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  • Luis

    Hi Rich, If this comment was about the members in the wrong location it is defenetly related. We saw that in more than one environment (different customers)  after the patch - likely caused when the patch duplicated an alias. I`ve updated one of the SRs. However due to a holiday in India (where our SE is based) seems like the response time is slower than usual.

    Thanks for your prompt response

  • Daria Miluk

    Is it possible to unlock everything back in some automate way e.g. by EPM ? Our calendar starts in 2013 so every time when we create new entity is troublesome. At the moment we unlock all periods manually as it is described in manual.

  • Rich Wilkie
    • posted via email reply August 15, 2019
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    You should log an SR or update the SR with these details.  This may not be related.
  • Luis

    Hi Rich,

    Looks like the patch 19.08.67 does not fix all issues caused by Aug 2 patch. We still are seeing some FCCS seeded members in the wrong place of the hierarchy.

    Is there additional info on this one?


  • Ida Eriksson


    what issues are there that have appeared in the lates update? 

    I have some issues with Task manager standard reports that might come from the Test update but I'm not sure yet. 

    Kind regards, 


  • Paul Wilcock

    One other thing to note you need to enter the override amount in an entity that immediately translates in to the parent currency.

    If you have, for example, an entity denominated in EUR that consolidates in to another EUR entity any overrides entered in the base entity will have no effect.  In this example you would need to enter the override in to the parent entity (assuming the parent entity consolidates in to an entity with denominated the override currency).

  • Narasimha Tunuguntla

    Hi Varghese,

    Thanks for your message. I am able to see the SDM forms and entering the data and post, and also can view the same in Supplemental Data Analysis of Data card. Here my question is the Supplemental data which was posted via SDM forms, that is not appearing in Custom designed form and in normal Smart view, the same SDM data is appearing and those screenshots were attached in my earlier post.

    Please let me know the reason behind why SDM data is not appearing in the custom-designed form (User created one)? 




  • Keith Glide

    Keep in mind that FCCS translates level 0 members and not parent members... so override entries must be applied to level 0 members only (for example, level 0 movements, level 0 data source members, level 0 Departments etc.).

    For the currency dimension, enter to the "Input Currency" member (so USD and not USD_Reporting). For the Consolidation dimension, enter to either the "FCCS_Rate Override" or "FCCS_Amount Override" member (depending on the Exchange Rate setting on the account). As Michel notes, the seeded "Override Rates" form provides an example with valid dimensionality.

    Also note that you can only enter Rate or Amount overrides to "Historical" Exchange Rate accounts (Historical Rate Override or Historical Amount Override) and not to "No Rate" accounts... so these Historical accounts are those for which the FX Variance is transferred to CTA / CICTA. If you need to override a "No Rate" account, you could use the Translation Override rules in combination with a new global or local Exchange Rate account. In this case you could create a rule that translates your movements at the required exchange rate entered to the new rate account.

  • Michel Schoolenaar

    Hi Steven,


    here's the link to the documentation:

    There is a standard "Override Rates" form available by default.

    To enter override rates:

    1. On the Home page, click Data.
    2. From the Forms list, click Override Rates.
      All accounts specified as Historical Rate accounts are listed in the rows.
    3. From the POV, select a Scenario, Year, and Entity.
    4. For an account, enter the amount or rate for the override, and click Save.





  • Rich Wilkie
    • posted via email reply August 14, 2019
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    What is the SR for your issue.  If you restored the backup I would be surprised if this is connected to that issue. The patch has been applied so once AMW is run you should be able to check.  
  • Tony Scalese
  • Nancy Ackerman

    The system settings are set to copy so it must be the auto purge date.  How do I find out info about the auto purge date.  I can't find it anywhere in the documentation.


  • Varghese Mathew

    Narasimha, Looks like you are not looking at the SDM forms. Please go to Tasks > Supplemental Data Tasks and open the SDM Forms
    Also You need to use the Close and Supplemental Data Management Plugin for Smart View

  • Jamey Boozer
    • posted via email reply August 14, 2019
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    Thanks for the information - I am going to continue to tweak the check rule.  I have adopted the Entity input and Managed data.  I am still getting the lookup error.
    We do not have shared entities so I didn't update the naming convention to parent.child
    But, the important thing is that folks are getting these reports to work at consolidated target intersections.
    I appreciate your response.
  • Bernardo Andres Neira

    Hi, I did restore it as requested on the SR.

    Unfortunately nothing specific about the ADF issue, I'll see if the update from today fixes the issue otherwise I'll try and call off my production update