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  • Abhinav Shroff

    DevCS comes along with hosted Git repository and can also connect to GitHub or any other Git repository accessible over the internet. We do not have support for Fastconnect in DevCS yet.

    Would like to know, if using DevCS hosted Git repository being explored?





  • Rounak Agrawal

    Hi Shay , 




  • Shay Shmeltzer

    I believe this question should be on the SOA forum - check if they are providing a Maven goal for this.

  • Shay Shmeltzer

    You can see a basic "Typical" development flow with DevCS in this video:

    It covers aspects like using the issue tracking, git branching, code merge requests and CI/CD.

    Specifically for working with VB and DevCS have a look at this blog for an intro:

    Basically we recommend a gitflow approach to development.


    There is new functionality in the latest VB that extend the support to also do CI/CD


    As for PCS/OIC integration - for now you'll need to work with the APIs they provide for export/import of their artifacts, and the REST APIs they provide for lifecycle.

    You can script those as shell scripts in your DevCS CI/CD.

  • Alex_D_Oracle

    If you'd like to keep your acquired PL/SQL knowledge and apply it to the cloud, then APEX may be a good fit for you:



  • Shay Shmeltzer

    This site might be helpful:

    Look under the PaaS section for various options.

  • Namrita Srivastava

    Hi Christopher,

    Thank you on your deep insight. I look forward to working on queries as well, and yes the know how of functional is definitely important - in my situation a necessity as of now - as I am developing a regression library in selenium for the platform :). Very interesting and amazing :)!

  • Christopher Maggiulli
    Working with Oracle cloud technologies over the last year I have done development work with JavaScript (Oracle JET), Groovy (for VBCS methods and as a general scripting language to automate things via the RESTful APIs), Java ( custom xpath functions, overriding call backs, etc), C#/.NET (for service cloud desktop client plugins ), XPath / XSLT for data mapping, SQL / PLSQL for DBaaS, shell for automating RMAN, DBaaS API, and other CLI automation, PHP / CodeIgnitor for cx portal stuff, etc. The biggest benefit I've gained from working with Oracle 12c is filling gaps in my knowledge of RESTful APIs. I thought I was decent building and consuming APIs but over the last year I've really became an expert.

    I don't really understand what fusion applications you are using or what you mean by "don't need to run any queries". We use DBaaS but I am very very often in SQL developer writing procedures. Come to think about it, another use case I've ran into is writing Java subprograns called by my PL/SQL. For example I was having a very difficult time parsing XML stored as clob value in SOA. Building a Java subprograns to parse and spit out the necessary data which I then use to join another table has presented some very interesting topics around performance and growth / decay modals

    All in all I find programming inside the constraints of a platform to be very interesting and thought provoking. The interesting thing about platform development is that you can identify where the platform falls short, and build extensions to suite your needs. Often those extensions will be beneficial to others and there is room for open source contributions and/or projects for your GitHub

    I know you said to "ignore" the admin stuff but PLEASE make sure you do learn how the platform is used and operated before you jump into development. The absolute worst thing that could happen is that you jump into development without thorough understanding because you will be doing things wrong and building technical debt
  • Fernando Harris

    Thanks Abhinav.

  • Fernando Harris

    Thanks Abhinav.

  • Abhinav Shroff

    We are looking to release it by the first week of Feb, but cannot confirm a date at this juncture.

  • Fernando Harris

    Thank you Abhinav. I'm also blocked on my initiatives by this issue. Do we have an estimated date for this release ? I mean, how soon it will be ?? Thank you very much once again.

  • Abhinav Shroff

    You do not need a separate trial account for Compute. You should be able to see it on the MyServices dashboard. If not, then click on the Customize Dashboard tab and enable it by clicking on the show button in the list of services, as shown in the attached screenshot.

  • Laszlo Jagusztin

    Could you please help me how to create Compute Classic free trial that belongs to the same IDM domain that I have in the  Developer Service?

    I am unable to use the same UserID/Email address, ithe error is : already exists.

  • Abhinav Shroff

    Currently, Developer Cloud supports Compute Classic and Storage Classic. OCI support for both compute and storage is a work in progress and we are in a process to release it soon.