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  • Ashish Harbhajanka

    Hi Zanith,

    I am unable to achieve this yet.

    Kind Regards


  • Zanith Mamidala

    Hi Ashish,

    Do u able to achieve the requirement of busting using multiple data sets?




  • narasimha arekatla
    It sounds like a good idea. Certainly we need something that will help us with Adhoc Query against cloud applications. I have been using SQLConnect ( and very satisfied with its performance and features. It allows to run adhoc SQL and also has database browser and ability to switch with multiple pods.
    You can see the demo on youtube
  • Julian Challenger

    Moved to correct forum.

  • Julian Challenger

    There are plans to add reporting of this to OTBI in the future (no firm dates yet).  Moving to the OBIEE forum.

  • Julian Challenger

    Moved to the correct forum.

  • Mark daynes

    I would love to have read only query access via SQL Developer - even if that was locked down to accessing the non-production pod only so you can never affect production but could write/test/tune queries that eventually make their way to the BIP Modeller and ensure they are as honed as they can be.  There is a web version of SQL Developer so having a variant of that would be great. 


  • Aaron Leggett

    I think the deprecation of Direct Database Requests means that this is a very viable idea; developers will spend most of their time running ad-hoc queries and a lot of the time they need to be checking more than 200 + rows of data that the sample data output from BIP gives you. Going through the data modelling process to report on BIP is a bit of a pain when it can be done with one-click on SQL Developer. 

    I understand that they don't give us access due to write-back concerns, but surely they could give customers a read-only option for the Fusion Schema? 

  • Sudhir Kolli

    I would recommend to post this in idea labs.

  • Raghavan Polisetty

    Hi Neha,

    Your requirement can be achieved using BI audit reports.

    Refer below document:
    2059102.1 - Fusion Applications BI Publisher: How To Configure And Use Audit In BI Publisher For Fusion SaaS Cloud Customers?
    (Refer section '
    Report Runtime Statistics (Execution Count, Time - Min, Max, Median)' in the attached pdf file 'FusionBIPAudit.pdf' from the above document)

    Best Regards,


  • Onkar Tiwari

    I am new to Fusion. I just want to know what is PVO and Subject area?

    1) Is PVO a view Object? is it a service. What exactly is PVO? How do we design it?

    2) What is Subject Area? Is there any link between subject area and PVO.

    I am designing a solution based on subject area and PVO. I actually need to understand these things properly.

    Can anybody help me on the same

  • David Rabalais

    Oracle Support had the answer, or at least the link to it.

    They directed me to this document: Cannot Access Xmlpserver Via Bi Publisher Plugin (Doc ID 2600862.1)

    Here's the solution:

    Permanent fix is being worked on, but the following workaround has been successful for some users:
    1. Please make sure you are running Template Builder on Windows 10, or at least Windows 8
    2. Close Microsoft Word if it is running.
    3. Create a text file with the following content, and save it as "TLS12.reg".

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





    4. Log in to Windows with user who has administrator privileges, double click "TLS12.reg" and answer yes to all the prompts. User should get the following message.
    The keys and values contained in TLS12.reg have been successfully added to registry.

    Please note that you may need to do the following: run CMD as Administrator > go the where TLS12.reg file is location > run regedit.exe S/ TLS12.reg

    I did not have to do the above instruction.


    5. Open Microsoft Word or Excel, navigate to BI Publisher menu and try to login.


    After this I was able to login using the URL: https://[...]

    Hopefully this helps others.

  • David Rabalais

    We attempted the connection off of our network to verify that the firewall were not the issue, and discovered the same error. I opened a Service Request and will update this thread if we get it working.

    The URL's I have tried:

  • David Rabalais

    Thank you guys, I primarily wanted to confirm that the URL I have is correct. It may be a firewall issue on my end. I'l come back after we've verified whether or not it's the issue.

  • Raghavan Polisetty

    Hi David,

    For example, your POD URL is:

    Then BI xmlpserver URL will be:

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,