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  • Mhathi

    I have also encountered similar path not found error when trying to Create a Data set while uploading an Excel file:

    Path not found: '\\?\C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\servers\obips1\tmp\dxe\sawserver_17956_5d599975_9-1.tmp'
    The system cannot find the path specified. 

    This also was observed after a period of inactivity with the ODV desktop. I had stepped out, came back, started the data set creation process and while previewing data, I got the above error.

    Any idea why this is happening?



  • Wilbert Poeliejoe

    Thanks philippe

  • Brian Hall

    Not sure how to get filter onto canvas , see image

  • Philippe Lions

    Hi Brian,

    There currently is a feature do render this in Answers (Narrative view) but not in DV canvases (yet). Two potential workarounds that may help :

    1. in DV, use an expression filter instead of a classic filter, and just enter the text there. See the picture below. Since you are using a date object in your case, it may require that you create a text object for this just to make it readable in the filter
    2. or expose your canvas in an OAC Dashboard (Answers), Once in a dashboard, you can access various objects such as narratives but also prompts that will let you expose this information directly.
    3. another option may be to build a simple viz plugin for this, which may be quite simple to design but still requires a bit of design.

    Hope this may help in your specific case, but not sure



  • Philippe Lions

    Hello Wilbert, to have it show as a measure you need to explicitly set an aggregation rule in the calc. Typically Avg in this case, but could be anything else

    See the picture below with the formula. In this case, the object shows as a metric. You need to be aware of the level of details you bring in your viz, as OAC will aggregate the calc with that rule for the detail grain you have in your query. Let me know if not what you needed



  • Wilbert Poeliejoe

    Some further test done.

    Using the the same calculation as part of a dataflow allows to mark the result as measure.

  • Christian Berg

    runcat.cmd command line does that for on-premises. I doubt there is an equivalent in OAC. If there is it's not documented or exposed right now.

  • Brian Hall

    See thread "data sync question"   We are already clearing via the Data-Sync ETL  however, that does not fix the issue within DVD.  Question;  When you run "Refresh Data" within the project does that have the dataset call the ADW or does it just refresh with the local dataset?   We need the local datasets that are set to cache to refresh once a day.

  • Gianni Ceresa

    Interesting situation: either slow but running queries on your database live or fast but cache side effects.

    Could "Refresh Data" be a solution? I don't really use cached sources, so never tested it, but in classical OBIEE it's the way to force the system sending a query to the BI server instead of just using the front-end cache like F5 does.

    In general in OBIEE when cache is enabled to make queries faster storing their result there is a cache management strategy defined which consist of adding a step to the ETL process, once everything has been refreshed/loaded, to call a procedure in OBIEE to purge the cache. This force the first person of the day to wait a bit longer their figures because the queries go to the DB, but will then be stored in cache. would make me think it's just the same process, ideally you would need a process purging the cache once the load has been done.

    An alternative could be a job scheduled to purge cache at a fixed interval (another possible strategy in OBIEE), but jobs in OAC DV don't seem to do that for now (or at least I couldn't find an option on the dataset to schedule that).

  • Brian Hall

    More info,

    My numbers did not change in my DVD reports. 


    I did F5 (browser refresh), but they stayed on yesterday’s numbers.  

    After Data-Sync ran I opened DVD and still saw the same numbers from yesterday so first I tried F-5.  no luck

    I then went to the Data section of DVD and did a data update on my dataset.  This should call down to the ADW and get fresh data and reload.  That worked and my numbers change.

    So really, I am at the same issue.  Leave my datasets set to live, they run very slow, or set them to catch and instruct the user that on their first run of the day they must go thru refresh steps.

  • Brian Hall

    You have to first create a connection in Data Sync.
    Define a connection to OAC, with a user who has BI Data Modeler role.  Choose type as Oracle (BICS).  The url is your OAC url (without any extensions).  Type in the usual user name and password, and test connection.  Only connections of type 'Oracle (BICS)' can be picked for purging cache at job level.


  • christian soutou

    Problem solved : I deleted an old NLS_LANG variable in Windows environment

    It certainly overwriting the ODVD setting default.

    Thanks for the time

  • christian soutou

    Salutare Gianni

    Yes both DVD and XE18c same PC

    I reinstall the latest version of DVD and set you the logs (C:\Users\soutou\AppData\Local\Temp\DVDesktop\logs\OBIS\obis1-diagnostic.log) after attempt a connection

  • Lalitha Venkataraman

    This is fixed in the upcoming version and you should be able to save the filter expression. 

  • Gianni Ceresa

    Keep applying updates when they are available for that instance. 

    I tested in a new release preview and it is fixed, you will be able to use the expression filter without the error.