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  • Tony Scalese

    It would be helpful if you included the process log.  The intersection validation report is only applicable to HFM integrations.  Your reference to Data Management makes it unclear if you are talking about FDMEE on-prem or Cloud Data Management.  If the latter, Intersection Validation is not applicable since you are in the cloud and HFM is not a cloud product (obvious statement there).

  • Wayne F


    What are you trying to achieve?

    You can upload new members directly from Smartview using the "Submit Data" button, be warned you need to have all the attributes completed


  • Girish Joshi

    Hi Tinku,

    Some points to consider while working on Drill through option

    1. Drill though option would be available if it is enable at the “Target Application summary” for the account dimension by selecting "Create Drill Region" in Data Management(Cloud FDMEE)
    2. Drill though option would not available at parent as we do not load data the parent but yes it would be available at the base account if the option one is in place or follow Dipen’s instruction for parent account member
    3. For Supplemental Data Management within FCCS it would be available by default as per the mapping which we create for the SDM_input account when we define Form Template under Section - > Mapping

    Hope this would help.

  • Wayne Paffhausen


    It appears that when your target application was registered, the currency dimension received a dimension class of "currency".  Unfortunately this dimension does not allow "direct" mapping.... meaning you cannot update the currency from the Data Load Mapping screen.  This is quite common and re-introduces the differences between a consolidation application and a reporting application.

    You can either:
    1.  Align the metadata, and then through calc-rules drive where the data needs to go
    2.  Introduce a #SQL map on the entity (for example) to not only map the Entity, but also the field called CURKEY
    3.  Change the target application registration for CURRENCY to a Generic dimension type and assign it the next available UD# where it should allow you to specifically map the data records.
    4.  In the data pull, use an @REMOVE syntax if you do not need this data

    I hope one of these options will help drive you in the right direction.

  • Wayne Paffhausen


    Unfortunately this option is not currently available.  The defined security roles are out-of-the-box and cannot be modified in that degree.

    Thank you,

  • Tony Scalese

    There is no View Only to the mapping tables.  If you grants access to the security role "Data Load Mapping" then the user has read/write access.  The option is to given them access to the mapping reports.

  • Keith Glide

    Opening Balances do not exist in the absence of Closing Balances and represent the same data points as the Closing Balances... we just store the values twice. So there is no way to re-translate or override the carry forward of the CB data to OB.

    However, in 19.08 we will be releasing an enhancement (27042549 - FCCS -OPENING BALANCE OVERRIDE) to allow the first period carry forward of the OB from the CB of a different scenario (so carry forward CB of Dec FY18 Actual to OB of Jan FY19 Budget for example). This might be sufficient for you to be able to "restate" the translated values of the Opening Balances.


  • Wayne Paffhausen


    The report is accidentally left in the CDM deployment of the cloud.  The functionality does not exist.  Unfortunately there is no way to get this functionality for CDM related integrations because of missing scripting components necessary.

    If you were using FDMEE on premise you could write your own and augment the necessary functionality.

    Thank you,

  • Tony Scalese

    Use 1/1/YYYY as the period key with 12/31/YYYY-1 as the prior period key.  It doesn't really matter what the period key is that you input as long as you map on the Source tab (assuming you are integrating to Fusion GL Cloud)  For example 1/1/2018 --> P13, FY17

  • Keith Glide

    You cannot rename seeded consolidation rule-sets or rules, but you can copy them and rename the copies.

    You can also rename any rule-sets or rules that you have created. However, you must first un-deploy the rules-set, rename and then re-deploy. You cannot rename a deployed rule-set or rules.

  • Tony Scalese

    You need to set your process log level to 5 and rerun validation.  Then look for the word fatal in the log.  Also, make sure you have dimension maps specified in the other dimensions that actually apply to the data set.  Sounds obvious but without seeing the app, I have to cover all the bases.

  • Tony Scalese

    I'm sorry but your question is not clear to me.  On the Target Application registration, there are 2 buttons - Refresh Members and Refresh Metadata.  Refresh Members retrieves the actual members from the outline and makes then available for selection in the Data Load Mapping table.  I read your question as the Data Load Mapping table is not showing the members for the dimensions other than Account and Entity.  If you meant to say that the mappings are not being applied to anything other than account and entity, then it likely means that you have a problem in your entity maps that are causing a fatal error.  In this case, you need to review your process log and determine the offending map that is causing the failure. 

  • Rich Wilkie

    We have an HFM migration solution available as of last month.  You can find it here.  We also have a webcast coming up next week specifically on HFM migrations.   Performance has significantly improved this year and we expect more gains in the next few months. Application design is key and using the documentation is a great first step for making sure you get the design right.

  • Tony Scalese

    I would suggest that you download the admin guide for FDMEE  Data Management is the cloud equivalent with certain functionality removed.  The admin guide is actually quite good and will help you learn the basics.

    If that does not get you what you need, then I would suggest pursuing training, reviewing the various blogs out there (Francisco, John Goodwin, mine) or picking up a book on FDMEE.  

  • Wayne Paffhausen

    FCCS has no direct data-integrations into EBS.  Flat-files will need to be used.