide ledger parameters at each step level but it just copies to all other steps. So, it is not useful to me. Why don't it allow me to have separate ledger parameters for job?


  • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

    Yes it requires additional license and we can create custom schema/reports also

  • Julien Dubouis

    Hi all,
    I think you should support this idea :

    Idea Number: 0EE6CC124C : "CVR Rules should flash the error message to the user while entering the incorrect value" 

    Having a pop-up is definitely more practical.

  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    The payroll module I believe is what does HR Departments to GL Cost centers. If your only intent to add location was purely Payroll related, I would not add it.

    For starters, I dont have a location dimension at my organization. That does not mean its incorrect to have one.


  • Madhav Jupalli

    Hi Mark, This is not really required. You can check the ledger status in Mange Ledgers and if the status is green then you are good. I never run this process after adding a new LE.

  • Mark Simpson

    Hi Madhav,

    quick follow-up question - is running the 'Review and Submit Accounting Configuration' process a must after the config side is completed?

  • Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri
    FAQ: Customizing ESS Processes and Job Sets in Fusion Applications Cloud (Doc ID 2252920.1)
  • Ravi Kanth Vuddagiri

    Job set can be created but you cannot default Ledger parameters for the jobs you added in the job set just like EBS. Below is ER for reference.

    Unable to Create Parameters in ESS Job Set and Pass Values to Multiple ESS Jobs (Doc ID 2273716.1)
  • gabriel kinovisques

    Hello :

    Thanks for your comments.

    We are planning to setup a segment called Location on the Chart of Accounts, however we have the Project Module setup as well, and we were told that we do not need the location segment value on the Chart of Accounts because in Project we assign an HR Location that have a GL Cost Center.

    Best Regards




  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    I am guessing Division refers to external reporting segments? There is nothing wrong in setting up a division.

    With regards to mapping it to Second Balancing Segment, I would not do that unless you really want TBs at that level. having a secondary balancing segments can cause complications in the following areas:
    - Consolidation systems don't react well to it. During elimination process in say HFM or FCCS since there is no "InterDivision" dimension it cannot eliminate transactions between the secondary balancing segments
    - When balancing the tranasctions (say Dr. and Cr. is same entity but a different secondary segment) it does not use the IC AP / AR account but clearing accounts

    I personally do not prefer to use a Secondary Balancing segment, we work around it using reporting strategies. I am sure the experts here will have a different opinion.

    I personally have not seen a location segment label. Where are you seeing this option? In the Manage Structures page?


  • Clare Farris

    Thanks Julien. That is what I ended up trying and it worked. 

  • Maullin Shah

    Thank u, Sunil... This was very helpful.  I was able to find the error message.

  • Sunil Nukala

    The error message would be displayed above journal batch. Please scroll to top of the screen after clicking ok at account combination

  • Mark Simpson

    Hi Madhav,

    That's great, thank you for the advice. I tried that approach and now have the LE setup in those screens. 


  • Madhav Jupalli

    Hi Mark,

    Looks like you are on right track. First you need to complete task Assign Legal Entities to the ledger and assign the new LE. At this point you will see <No Value> in company value. Then you need to go to Assign Balancing Segment Values to Legal Entities task and highlight the new LE and add the company value.