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  • Maarten van der Burg
    What application do you use to write your SQL74.8
    Topic posted October 25, 2019 by Maarten van der BurgSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Data Models, Data Models, Fusion, Reports, SQL 
    What application do you use to write your SQL

    I'm very curious as to what other people use to write their SQL. Personally I am using NotePad++ (with the SQL language setting to help with syntax).

    I do feel that there could be more software assistance and there might be some more automated applications out there which allow searching the repository, automatic joins, etc. Having a tool like this would speed up my work tremendously.

    Would like to discuss in this topic what you use and what you like/dislike about it.


  • Janko Jovicic
    OTBI - Patching and impact on "Manage Priveleges"...65.0
    Topic posted September 23, 2019 by Janko JovicicBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged OTBI, Upgrades 
    OTBI - Patching and impact on "Manage Priveleges" set-up

    Hi All,

    I was not aware so far, but it seems that with each patch, access set-up (Administration/Manage Priveleges) is brought to default values. 

    E.g. -  We dont want  Home and Header  - "New Menu" to be granted by default to BI Consumer Role but rather only to BI Administration Role.

    Is there a way that we can somehow isolate this area from changes coming from the patch? We do have a checklist what needs to be done when this happens, but I was wondering if we can save ourselves a bit of time and not to do it with each quater patch? 


  • nathan morgan (at Client)
    What is catalog folder Extension?5.0
    Topic posted November 20, 2019 by nathan morgan (at Client)Silver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Analyses, BI Publisher, BI Publisher Data Models, BI Publisher Report Templates, Data Models, Fusion, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Reports, Setup, Setup/Administration 
    What is catalog folder Extension?
    Does anyone know the purpose of the empty shared folder Extension in the catalog?

    The folder is empty.

    A duty role exists for it, BI_EXT_REPORTING_DUTY, but unlike the other folders, the permissions on this folder have not been updated so that only people with that role see this folder.

    I had been doing the following configuration to assign folder reporting duty roles to role

    Custom BI Webcat Reporting Duty


    Cloud Readiness Common Technologies and User Experience


    19C (
    Code Snippet:
  • Rohan Lobo
    R13.19C Introducing OTBI Metadata Independent Mode Using BI...55.0
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Rohan LoboBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Analyses, BI Cloud Connector, Discussion Forums, Fusion, OTBI, Reports, Upgrades 
    R13.19C Introducing OTBI Metadata Independent Mode Using BI Cloud Connector (BICC)
    Opt in to use the OTBI Metadata Independent Extract Mode in BICC introduced in R13.19C.

    What is the Change?

    Starting in Release 13.19C, BICC will no longer be dependent on the OTBI metadata repository, and the extract mode by default will use the OTBI metadata independent mode. Data Stores (or BIVOs) can be extracted independent of OTBI Metadata (RPD). The new BIVOs introduced in future releases of Oracle Applications Cloud will use OTBI metadata independent mode. The new mode eliminates the dependency on the existence of a BIVO in the OTBI metadata.

    How to Opt In to use the OTBI Metadata Independent Mode for Extraction?

    Refer to the attached document for detailed steps to opt in.

    Future Product Direction

    The OTBI metadata (RPD) dependent mode is going to be deprecated in Release 20C. Oracle Development strongly recommends that you switch your BICC extracts to use OTBI metadata independent mode by 20C. Refer to the attached document for more detailed information.  If you have further questions, contact Oracle Support.

  • Praveen Kumar
    How to get and SQL for our own OTBI AnalysisAnswered35.0
    Topic posted May 15, 2019 by Praveen KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Analyses, BI Publisher, BI Publisher Report Templates, Customizing Reports, Data Models, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, SQL 
    How to get and SQL for our own OTBI Analysis
    SQL for OTBI Analysis

    Hi All,

    How to get and SQL for our own OTBI Analysis.I know we can get this in the advanced tab but there we cannot see the sub query and all.

    Where to get the SQL including sub query.Also help me with the navigation.

    Thanks in Advance.


    Praveen G.

