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  • Elena Medrano

    Yes, I've selected that option. This is what I am executing (I've tried also to select "Managed Data" on Supplemental Data Member". The execution runs but nothing is copied.


  • Keith Glide

    Yes, as long as you select the "Override Data" option in the Copy UI (which is deselected by default), then the Override data should be copied. Then, as you state, you need to consolidate the target Scenario for the new data / override data to be applied to the consolidation / translation process.

  • Elena Medrano

    Hi Keith,


    Thank you for your response, I've realised I have attached the wrong file since it has an incorrect POV, but I've checked the one you suggest and there is nothing on it. I am just copying data, I haven't executed a consolidation so I understand no matter there is no data to override, since I have not executed the process to override it. What I am expecting is the override data from Scenario "Actual" to be replicated on "Actual_Test". Am I correct expecting this?


  • Keith Glide


    Your attached Word document does not display the Override POV for the target scenario. You need the same POV except for the Scenario to verify whether the override data has in fact been copied.

    I would suggest that you create a form that displays the following:

    1. Untranslated data for the POV for each Scenario (you only display this for the target Scenario... and it is zero)

    2. Translated data for the POV for each Scenario (you display this for both Scenarios)

    3. Override data for the POV for each Scenario (you only display this for the source Scenario)

    You might not be getting translated data in the target scenario if you don't have untranslated data for the matching POV... it wouldn't make sense to me to apply an "override" amount to a POV that has no untranslated data although I am not sure whether this is the case or not).


  • Carolina Silva

    Thanks for your answer.

    I am migrating HFM to FCCS and in consolidation rules are the  elimination in the source entity (Entity A) and also, the creation an entry in the partner (Entity X). Of course it will be balanced, i will create another entry in the partner, to balance the Balance Sheet.

  • Nouria Kehli

    Hi Bob

    Can you let me know how do Oracle Patches disrupt Customisation? I need to know as I think the latest patch deleted some of our rates.



  • Mihajlo Belosevic

    Hello Ricardo,

    Would you be so kind sending me part of the script, since we are facing the same request from our clients? I'm not actually a technical consultant, but I absolutely understand what needs to be done, so I think that it would be very helpflul for me. I would really appreciate it :) Here's my mail in case you would like to send me:

    Thanks, BR, Mihajlo

  • Elena Medrano


    This could also work if I can't find anything else. I was looking for something less "manual"; we have a custom on-demand rule and we need to copy rates between scenarios everytime the rule is executed.

  • Pavan Indurthi

    You can use copy data feature in FCCS.


    Navigator - Under application(Overview) - Actions - Copydata

  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    Normally you would expect the PUH setup to address this but no go with FCCS. The tool naturally does not let the person who creates it to approve a journal. We use that to our benefit here.

    What we did here was to block everyone from posting Journals (using dimensional security) and then open it up specifically. Of course we significantly control our topsides in FCCS due to the work involved with security locking.


  • Daniela Morais



    it's for export the attribute that's associated to entity dimension. 

  • Elena Medrano

    Hi Krishnan,

    That could be an option, thanks. I will try that way....

  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    Hi Caitlin,

    What do you mean by it zeroed out? Are the values 0 or #Missing? I have not till now seen any base level data just getting overwritten in FCCS. BTW, what is the level 0 node you have in the movements dimension?


  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    HI Carolina,

    Generally you NEVER post an elimination entry at the entity itself as that could cause an issue with the standalone Balance Sheet. Any reason why you are trying to do this? Or did I misread the ask?


  • Krishnan Venkatachalam

    DM could be a possible option to extract and load the rates again. Does that option work for you?