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  • Dishil Shah


    If you read the admin guide or if you see the sample application then you will find that for two dimension applications Oracle is suggesting to keep parents as Never share while for extended dimension applications Dynamic Calc is suggested,

    So according to your application you can look into the same.


  • Antonio Barbaro


    can you verify in Data Management --> Setup --> user Setting?

    Please verify if the users have different settings.


  • Antonio Barbaro


    I saw but it is very strange.

    You can try to open a SR.




  • Brian Butler

    Hi Antonio

    Yes the file is the same identical file while we loaded to test.

    Please look at the docx file I upload, you can see exactly what DM is doing and that DM uses a profile to load data to FCC.
    The profile it users for an demonstrator is different to everyone else.

    I have even highlighted the two profiles being used.

  • Antonio Barbaro

    on 13th June of 2019, I partecipated to Oracle Meeting in Paris.
    I confirm that the "Entity Details" option was discussed and most of attendees underlined the importance of "Entity Details" options.
    I think it will be released in the future.

  • Antonio Barbaro

    It's very strange.

    I had the same problem in Data Management for HFM and the problem was related to different preferencies set for the users.

    If the preferencies are the same I don't know what is the problem.

    I image that the file is the same? Two users are loading the same file, with the same numbers (decimal and thousands separator?)?



  • Antonio Barbaro

    Hi HTH,

    you are right.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I will proceed,


  • Osama gamal

    Hi Ezra,

    Thank you for your support, The problem solved 



  • Nouria Kehli

    Hi Antonio


    You might want to add this to the IDEAS section rather than here. Select the IDEA -> EPM Platform I think. 


  • Brian Butler

    Hi Antonio

    It has nothing to do with browsers, the issue is how DM loads the data based on the user role.
    Please see the detailed screen shots in the word doucment previously attached, and you will see what DM is doing on the two loads.
    The two different methods used by DM is what is causing the issue.

    - verify language of browser for two users,
    We tried the two users on the same machine and the same browser, the issue still exists.

    - verify user preferences for two users (thousands and decimals separators);
    We even tried the same user (so it’s their preferences)
    When that user was a service administrator role
               DM divides by 1000 when it loads to FCC.

    When the user was any other role.
                DM does not divide by 1000 when it loads to FCC.

  • Julien Coudrette

    Hi Amaresh

    I think this could be a great idea to submit in the idea lab.

    The "Member Properties" menu would also be great!


  • Magdalena Rønneberg


    Aggregation in the ad-hoc SV is correct, both when the DS is in rows or columns. The aggregation x4 happens only in forms.

  • Wayne F

    Hi Gianluca

    We have encountered some very large values in the translation members in the YTD view when exchange rates needed to be recalculated in the previous months.

    What is your year end period?

    Does period 1 translate correctly?



  • Yibing Wang

    Thanks Antonio. Yes this was right what I did and got the problem resolved.


  • Antonio Barbaro

    Do you have already load data by Data Management?

    If yes, you can proceed with loading of txt file (selecting for "Accumulation Type" --> "Within File")

    In this way, the file that you are loading not by FDMEE will merge with data loaded by FDMEE.

    Let me Know,