  • Prudence Kruchten
    BIP OptionsAnswered124.8
    Topic posted May 15, 2018 by Prudence KruchtenSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, BI Publisher Data Models 
    BIP Options

    Hi experts - I need some assistance with some options within BI Publisher reporting, hoping you can help!

    1) Is it possible to allow users to type into a parameter field their choices, rather than having to choose from a drop down menu?  It appears that with the menu option selected, users can select multiple options, but is it possible for them to paste into that field vs having to sort through the full menu list to find their options.  EX: Business Unit = Human Resources;Information Technology.  Can I just copy/paste those two choices in?

    EDIT: See chosen best answer

    2) Is it possible to set the default report output options?  Right now, I see that the default is always Interactive; HTML; RTF; PDF; Excel (*.xlsx); PowerPoint (*.pptx).  I would like to change those defaults but cannot find where to do that.  I know I can do it at the report level, but I have to change it every single time I create a report, and I'd like to change that.

    EDIT: Appears there is no global setting for this

    Thank you all!

    EDIT 17MAY2018: As I asked two questions, updated with answers for others to view

  • Ling Xiang
    Fusion BI Catalog Folder Management Best Practices4.8
    Topic posted November 16, 2017 by Ling XiangGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Analyses, BI Publisher, BI Publisher Data Models, BI Publisher Report Templates, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Report Delivery, Report Layouts, Report Output, Reports, Sample Reports, Tip 
    Fusion BI Catalog Folder Management Best Practices
    A white paper on Fusion BI Catalog Folder Management Best Practice

    This white paper provides the best practices for working with BI catalog folders, and suggestions on actions for accidental move or deletion of a folder.

  • Brian Yu
    Format Graph Color - Select Pattern FillAnswered54.5
    Topic posted April 10, 2019 by Brian YuSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged OTBI, Reports 
    Format Graph Color - Select Pattern Fill
    Format Graph Color - Pattern Fill

    I know that we can add a pattern fill for a color > Column Properties of the graph > Style tab > Style drop down > Pattern Fill

    Is there a way to control which pattern fill is utilized?  I believe right now its automatically assigned.  


  • Caroline Gladwin
    Hints and Tips - How to Control the Colours in a Graph34.5
    Topic posted April 15, 2015 by Caroline GladwinBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged OTBI, Report Layouts, Reports, Sample Reports 
    Hints and Tips - How to Control the Colours in a Graph
    Explanation of how to drive the colours in your graphs by the values being displayed

    This is part of a series of sample reports created by Oracle BI and HCM Product Management. You can copy the setup for this report and add it to your Oracle HCM Cloud Service environment.

    You may have noticed that when you create a chart, the colours shown depend on the number of values being displayed. So the first value is blue by default, the second red, the third lilac etc. That is fine if you only have one page on a graph, but if you add a slider or a drop down to create multiple “pages” of information, the same value may show as different colours on different “pages” because of its different relative position on that “page”. So, for example, a value may be blue on one page (where it is the first and perhaps only value) but lilac on another where it is the third value.

    This default behaviour can make comparing results difficult but it can be overridden by hardcoding the colours based on the value being displayed so that a particular value will always show as the same colour.

    The attached word document provides simple instructions on how to achieve this. I have also provided a sample report using this technique.  

    To add this report to your environment:

    1. Create a new analysis using Oracle Business Intelligence Answers.
    2. Copy and paste the XML from the attached txt document into the Advanced Tab.
    3. Click Apply XML

    Subject areas used: Workforce Performance - Performance Document Status Real Time (but technique works on any report)

    5 minutes to copy into your environment.

  • Christine Pritchard
    Oracle report development methodology44.3
    Topic posted July 9, 2019 by Christine PritchardGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, OTBI, Public Sector, Reports, Tip 
    Oracle report development methodology
    Looking to see if there is a suggested report development methodology for use across Oracle reporting tools

    Using HCM & ERP and wondering if there is a recommended report development approach that includes report business/functional & technical specification templates, specifically aimed at the different Oracle reporting tools available

    Many Thanks