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  • Kimborey Lam

    No I haven't - will check this, thanks.

  • John Clark

    There are 3 options for reporting data in SDM.   The first, and easiest, is the Supplemental Data Analysis dashboard under the Data Card.  This allows you to choose your columns, set your filters,summarize and view the resulting transactions.  You can save the results in a List and make that public so others can see it.

    The second option is the Excel SmartView add-in.  This allows you to download the data to Excel and then reformat/recalculate it as needed.

    The final option is to write a custom report.  This gives you the most freedom of output formats (Word, Excel, HTML) and formatting, but is the most difficult to construct and requires SQL knowledge to get it just the way you want.

  • Rich Wilkie
  • Pavan Indurthi

    Thankyou Rich

    Usefull document

  • Sridhar Yogeswaran

    Thanks for the update

  • Margaret Reed

    Consolidation card is available in 17.11.

  • Rich Wilkie

    The point of the limits is to ensure that applications perform at an acceptable performance level . We have analyzed all the customer applications and know that the limits affect just a handful.  We are working with those designs to help optimize where possible. 

    We are always working to expand the performance and scalability of the product (17.11 has increased performance as one example) so publishing limits doesn't make sense as they are very fluid. Our advice is to design an application based on customer needs and check with us if you sense any "outlier" type situations. 

    We should also be posting a Performance/Scalability document in early 2018 which should also help with application designs.


  • Rich Wilkie

    The ER for this has been delayed a few months and will not be included in 17.12.

  • Rich Wilkie

    Yes that is how the process works. You can log an SR to defer an update assuming you provide a valid reason for the deferral (ie critical issue not solved on update, in the middle of data tie out,etc). you will need to log another SR when you want the updates to start again. We do not recommend you delay updates very often or for very long as if any issues are found on the older version the only solution would be to update.   Otherwise you are correct Test is updated 1st Friday of the month and Prod on the 3rd Friday.

  • Michael Bay

    We raised a SR for this issue in August. It was promised that the enhancement will be performed in 17.12 - can you confirm?

  • Kimborey Lam

    Thanks a lot Ganesh for this reply! It clarifies everything.

    One more thing, I haven't tested it yet but how does the system know that I'm loading YTD data for the Balance Sheet and therefore should derive periodic data (or vice-versa)? Should I also load the 0s in this case?

    Thanks again for your reply!

  • Ganesh Nellayappan

    Hi Kim,

    Answers to your question

    -Is it recommended to load YTD or Periodic values for Balance Sheet and does loading YTD balances has a performance impact on the application?

    You can load YTD or Periodic , There is no performance impact on this.

    - I'm currently loading my BS on Mvmt: Closing Balance_Input and Income Statement on No_Movement. Do you recommend loading Income Statement data directly on FCCS_Mvmts_NetIncome? The reason I'm asking is because to generate the cash flow I need to get income statement on FCCS_Mvmts_NetIncome

    It is mandatory to load Income statement data to FCCS_Mvmts_NetIncome.

    For the Balance sheet account, there are predefined members in Movement as per the Account (most of the real time use cases are covered) , you can use that to load. If not you can create your own member under the respective predefined Movement and you can use it.


    For Cash Accounts:

    FCCS_Mvmts_Cash can be used.

    If you need more movement dimension then for Cash you can create this below


                          - Mvmts_Cash_Increases

                          - Mvmts_Cash_Decreases

    These two can roll up to FCCS_Mvmts_Cash.

    You can use the above procedure for all Balance Sheet account and respective Movement Dimension.

    Let me know if you need any other clarification.

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  • Bernardo Andres Neira

    Hi, I can only help you with the second one, as far as I know Income Statement accounts HAVE to use FCCS_NetIncome as the default movement. No_Movement shouldn't be use on your app. I guess a default mapping should do the trick

  • Rajesh Bhatia

    yes there is an enhancement log to ease the restriction.

  • Kimborey Lam

    Hi Rajesh,

    Thanks for the reply. Can I have more details on the logic behind it and if there's any plan on having this enabled to Power Users and Users?