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  • Janusz Jasinski
    FATTACH_MAX_SIZE and Max Attachment Size isn't workingAnswered45.0
    Topic last edited August 5, 2019 by Janusz JasinskiSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
    FATTACH_MAX_SIZE and Max Attachment Size isn't working


    The value we have for FATTACH_MAX_SIZE is 41943040. The value we have for Mailboxes > Max Attachment Size is 31457280

    However even with this, when sending a file, we get the error:

    This message wasn't delivered to anyone because it's too large. The limit is 25 MB. 

    Any idea why our limits are not being enforced?



  • Kevin Smith
    Question re: 19C Enhancement - Mobile App Prompts for User...14.0
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Kevin SmithRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Question re: 19C Enhancement - Mobile App Prompts for User Feedback
    Additional questions on the new enhancement for Mobile App Prompts for User Feedback

    We reviewed the new enhancements that were coming with 19C & noticed that one of the enhancements for Mobile appears to be something that we will get automatically, however, I have a few questions regarding this enhancement….

    Details on enhancement can be found below along w/ 2 questions that we have re: this enhancement.


    Mobile App Prompts for User Feedback


    When you use the CX Mobile app, you'll start seeing a prompt after finishing a save action. The prompt asks you for your feedback on the app. You can give feedback in the form of a "Like" scale star rating. The feedback range is from 1-5, with 1 indicating a low score and 5 for a high score.


    Tapping on Rate saves the rating and never shows the prompt again.


    You can dismiss the prompt using the Not Now button. Clicking Not Now causes the prompt to appear again after a few days have passed. 


    Steps to Enable


    No steps are required to enable this feature.


    Questions for you….

    • I know this will be enabled automatically but is there any way that this can this be disabled?
    • Where does the feedback go once completed by the User?

    Please advise…Thanks!

  • kerry walker
    Changing the Format of User NamesAnswered3
    Topic posted July 23, 2019 by kerry walkerBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Changing the Format of User Names
    Changing the Format of User Names


    We have been in discussions with our customers and admins about changing the format of our user names from "user_name" to ""  Has anyone experienced this?  I think it will be a positive change for the users but I want to make sure that we won't be negatively affecting anything else.  Thanks in advance!



  • Hector Arreola
    Process designer will not "test" my script4
    Topic posted July 12, 2019 by Hector ArreolaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Process designer will not "test" my script
    I am not getting an error but also not getting the green 'Tested' status

    So we have 2 environments production and a development,

    I was working on development to add more features to the object listener in the process designer.

    Then when I went to save and deploy I am not getting the green checkmark, nor am I getting an error, it just remains as 'not tested' but the test code IS executed and for some reason I also do not get any of the echo logs that I always got.

    So I tried making a copy of the code in production and upload it back to development but it still does the same thing!

    Any ideas? thank you!!!

  • Ajay Yadav
    How to find Element ID or Element Name to hide sensitive...2
    Topic posted July 4, 2019 by Ajay YadavGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
    How to find Element ID or Element Name to hide sensitive information in Page Peek
    Hi, i am new for Engagement Engine, page Peek is enabled for our site however it displays sensitive information as well, i checked the EE rule and found that Hide Information Action is not updated into our Rule. while setting up, it is asking for Element ID or Element Name, i am not sure where i will find this data. Please Advise.
  • Pavol Procka
    Short v. Long email address in Scheduled Reports85.0
    Topic last edited June 26, 2019 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
    Short v. Long email address in Scheduled Reports
    Scheduled reports not delivered to the short format email for some users


    I wonder if anyone else encountered this issue. Maybe the solution is even outside OSvC, but I am not sure where to look.

    When scheduling a report, when you enter an email address in the long format (i.e, if that email address is defined as an email address of an existing OSvC user, it automatically changes it into the short format (i.e. Procka,Pavol). Now for the vast majority of our users, this is not a problem, but I do have a few exceptions where the users do not receive the scheduled emails if their email address in the schedule is in the short format. I have not managed to find a specific setting that determines which users will get the reports and which not.

    To work around this, I need to enter the email address in the long format in the schedule, but since this is automatically changed to the short format for existing users, I actually first need to change the email address of the relevant user, then enter the email address in the long format to the schedule, save the report and then I can change the user's email address back to the correct one.

    I would prefer to find a long-term solution instead of using the above workaround, especially since I do not actually know based on what the schedules decide who to send to the short email and who not.


    Many Thanks




  • Richard Vang
    Workspace locked for editing?9
    Topic posted June 14, 2019 by Richard VangRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Workspace locked for editing?
    Is there a way to lock the workspace when a second person opens the workspace editor?

    We had an interesting occurence while working in the workspace editor. I saved my latest changes to our custom incident workspace when I left my office at 16:30 yesterday. However, I left the editor open in Oracle. At 17:00 my supervisor opened the same incident workspace in the workspace editor on his desktop, made a change, and saved the workspace. This morning, at 09:00, I opened a new incident (not the workspace editor) to view the new tab my supervisor added the night before, and I could see it. I closed the incident without saving. I then returned to editing the incident workspace, which was still open on my desktop. I made some changes, and saved the incident workspace. I next opened a new incident to see if my latest workspace rule changes were present and working. They were, but I could not longer see the new tab my supervisor added the night before.

    In short, it appears that because the workspace was saved by me, my supervisor could then go into it, make changes and save it. But, because I still had an "older" version of the workspace (without the new tab) open from the day before, my latest changes saved over my supervisor's previous changes. Make sense? The Audit Log does show all three instances when the incident workspace was saved by us both.

    Once we figured out what happened later this morning, it made us nervous. Is there a way to "lock" a workspace during editing so a second person cannot edit the same workspace? Is there a setting we can configure, or is this just the way the workspace editor works?

    I appreciate any comments or thoughts in advance.



    Oracle Service Cloud 19A
  • Frank Littlejohn
    Leave Email Subject BlankAnswered124.0
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Frank LittlejohnSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    Leave Email Subject Blank
    Is there a setting to leave the email subject blank?

    When we receive email without a subject, the subject is populated with the first few words of the body of the email. Is there a way to configure it to be left blank or set a default value?

  • Shaina Spitzer Yakont
    Making emails personal6
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Shaina Spitzer YakontRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Making emails personal
    Would like to make our agents email personal and not generic


    Today our customers receive and send emails to a generic email address of customer support. We would like to add a more personal touch and have agents with certain skills to have a personal email address for the customer to contact us with for example, We would like these emails to obviously come to the same mailbox for the agents point of view. 

    Is this something that anyone here has done? Or know how to do?


  • Srinath Kannan
    Change URL of Instance53.0
    Topic posted March 8, 2019 by Srinath Kannan 
    Change URL of Instance
    How do we change the URL ?

    Hi all,


    A customer has created a new Service Cloud Production Instance and would like to change the URL of the production Instance.

    Please advise the process to be followed for the same

    Thanks and Regards



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