Financial Consolidation and Close

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  • Keith Glide

    The values / members for custom attributes can be created in the simplified dimension editor. Either:

    1. From the "Dimensions" tab of the "Overview" card, select "All" from the "Cube" drop-down list ("Consol" is displayed by default). Custom attributes will be displayed and can be selected. The values for the selected custom attribute can be added in the same manner as adding entries to a regular dimension.

    2. Alternatively, navigate to the dimension with which the custom attribute is associated, select the "Edit Member Properties" tab, then select the custom attribute from the drop down list next to the dimension name at the top of the screen. Add values as required.

  • Rich Wilkie

    Nothing new here.  Close Manager is always enabled but Supplemental and Consolidations are both "enabled" features which means you do not need to turn them on unless you need them.  

  • Kimborey Lam

    FCCS_goodwill is the plug account for inv in subs and shareholders equity.

    you don’t need to tag these accounts as ICP_ACC_Yes as these eliminations are done via the rules pre-seeded. Plus since they are FCCS_* accounts, your changes to these accounts would be overwritten on next release to the origniral properties.

  • Guy Rogers

    Users need to be proactive with clearing IC mismatches as they are in HFM. FCCS is moving in the right direction.

    Thanks for the speedy replies.



  • Kimborey Lam

    You replied too fast, now the reply I took 10mns to prepare is obsolete :/

  • Kimborey Lam

    Hey Guy,

    If I'm not mistaken power users can run the IC report as well. Only simple users are not able to. I've been told by Oracle that at some point (didn't get any date) it will be enabled for normal users.

    I think the logic behind that was that only consoliders at group level would be power users (which i disagree because it gives access to a lot of admin stuff) and would run the consolidation and produce consolidated FS. So only these users would run the ICP matching report and would then go back to the respective entities to ask them to change their numbers. It is very rare in practice to see entities reconciling ICP transactions within themselves unless they have been told by the Group to do so.

  • Rich Wilkie

    As of 18.02 Power Users can run IC reports assuming they have access to the data.  Next we will allow them to run reports even if they don;t have access to the data but we will display NO ACCESS where data is not available.  And eventually we will have IC Partner level security (like in HFM).    This is all planned for 2018 (Safe Harbor applies).

  • Wayne F

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Created the new member, neither the calc nor member formulas want to populate.  I have also tried CREATENONMISSINGBLK it is the only set operation available in FCCS to try and create the block. How have you populated the alternate data source member?




  • AV5

    The documentation in the admin guide shows the overrides in the movement where the amount to override is recorded
    ( from what I can tell) . I think you enter it usd. I am not sure about the rate override. There is no documentation that I can see on using that. Maybe the Oracle team that monitors this forum can help?

  • Sunil Kumar

    Thanks for the response. I have set "Retained Earnings Prior" member as Historical Amount Override. I then go and update the amounts in "override rates" form for the period. I then run consolidate and translate but i do not see anything populated in Retained Earning prior account for "Entity Currency" or "Reporting currency". I did make sure that i use Opening Balance Adjustment movement member. I am not sure if i am doing anything wrong. 



  • Nancy Ackerman

    You need to change the rate setting for the Prior Year Retained Earning account to Historical Amount - this then automatically generates an override account.  When you use the override we found that you must also use it in conjunction with movement member Opening Balance Adjustment


    Good luck

  • Sunil Kumar

    Hi Nancy,

    Were you able to get it to work? I am facing the same situation.

    Help appreciated




  • Nancy Ackerman

    thank you - never noticed the Manage Defaults button - so definitely never changed it - but glad to know it's there.  Just wish this error would stop happening!

  • Bob McGrath

    Go to the "Consolidation" page.   Then select the "Translated" tab.   Click on the hyperlink for "Translation Override".  Once you are in the Translation Override screen click on "Manage Defaults".   Validate the default settings are still configured as expected then click the "Save" button on the "Default Translation Methods" screen.

  • Nancy Ackerman

    We do have custom rules in the 10 & 20 rules but no custom translation or consolidation rules.  When you say to resolve it by re-saving the default translation rules - what are you meaning specifically.  Thanks